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Udaipur, the city with rich culture and heritage, is one of the best cities in the world to explore. Whenever we plan to explore a city, we are filled with queries. The first query always remains about safety. So, how safe is Udaipur? As far as I have understood after my couple of visits to the city, Udaipur is generally pretty safe for travellers, especially solo female travellers.

Explore Udaipur – The Lake City

If you love serene and less crowded places, I suggest you visit Udaipur in India. I admire the city for its simplicity. A solo trip to the Lake city of Rajasthan is worth every penny spent. You will never get bored watching the pristine lakes of the city. 

The amount of historical significance Udaipur holds is massive. Being the former capital of Mewar Kingdom, Udaipur is filled with historical places. It is a great place to start your journey towards Indian culture.

how safe is udaipur

Speaking of its history, you cannot escape the beauty of palaces and forts. The palaces of Udaipur are a work of art! These architectural giants make the city all the more beautiful. If you are a sucker for handicrafts, Udaipur has some handmade aesthetic stuff available in the local shops. But haggling in Indian markets requires special skills! Don’t worry—I have a blog post on how to haggle like a local on your solo trip to India. Make sure to give it a read before you hit the streets of Udaipur. And it doesn’t require more than three days to explore the city. You can always choose your preferred season to visit Udaipur. 

Statistic of Udaipur

Factually speaking, the crime rates in Udaipur is low compared to other parts of India. If not a lot, this survey brings a bit of relief.

The table below gives you a fair idea of how safe Udaipur is.

  Crime Index

Low – 35

  Safety Index

High – 64

  Aggressive, violent assaults, and robbery

Low – 38

  Safety while walking during the day

Very high – 83

Udaipur is relatively safe for its people. The locals welcome the tourists with a certain warmth. However, this does not imply in any sense that you should share a laugh with everyone you meet. Always trust your gut instinct and keep an eye on your belongings no matter where you are.

Should women travel to Udaipur alone?

As a woman who has been to the city, I can assure you that chances are very low of you being attacked or robbed. A walk around the city during the daytime is safe. Even a walk during nighttime feels safe in the city. It is very unlikely to encounter eve-teasing and sexual harassment in the city. So without a second thought, I’d say you can explore Udaipur alone.

Even if you are someone of different ethnicity, please do not feel scared. The city treats everyone equally regardless of where you belong. I have seen Udaipur moving towards being a smart city on my visits. If you explore Udaipur, you will witness the amalgamation of rich culture and royalty with a touch of modernism.

Take some normal precautions that we as women have to take no matter where we travel. The basics are always important to keep in mind. I have compiled them below to help you out.

Research, research, and research!

I can’t emphasise more how much this helps. The more you research the place you visit, the smoother the experience. Learn about the city beforehand, and you will be away from the scams. As we travel alone, we know the power of research. I have saved myself from so many mishaps.

Dress aptly

It is always advisable to wear clothes according to your surroundings. In Udaipur, you are free to choose your clothing. Nobody interferes with that. Anyhow, it is always good to be mindful of what you are wearing to avoid unnecessary attention. Some temples in Udaipur may have dress codes, so check before you visit them.

Keep your documents safe

Passports, ID proofs, visas, or whatever important documents you are carrying, please keep them safe. If your documents are safe, you will have a hassle-free vacation. Make a few photocopies of your document for emergency purposes.

Ladies, keep your senses open  

Keep all of your senses open. Being alert and aware of your surrounding can prevent misfortunes. Look around and observe things. If you feel anyone is following you, do not hesitate to dial 100. Always opt for a proper place to stay. If you want to travel from one place to another, you can either travel by public transport or even better ask your hotel to arrange transport for you. 

Plan your trip to Udaipur

how safe is udaipur

I am sure I have put an end to your questions regarding the safety of Udaipur. For me, Rajasthan is incomplete without a visit to Udaipur. You can go through my solo travel guide on Udaipur for further details. 

Do not miss out on authentic cuisine. India is known as a diverse country worldwide. You can taste the diversity in foods from every different state in India. The food of Rajasthan is utterly delicious and will leave you asking for more! 

Visit all the places and explore the offbeat parts because Udaipur is quite affordable! You can also witness the regional festivals if you plan your trip accordingly—those are always fun to experience!

Embrace the beauty of your solo journey

Ladies, it is true that travelling alone is the scariest yet most liberating and best experience of your life. It makes me happy when I share my solo journey with you all. Even the thought of my words creating an impact makes me grin. Do write your thoughts in the comments below. I look forward to reading them. Stay safe and keep travelling, lovely ladies!


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