Are Bikes Available on Hire in Udaipur?

Don’t you agree? Having a bike available for rent allows us to explore new places with ease. And, yes, you can hire bikes in Udaipur. In my opinion, exploring Udaipur by bike or scooter is an exciting adventure in itself for a solo female traveller. Of course, I will share my bike renting experience- do’s and don’ts, tips, and tricks with you ladies. So, you ready?

Is it good to rent a bike in Udaipur?

Before that, all we know is Udaipur is a good destination for solo travel. But, how is it for a bike ride? Considering the narrow roadways of the old city of Udaipur, bike rides come as a benefit to travellers. With that, you can easily honk your way through the busy roads and small alleyways in every twist and turn.

Top bike rentals in Udaipur

Continuing, two-wheelers such as gear bikes, scooters, and bicycles are available for rentals in Udaipur. The top bike rentals that provide affordable, unlimited kilometres, flexible timing services in Udaipur are

  • Onnbikes
  • Gobikes
  • Udaipur Bike Rentals
  • Kanishk Bike Rental
  • District RJ27
  • Udaipur Rent & Ride
  • Shyam Tour & Travels
  • Padharo
  • Zoprent

 Bike Rentals




Shop NO-6, Arihant Plaza, Opposite ICICI Bank Udaipole, Udaipur-313001





Udaipur Bike Rental

Hanuman Ghat near Hotel Sarovar, Udaipur

+91-9414812624, +91-9982988899 

Kanishk Bike Rental

Near Jada Ganesh Ji Temple, Outside Chandpole, Udaipur


District RJ27

Nani Gali, Near Kanwar Pada School, Near Clock Tower, Udaipur

+91-9928845333, +91-9694168990

Udaipur Rent & Ride

29 Gangaur ghat, Udaipur


Shyam Tour & Travels

57, Gadiya Devra, Gangaur Ghat, Chand Pole to Jagdish Chowk road, Gadiya Devra chowk, Udaipur

+91-9413771684, +91-9782876292


334. E Block, Transport Nagar, Goverdhan Villas Sector 14, Udaipur.





Tips for renting bikes in Udaipur

  • Check for pre-damages such as scratches and poor handles.
  • Ask for a helmet, first-aid kit, and other necessary gears.
  • Take a look at the condition of the breaks.
  • Ensure that the fuel tank is full.

How long can you rent a bike in Udaipur?

Generally, you can rent a bike in Udaipur for a minimum of one hour to a maximum of one day. However, the bike rentals extend their service to 2-3 days as it is the ideal time travellers spend in Udaipur. Therefore, you can also rent a bike for a couple of days.

How much does a bike rental charge in Udaipur?

In fact, the cost of renting a bike in Udaipur is harder to specify. It tends to fluctuate and varies depending on the rental business. Approximately, for an hour, it costs between Rs. 10 and Rs. 20. And, for a day, between Rs. 100 and Rs. 250. Depending on the bike, it can cost up to Rs. 1000 also.

How to rent a bike in Udaipur

Renting a bike as a solo female traveller in Udaipur is easy. You just need to follow five quick steps.

  1. Choose the bike.
  2. Show your driving license and valid ID proof. 
  3. Pay the security deposit.
  4. Get the gears.
  5. Ride the bike.

Where can you park your bike in Udaipur?

If you have read my blog post on “What is the best mode of transport to explore Udaipur?“, you know my mention of unsafe parking, lack of parking facilities, and high parking charges in Udaipur. I will stick with the same as these problems still bother solo travellers in parking bikes in Udaipur. Nevertheless, there are few fair strategic ways out. 

Strategies to safe parking in Udaipur

Don’t mind the money and hesitate to park your bike in the City Palace Complex. It costs Rs. 350 for full-day parking there. Although it is expensive, it is safe. It is a friendly place for parking, as most of the tourist centres are located in and around the City Palace Complex. My advice is to keep City Palace Complex as your first option. The next strategy is to stay in a hostel that provides free parking facilities. That way, you can rent a bike for 2 to 3 days till your stay in Udaipur.

Say ‘No’ to unsafe parking

Speaking of City Palace Complex, the open unoccupied area in front of the City Palace entry point is used by people to park vehicles. It is, however, not an authorised one. And, you can actually park your bike on the side of the road or in an empty area by the road like the natives. But, the only problem is it is not authorised. There is no assurance of safety. That doesn’t mean these places are prone to thievery or other crimes. Yet, you can’t take a risk on a rented bike. And if any mischief happens, it will spoil your whole travel plan in Udaipur. So, say ‘no’ to unauthorised parking for safe solo travel in Udaipur.

Cheap alternative to safe parking in Udaipur

However, there is a cheap alternative to park your bike in Udaipur. That way, you can eliminate the highly-priced parking area of the City Palace Complex. So, look for public parking spaces around the tourist locations. In these places, it only costs between Rs.60 to Rs.100 a day to park your vehicle. Some of the public parking spaces in Udaipur are

  • Lake Pichola area parking complex
  • Karnimata parking
  • Pay and park place
  • Parking near Maharana Bhupal Government Hospital
  • Two-wheeler parking railway
  • Government parking
  • Bapu Bazar parking
  • HRV parking

Park and walk – my trick to safe parking

The good news is all the above-mentioned public parking spaces are near the Jagdish Temple, implying the tourist locations are within your radius. You can park in one of these cheaper public parking areas in Udaipur and walk to nearby places.

Places to visit in bicycle in Udaipur

are bikes available on hire in udaipur

Other than visiting the anticipated tourist locations of Udaipur by bike, you can take a short day trip to one of the following places to make the most of solo travel in an exciting bike ride. These places have stunning lakes, mountainous passes, thrilling roads, and daring nature. The fantastic places to travel by bike in Udaipur are

  • Haldighati
  • Mount Abu
  • Ubeshwar village
  • Nandeshwar village
  • Jaisamand Lake
  • Chandani village
  • Kumbhalgarh Fort

Having said this about these picturesque day trips in Udaipur to explore in the bike, find the best time to visit Udaipur to see its natural beauty to its fullest. That’s all about renting bikes. Now, you are all set to rent and ride a bike in Udaipur.


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