12 Unique Souvenirs You can Buy on Your Solo Trip to Bali

Unlike other countries such as Dubai that offer many stunning shopping malls, Bali is not popular for the same. It has every other thing that you can possibly think of – delicious food, cute Instagram-worthy cafes, rice terraces, waterfalls, unique adventure activities, and much more. But when it comes to shopping, Bali has something much more authentic – art markets!

While planning my solo trip to Bali, I was set on picking up something from the art markets like a shawl or night lamp. But when I visited these art markets, I realised there is so much more to shop from than what’s given on the internet.

Now, each of you might have a different understanding of what really works as a souvenir for you. For instance, some of you might consider buying a sarong as a souvenir. While some of you might think of the same sarong as ‘shopping in a foreign country.’ Because of this very reason, I have written this blog about the unique souvenirs that you can buy in Bali. Some of these will be easily available, while some may not. But nevertheless, you are going to have a great time exploring Bali and its markets while selecting the perfect souvenir(s) for yourself or your loved ones!

1. Rattan sling bags

One of the most famous souvenirs to purchase in Bali, Rattan sling bags are a sure hit among all kinds of female travellers. You get these bags in different shapes and sizes – circle, square, semi-circle.

My personal favourite Rattan sling bag is the round one. It looks classy yet very simple at the same time. The sling bag I got for myself turned out to be of good quality too. I’ve been using this bag since my first solo trip to Bali in 2017, and the quality is still top-notch!

I would highly recommend you check out these Rattan sling bags as these last for a really long time and can be used on multiple occasions.

Almost all art markets and street shops sell these bags. You can select the one you like the most. And the prices start from 80,000 Indonesian Rupiah for the smallest sized bags.

2. Elephant pants

If you are a fan of comfortable clothes just like me, then Elephant pants should definitely be on your list of souvenirs to buy in Bali. What’s unique about them is the quirky elephant prints in different colours. Also known as harem pants, these are the ideal choice of bottom wear to wear on beaches or even at home. 

I had purchased these pants during the first few days of my visit to Bali. Although I had no plans of wearing it in Bali (since I had planned and packed enough clothes for my stay on the island), I couldn’t resist wearing it on one of my beach visits. I have to say that these are very comfortable, and the material is quite good too! 

You can find these pants in plenty of different designs and patterns in Bali’s most markets and street shops. But don’t forget to check the quality and the size before making a purchase. The prices of elephant pants start from 80,000 Indonesian Rupiah.

3. Massage oils

If you are planning a solo trip to Bali, you must have done extensive research on almost everything there is to do and see in Bali on the internet. And, you must have come across the traditional Balinese massage spa. This spa is known to provide pain relief, reduce stress, soften the skin and even stimulate blood flow in your entire body. The massage therapists are able to achieve so much with their special Balinese massage oils. And what can be better than taking back home a tiny bit of these amazing Balinese spas, right?

One of the best souvenirs you can take home for yourself or your loved ones is aromatic massage oils. You can now have your massage sessions in the comfort of your own home! You just need a therapist, though!

To purchase massage oils, you can go to massage parlours that exclusively sell oils too. The prices will depend on the massage parlour or the brand of the oils. 

4. Authentic Balinese spices

Bali has one of the most mouthwatering food items in the world! And a part of the credit goes to the authentic Balinese spices used for preparing these food items.

Now, you may not be able to take home your favourite Balinese dish, but you can take home these authentic spices with you. If you are someone who loves cooking different cuisines, then the authentic spices will come in handy.

You can buy these spices from any local market or supermarket. The prices will vary depending on the type of spices and the place you buy these from. 

5. Coffee beans

The world’s most expensive coffee, kopi luwak, is found in Bali. If you are a coffee lover just like me, then you should definitely try to visit the stunning cafes in Bali that serve delicious, aromatic coffee. Even if you are not a coffee person, you will surely turn into one after trying out the coffee in Bali!

However, you cannot pack and take back home this delicious coffee with you. But you can take home the aromatic coffee beans with you! Coffee beans can work as a wonderful gift for a loved one who’s a coffee freak!

You can purchase coffee beans from coffee plantations, art markets, or even souvenir shops. The Bali art markets are famous for a lot of things, and one of them is coffee beans. The average prices of coffee beans in the minimum quantity start from 35,000 Indonesian Rupiah.

6. Sarongs

A sarong is a piece of cloth that is roughly 2 meters long. It is usually tied around the waist by both men and women. You can often see women wearing the sarong in a fashionable way on the beaches or covering themselves up at religious sites and temples. Either way, the sarong looks gorgeous!

It is available in different colours, patterns, and designs for you to choose from. You can wear it with a solid colour top and some statement jewellery to create a fun yet stylish look!

On my solo trip to Bali, I purchased a sarong because I had heard that it could come in handy while visiting religious sites. But I ended up wearing it on one of the beaches in Bali. And tell you what, it is incredibly comfortable to carry it off once you get used to it!  

You can buy sarong from local shops or art markets in Bali. The average prices for a sarong start from 50,000 Indonesian Rupiah.

