What is the best mode of transport to explore Udaipur?

Auto rickshaw is the best mode of transport to explore Udaipur. There are other options like rental bikes, cabs, and city buses to explore Udaipur. But, if you want to stick with the best mode of transport, then without any doubt, it is an auto-rickshaw. I am sure you will say the same after reading this article. So, let us look at the details such as fare, availability, and efficiency of auto-rickshaw and other favourable modes of transport in Udaipur.

Why is autorickshaw the best mode of transport to explore Udaipur?

You may be wondering why it is an autorickshaw and not a cab or a bike? I have a pretty clear explanation. I don’t know if you know it or not. The major tourist attractions are located in the old city of Udaipur. That said, the old city lanes are congested, and at the same time, the minimal space is packed with street stalls, vehicles, and pedestrians. So, the roadways in Udaipur are not supportive of the easy penetration of vehicles. Only the native auto drivers know the trick to slip in through the zig-zag ways. 

Continuing, you may again question, why not a bus, bike, or cab-they are driven by the native drivers too? You’re right, just like me before I went on a bike and cab ride in Udaipur. I was sure buses were not going to help save time because there is the problem of getting to the bus point to enjoy the cheap ride. So, I thought of other options- bike and cab. That brings me to the answer that cab rides are more costly than auto rides. And, bike rides which are the best option to travel the narrow pathway of Udaipur, made impossible because of lack of parking facilities, unsafe parking, or high parking charges.

Autorickshaw- the cheap and the best

what is the best mode of transport in udaipur

Hence, auto rickshaws are the cheap and the best option to explore Udaipur. There are four types of auto-rickshaws available in Udaipur. It is an advantage if you know about them to travel like a local. The four types of auto-rickshaws are

  • ordinary autorickshaw
  • private autorickshaw
  • shared autorickshaw
  • e-rickshaw

Ordinary and private auto-rickshaw

You can hire an autorickshaw in a minute when you enter the old city of Udaipur. But, ordinary rickshaws are bound by rules to cover certain areas only. For example, ordinary autos can ride through various destinations in Fateh Sagar lake road but not enter the Hathipol area. So, travellers planning to visit various destinations in auto must opt for private rickshaws. Private rickshaws are the same as the ordinary rickshaw, but the auto drivers are ready for negotiation. You can hire them for a day to take you places. A day-long rental of auto costs about Rs.800 to Rs.1000. 

Shared auto-rickshaw

Compared to ordinary and private autos, shared auto rides are much cheaper. They can hold up to 12 members. There will be a number of significant stops between the starting point and the final point. People hop in and out between the locations. And the ride fare ranges from a minimum of Rs.5 to a maximum of Rs.25, depending on the distance travelled. It is more like a bus ride but covers a shorter distance. 

There are two principal routes in a shared autorickshaw: one connecting the old city and the other new city of Udaipur. Surajpol, Udaipol, Hathipol, and Delhi Gate are the old city route stoppings, whereas the Railway station, Chetak Circle, Sukhadiya Circle, and Fateh Sagar Lake are the new city route stoppings.


E-rickshaws are currently unavailable to the general public in Udaipur. However, some hotels in Udaipur provide free e-rickshaw rides to their customers who cannot navigate the tight roads leading to their establishments. The Lake Pichola Hotel, for example, is situated amid a busy and narrow road. As a result, they send e-rickshaws to the city centre to pick up customers and their belongings.

Alternative to autorickshaw

Autorickshaws and cabs share the same floor in terms of transportation in exploring Udaipur. The only downside is that it is more expensive than an auto. However, if you travel a longer distance, you may want a cab. They prove to be beneficial and less expensive than autos at that time. And taxi-booking apps like Ola and Uber are available in Udaipur. Using Ola or Uber, you can effortlessly book a ride. Besides, there are many taxi rentals as well for you to consider.

What is Jugnoo? How is it safe for solo female travellers?

Jugnoo, on the other hand, is an app-based autorickshaw rental service in Udaipur. It is an on-demand autorickshaw aggregator situated in Udaipur, India. Their services are similar to those of Uber and Ola. They operate on a meter system for pricing. A base cost of Rs.20 will be levied, plus Rs.11 per kilometre. There are additional fees for waiting and traffic delays.

Travelling in Udaipur has never been easier, thanks to Jugnoo. For solo female travellers, choosing Jugnoo ensures a safe ride. With Jugnoo, you can take an auto ride in Udaipur at night without any fear. It helps you save time since you may book a ride in only a few clicks. You can find more information about this reliable and convenient service here.

I hope you are convinced with my option of autorickshaw as the best mode of transportation in Udaipur. It is your choice now. You can always switch between auto and cab or go for a bike ride if parking hurdles do not hinder you. Have a safe and convenient travel!


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