How Far is Mount Abu from Udaipur?

The scenic hill station, Mount Abu, is at a distance of 163 kilometres from Udaipur. It will take approximately three to four hours to travel to Mount Abu from Udaipur by road. However, if you decide to take a cab or drive to the hill station on your own, it may take you less time than taking a bus.

Additionally, there is also the option to take a train from Udaipur to Mount Abu. It might take longer than the time taken by a bus, depending on the traffic on the road and other factors.

Are there flights from Udaipur to Mount Abu?

Now, there is no airport in Mount Abu. This eliminates boarding a flight from Udaipur to the hill station, which would have been the shortest and easiest way to reach Mount Abu. Incidentally, the closest airport to Mount Abu is the Udaipur Airport. And since you are going to Mount Abu from Udaipur, the road is the only option left.

Also, the road from Udaipur to Mount Abu offers serene views of the lush green valley. And as you approach the hill station, the verdant hills start to appear, making the road trip a delight to the eyes!

A fair warning here, since Mount Abu is a hill station, the roads are a little rocky. So, if you plan to drive there by yourself, be careful along these roads.

How much does it cost to travel to Mount Abu from Udaipur?

Well, the answer to this depends on how you want to travel. For instance, the train might cost cheaper, but it will take more time. Similarly, the bus might cost cheaper too and will take more time. However, a cab may comparatively cost more, but it will take lesser time.

On average, the cab fare from Udaipur to Mount Abu will cost you approximately Rs. 1,800 to Rs. 2,200. 

Although a little heavy on the pocket, I recommend you take a cab. It is comparatively more comfortable and safer too. And if you know how to drive and do not mind renting a vehicle in Udaipur, that would be the best way to reach Mount Abu. Surprisingly, you might even reach Mount Abu early, depending on your driving skills.

How long does it take to reach Mount Abu from Udaipur?

Again, this depends on which mode of transport you take. Buses can take anywhere between five to nine hours, whereas cabs only take three to four hours.

Since buses stop at multiple bus stations and usually have a mini-meal break in the middle of the destination, the time is usually much higher than other modes of transport. But this should not stop you from boarding a bus from Udaipur to Mount Abu. The best way to travel via a bus is through an overnight journey. This way, you would not feel like you wasted about half your day travelling from one destination to other. 

There are multiple buses from Udaipur that you can choose from. The first bus is available from 4:30 AM and the last bus from 11:30 PM. But, remember to check the bus services and book your tickets well in advance to reserve a seat to have a comfortable journey from Udaipur to Mount Abu!

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With a car, the time taken from Udaipur to Mount Abu is much lesser. Also, this is a much more comfortable and safer option than buses. Here, you can start your journey at any time of the day. I would recommend that you either start early morning or late evening so that you do not waste half of your day in travelling.

And lastly, driving your rented car is the best option. It will take you way lesser time and is probably the safest option too!

Is it safe to take buses from Udaipur to Mount Abu?

As far as I know, it is quite safe to take buses from Udaipur to Mount Abu. Rajasthan is among the top tourist destinations in India and is safe for solo female travellers. When I visited Mount Abu from Udaipur, I boarded an overnight bus, and the experience was pleasant and safe. I was comfortable throughout the journey. Also, buses are a cheaper mode of transport.

However, if you still feel uncomfortable on a bus, my suggestion would be to take a cab or taxi. These are comparatively safer but may burn a hole in your pocket.

Are there direct trains available from Udaipur to Mount Abu?

The nearest railway station to Mount Abu is Abu Road. Unfortunately, as of now, there are no direct trains between Udaipur and Mount Abu.

The best option is to travel to Jodhpur to reach Mount Abu via a train. From there, you can get a direct train to Mount Abu. The distance between Jodhpur and Mount Abu is approximately 330 kilometres. This is almost double the distance between Udaipur and Mount Abu, so you can expect the journey to take longer.

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Is Mount Abu worth it?

How Far is Mount Abu from Udaipur?

As one of my favourite destinations in North India, I can vouch that Mount Abu is worth it. Compared to the rest of the state, Mount Abu is a pleasant little hill station that makes for a perfect travel experience. You can either plan a separate solo trip to Mount Abu or take one or two days out of your Udaipur itinerary and check out this gorgeous hill station. Either way, you are going to have a blast!


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