What is the Easiest Way to Reach Mount Abu from Udaipur?

Thinking of taking a short trip to Mount Abu from Udaipur? Well, the easiest way to reach Mount Abu from Udaipur is via car. Now, as per your convenience, you can either book a taxi or cab or rent a car and drive by yourself! In my opinion, renting a car would be a better option. A drive to Mount Abu from Udaipur will take you approximately three to four hours, depending on your driving skills!

How far is Mount Abu from Udaipur?

Mount Abu is at a distance of approximately 163 kilometres from Udaipur. While Udaipur is a regal city in Rajasthan, Mount Abu is quite the opposite. It is a quaint little hill station in the state. And Mount Abu also happens to be the only hill station in Rajasthan and experiences pleasant weather throughout the year. This is one of the many reasons that make Mount Abu a must-visit for every traveller. Even during the summer season, you can expect some relief here, as compared to the otherwise hot and humid weather in other cities of Rajasthan.

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Can you reach Mount Abu via flight?

Well, unfortunately, the hill station does not have an airport. I understand that flights are the easiest and shortest means of transport to go anywhere. But Mount Abu does not offer you that option. The closest airport to Mount Abu is the Udaipur Airport. And since you are travelling from Udaipur to Mount Abu, there is no way you can take flights.

The only way to reach Mount Abu from Udaipur is via road.

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How long does it take to travel to Mount Abu from Udaipur via road?

how to reach Mount Abu from Udaipur

The answer to this question lies in which mode of transport you choose. While cabs and taxis may seem like the most appropriate option, there are quite a lot of buses from Udaipur to Mount Abu. On average, buses may take about nine hours to reach Mount Abu. It may seem like a long time, and quite frankly, it is. So, if you are planning on taking the bus from Udaipur, I would suggest that you do so at night. This way, you can save up a lot of time and spend it exploring the gem that Mount Abu is!

If you take a cab or taxi, it will take you somewhere around four to five hours on average to reach Mount Abu. You might be wondering why the time difference between taking a bus and taking a cab is so much, right? Well, that’s because a bus will stop at pretty much every bus stop and bus station. On the other hand, a cab or taxi will not stop as much.

If you rent a car in Udaipur, it would be the most convenient and safe option. You can start your drive at any time of the day, and you can even reach Mount Abu quite early, depending on your driving skills. And the added advantage of driving your car to the hill station is the mesmerising views of the verdant hills and mountains on the way. It is truly a delight to the eyes and a magical experience worth cherishing forever!

Is it safe to take public transport for a solo female traveller?

Being a solo female traveller, I understand how many times the thought of safety crosses our minds. But fortunately, Mount Abu is quite a safe travel destination. And having travelled to the hill station via buses from Udaipur, I can assure you that buses are safe. However, it would not hurt to be careful and stay alert to ensure that you have a safe yet wonderful journey from Mount Abu to Udaipur.

You can take the late-night AC sleeper bus to Mount Abu to save about ten hours of your time travelling alone. The AC sleeper buses come with mini beds where you can sleep the night away and wake up to the beautiful views of the valleys!

How much will it cost to travel to Mount Abu from Udaipur?

Again, this depends on which mode of transport you pick. For instance, a bus may cost you less, but it will be more time-consuming. On the other hand, a cab or taxi may cost you more, but it will not take as long as a bus. And renting a car may cost you a whole lot more, but it will be the most convenient, safe, and time-friendly option to travel to Mount Abu.

On average, you can expect the ticket prices of the bus to be somewhere around Rs. 1,800 to Rs. 2,000. If you book your tickets well in advance, you might even get great discounts and offers on your bookings.

Mount Abu – A must-visit tourist spot for solo female travellers

I hope my blog helped you understand everything there is to know about how to reach Mount Abu from Udaipur. Regardless of whether you are planning a separate solo trip to Mount Abu or going for a short getaway to the hill station, you will most probably have to go via Udaipur only. Since the nearest airport to Mount Abu is Udaipur Airport, travelling via road is the best option!

Mount Abu is one of the many interesting tourist destinations in Rajasthan. It is ideal for those looking for a peaceful and calm environment to spend their holidays in. There are plenty of things to explore in Mount Abu for every traveller.

Do let me know how your solo trip to Mount Abu went in the comments below. I would love to know about them! Till then, happy travelling, ladies!


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