How Japan is Like for Solo Travel in 2024


Hands down, Japan is one of the trending countries for solo travel in 2024. With its sky-high cityscapes, traditional temples, active volcanoes, numerous islands, 25 UNESCO sites, and of course – the sacred Mt. Fuji, the Land of the Rising Sun has swiftly slid into every solo traveller’s bucket list. 

Indeed, a solo trip to Japan is full of contrast and surprises. In fact, the country is a true testament to the coexistence of tradition and modernity. But do you know the biggest perk for solo travellers in Japan? It is Ohitorisama (party for one). The country celebrates solo time. So, sayonara (goodbye) to solo travel awkwardness! 

That said, queries might still bug you – Is Japan safe? What is the best time to visit? How to get around? And so on. But fret not. Step-by-step, I will walk you through all the aspects that define solo travel to Japan in 2024. 

How Safe is Japan for Solo Travellers in 2024?

Japan ranks 9th as per the 2023 Global Peace Index. Isn’t it self-explanatory how safe of a country Japan is for solo ventures in 2024? 

With no catcalls and pickpocketing, imagine the peace of mind as a solo female traveller strolling the streets of Japan. The country also boasts women-only hostels and spaces in trains for extra security.

However, if you face any trouble, contact the local authorities immediately through the Kobans (police boxes) spread across all the neighbourhoods. 

Best Time to Visit Japan as a Solo Traveller 

The best time to visit Japan as a solo traveller is between late winter and early spring, i.e., February and March. No touristy crowd, underrated adventures, and it is relatively cheaper.

From skiing or snowboarding in Hokkaido, unwinding in hot springs and ryokans, to witnessing Japan’s popular attraction – hanami (viewing of cherry blossoms), these two months will treat you with the best of both seasons. 

What is the Best Way to Get Around Japan in 2024?

Arguably, the best way to get around Japan is in bullet trains – shinkansen. The train system connects you to all parts of the country.

Trains in Japan are punctual and cost-effective. And so is the metro system. No matter how many weeks you’re in Japan, get yourself a Japan Rail Pass. You’ll be stress-free. 

Besides, you can also access buses for intercity travel. And, if driving is your forte, opt for a rented car

Best Places to Visit in Japan 2024

solo travel in Japan

Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, HiroshimaSapporo, Nara, etc. – there are endless cities to explore in Japan in 2024. And to help you make the most out of every city, here are a couple of my must-visit places to add to your solo travel itinerary: 

  • Senso-ji – This Buddhist temple in the Asakusa district of Tokyo is a significant landmark on a Japan trip. Also, explore the adjacent street, Nakamise-Dori, which is the oldest street shopping destination in Japan.
  • Shibuya Crossing – You have to cross this busiest scramble in Japan. Climb up the Square Tower for a 360 bird’s eye view.
  • Ogasawara Islands – Put extra effort into visiting this remote cluster of islands as snorkelling, dolphin watching, and hiking await your adventurous soul. 
  • Arashiyama Bamboo Forest – On a weekday morning, visit the Arshiyama bamboo in Kyoto and groove to its beauty. Soothing and surreal. 
  • Takachiho Gorge – You cannot miss this spectacular gorge on Kyushu Island at Miyazaki by any means. Formed by the eruption of nearby Mt.Aso volcano, Takachiho is beguiling. 
  • Himeji Castle – Also known as the White Heron, it is among the best-preserved castles to visit in Japan.  
  • Makomanai Takino Cemetery – Art, beauty, and mystery. Walk through a 40-metre tunnel to get a glimpse of the stunning masterpiece of Buddha. 
  • Itsukushima Shrine – One of the must-visit UNESCO sites in Japan, this Shinto shrine is all about drama. 
  • Peace Memorial Park – Here, take a trip down history. It reflects on the bombing during World War II.
  • Lake Kawaguchi – Of the five Fuji lakes, Kawaguchi boasts a spectacular symmetrical sight of Mt.Fuji throughout the year. 

Things-To-Do as a Solo Traveller in Japan

Without certain activities, I think it is safe to say – your Japan trip remains incomplete. Therefore, for a unique and unbeatable 2024 Japan trip, bookmark the following things to do:

  • Watch a game of sumo-wrestling at Ryogoku
  • Meditate with the monks in Kyoto
  • Climb the active volcano of Japan – Mt.Fuji
  • Consume fresh and authentic Japanese food like kitsune udon (noodle broth), takoyaki (fried octopus dumpling), and sake (signature drink).
  • Participate in an anime fest
  • Sip on a cup of matcha in a Japan’s traditional tea house 
  • Reflect and rejuvenate in a traditional outdoor onsen

Where to Stay During a Solo Travel to Japan in 2024?

Stays in Japan cater to various budgets and preferences. If you want to experience a traditional Japanese stay, book yourself a room at Ryokans – a wooden house with tatami flooring. Whereas, if you want a minimalist and light-on-the-pocket stay, capsule hotels are perfect! 

Aside from that, Japan boasts high-end hotels with mind-blowing architecture and views. However, from my experience, hostels are ideal for solo travellers at any given time. 

Tips for Solo Travellers to Explore Japan in 2024

solo travel in Japan

2024 is expected to witness a spike in Japan’s tourism. Here are some tips to explore Japan smoothly:

  • Learn basic cultural etiquette and words like Arigatou Gozaimasu (thank you), Irasshaimase (welcome), or Sumimasen (excuse me).
  • Keep in handy the emergency number – 110
  • Pack a limited and light-weighted luggage
  • Be polite and respectful

When Are You Visiting Japan in 2024?

So, what are you waiting for? Based on the above insights, chalk out an itinerary for a trip to Japan in 2024. With safety, modern amenities, and deep-rooted cultural experience, there is no doubt that Japan will continue to grow as a solo travel destination. 

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