7. Jewellery

Bali is particularly famous for its silver jewellery. Apart from these, you also get artificial jewellery with colourful beads in them. If you have a great sense of fashion, you can team up your minimal silver jewellery with any type of outfit to create classy looks.

The silver jewellery necklace and earrings I purchased from Ubud Art Market are hands down the best souvenirs from Bali! The earrings cost me about 25,000 Indonesian Rupiah and are still one of my favourite pairs of earrings to date. Honestly, I have worn them with every type of look – be it Indian, Western, Bohemian, or Casual, they just go well with anything!

But here’s a thing you need to keep in mind. The silver jewellery may cost you a little higher than the artificial one. So beware of fake products! If you do not want to buy the silver ones, you can opt for the silver-plated brass jewellery, which looks equally beautiful and costs a little lesser.

You can check out art markets and souvenir shops in Bali for jewellery. The prices start from 25,000 Indonesian Rupiah.

8. Pia Legong

When it comes to desserts, Bali has so much to offer its tourists. One of the most popular desserts and also a souvenir is Pia Legong. You can expect this dessert to look somewhat like a pie filled with delicious fillings. Now, it may sound like a regular sweet bun with fillings, but what Bali offers is quite unique in itself. The filling has several options for you to choose from – cheese, mung bean, and chocolate. 

But here is the thing about Pia Legong, the demand for these is usually high. And since there is only one store that serves the best Pia Legong in Bali, you might have to wait in a queue to place your order and take these mouthwatering treats home!

Although the price of Pia Legong is quite high, the taste is worth every penny you spend. For a box of 10 Pia Legong, the price starts from 100,000 Indonesian Rupiah. The store that serves the best Pia Legong is in Kuta – Kitchen House of Pia Legong. And don’t worry, its shelf life is 14 days from the purchase date.

9. Handcrafted baskets

Bali’s art markets are famous for their handicrafts. And baskets happen to be one of the most popular pieces of item that tourists often purchase in Bali. And the local shops have a huge variety of baskets for you to choose from – wicker, rattan, or traditional Balinese weaves. The designs are all uniquely beautiful, and you can use them in your living room or even your bedroom. They work as a great piece of decor!

Handcrafted baskets are available in a lot of art markets and local shops in Bali. The price starts from 80,000 Indonesian Rupiah.

10. Pie Susu

souvenirs to buy in bali

One of the most loved desserts of Bali, Pie Susu makes for a great unique souvenir to bring back home from the island. The crust is buttery yet crunchy, and the filling is both sweet and creamy. Also known as milk pies, Pie Susu is small in size. The best part about these milk pies is that they come in different flavours – original, cheese, chocolate, and many more. So you are sorted for every craving of yours!

When I had tried this sweet delicacy for the first time in Bali, I instantly fell in love with it. It tastes different from all the other sweets I have tried so far in my life! Since my family loves sweets just as much as I do, I thought of packing a few of these milk pies and taking them home!

While almost every bakery in Bali serves Pie Susu, I would suggest you buy the ones that are the best on the island. In my opinion, Pie Susu Asli Enaaak is the best bakery when it comes to Pie Susu. You can find their stores in Kuta and Denpasar. For a box of 10, the prices start from 30,000 Indonesian Rupiah. Unfortunately, you cannot store these pies for more than two days. I would recommend you buying this on your last day in Bali.

11. Tiles

You might think, why would someone want to buy tiles from a foreign land? But you will not think the same once you see the vibrant tiles in the art markets of Bali. 

These vibrant tiles can turn out to be a perfect souvenir to take back home with you. You can either use them in redesigning your home or use them as coasters. Either way, these tiles look so aesthetically pleasing!

To purchase tiles, you can visit any of the art markets in Bali. The base price for each tile starts from 30,000 Indonesian Rupiah.

12. Tote bags

And the last souvenir on the list is tote bags. Now, these can be used in multiple ways. You can use them as shopping bags, beach bags, or even for everyday use!

You can store all your essentials in your tote bag, and you will be good to step out of your house. These tote bags come in different colours, materials, and designs. And each one looks better than the other!

The one that I purchased for myself from my first ever solo trip to Bali in 2017 was in the colour beige with cute little green-colored pineapples on it. The material is extremely soft, spacious, and it goes with any type of outfit. I used it the day I went to one of the beaches in Bali, and it came in handy. And surprisingly, it is still in good condition to date!

To purchase these cute tote bags, you can check out local stores and art markets in Bali. The prices start from 50,000 Indonesian Rupiah.

A tip…

I have a tip for all you ladies to make your souvenir-hunting experience much smoother. Since you will all be going to a lot of art markets, I would recommend you bargain as much as you can. The sellers can easily spot a tourist when they see one. So, bargain! 

Chances are, most sellers will be quoting a higher price for tourists, and to avoid falling into the trap, you must visit 2-3 similar shops and check the prices. And then go ahead and buy the one you think is convenient for you. Also, don’t forget to check the quality and authenticity of these products before making the purchase.

Bring back a piece of Bali with you…

Now, these are some of the souvenirs that I think are really amazing and not very common. Once you visit the art markets, you will come across a lot of other interesting things to buy too. Happy shopping, ladies! 🙂


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