How to Spend Three Days in Udaipur?

Three days is more than enough to explore Udaipur. With three days on your plan, time is not limited to your travel. Hence, you can make the best of Udaipur. You can very well explore the old city of Udaipur, where most of the popular tourist attractions are located. It includes hidden gems like Crystal Gallery, Kumbhalgarh fort, Shilpgram Museum, Jagmandir Island, and so on. To find all the unmissable hidden beauties of Udaipur, read the article till the end. 

Day 1- Ambrai Ghat, Lake Pichola, City Palace, Bagore Ki Haveli, Lake Fateh Sagar, Monsoon Palace, Jagdish Temple

For day one of your travel, venture out to the popular destinations of Udaipur. Included in our first-day plan is the sunrise view at Ambrai Ghat, a royal time in City Palace, enjoying the architectural wonder in Jagdish Temple, thinking past the history at Bagore Ki Haveli, a boat ride in Lake Fateh Sagar, sunset view in Monsoon Palace and cultural dance show in Bagore Ki Haveli.

I have explained how to visit the above-listed places in one day in my blog post “Is One Day Enough to Explore Udaipur?“. If you want to know details like managing time, where to eat, how to get around, then you must read it.

Day 2- The Ahar Cenotaphs, Shilpgram Museum, Crystal Gallery, Hathipol market, Chetak Circle, Light And Sound Show at Manek Chowk

On day two, start by visiting the Ahar Museum and Cenotaphs. The Ahar Cenotaphs, the burial ground of king Maharana Sangram Singh and his 21 wives, opens from 6:00 AM, and the museum opens at 10:00 AM. So, you can get ready without a hurry, have your breakfast and reach the Cenotaph by 9:30 AM. By 10:00 AM, you can enter the museum, which showcases the most valuable unique collection of antiques such as earthen pots, iron objects, terracotta toys, pottery shards. Note that the museum is closed on Fridays.

Keeping up with the feeling of aged back, head to Shilpgram Museum, another destination to appraise the tradition, culture, and folklore of Rajasthan. It takes around 20 minutes to reach there. Several rural huts, each depicting the art and artefact of Rajasthan, are scattered around the 70-acre property. You will need an hour or two to see through these places. If it goes by my prediction, you can manage both Ahar and Shilpgram museums before 1:00 PM.

Then have traditional food for lunch and head to the next destination, Crystal Gallery. I know a gallery for crystals seems quirky and, at the same time, doubtful. If you ask whether Crystal Gallery is worth visiting or not, I’d say it is definitely worth a visit. It brings a unique display of items like dining tables, tabletops, lamps, footstool, crockery set, washing bowls, a sofa set, bed—all in crystals!

Shop, hog, and chill!

three days in udaipur

Once you finish touring the Crystal Gallery, head to the Hathipol market in Udaipur. I consider this place to be the best for souvenir hunting. You can find all kinds of handmade stuff from Rajasthan here—jewellery, slippers, paintings, utensils, all at a low and bargainable price!

As you end your purchase at Hathipol market, it will be dusk. Time for tea! So, go straight to chetak circle, the haven of street delicacy in Udaipur. If you are a foodie, try as many flavours as you can! Then, head to the light and sound at Manek Chowk.

Manek Chowk (Peacock Courtyard), situated in City Palace, hosts a light and sound show from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM every day. You can end your day two in Udaipur taking part in this spiritful entertainment in the palace.

Day 3- Kumbhalgarh Fort and Jagmandir Island

For the third day, make sure you wake up and get ready by 6:30 AM. You can head to the Kumbhalgarh Fort, located 2 hours from Udaipur. Kumbhalgarh Fort, built in the 15th century, sits at the peak of an Aravalli hill welcoming tourists with its continuous walls of stairs resembling the great wall of China. Popularly called the ‘Great wall of India,’ it is a must-visit place on your solo trip to Udaipur.

As per our plan, if you start by 6:30 AM, you will reach there by 8:30 AM. Just the right time to have breakfast. So, before heading to the fort, boost your energy with the morning meal. Disclaimer: taking a meal at this point is necessary as you will be taking a long walk to reach the fort. If it helps you any better, the fort wall extends for 36 km. And, no vehicle is allowed after its opening gate. 

After having a super energetic breakfast, enter the fort gate. Now you are free to roam in Kumbhalgarh’s fortified territory. There are uncountable Hindu and Jain temples to discover. And, many cultural events like tying turbans, henna painting, dance, music, light shows, and so on to entertain you. Considering this, it is worth your 4 hours there! You are in luck if it is winter in Udaipur because walking up the hill proved to be extra joyful with chilling air and misty clouds in winters.

Be bowled over by Udaipur’s beauty at night!

In the event of spending 4 hours exploring the wonder of Kumbhalgarh Fort, have your lunch in the kiosks located inside. It will be around 3:00 PM when you come out. After that, take a ride back to your hostel or hotel in Udaipur. But before that, drop in a cafe to have an evening snack and drink. Jheel’s Ginger Cafe and Bakery is a good one overlooking Lake Pichola. 

On reaching your hostel or hotel, take a short nap to refresh your soul for the evening plan. I recommend staying in a hostel in Udaipur because they are cheap with the opportunity of meeting solo female travellers. However, if you expect a luxurious stay in a hotel, don’t worry! We do have some amazing budget-friendly hotels in Udaipur.

three days in udaipur

After taking an hour’s nap, get ready to dine on Jagmandir Island. Jagmandir Island is a lagoon palace-turned hotel with mesmerising views. A 40-minute sizzling boat ride in the dark to reach the island is a magical thing in Udaipur to do at night.

You made it!

Yes, you made it—three wonderful and memorable days in Udaipur!

Did you enjoy it? If so, follow this three-day solo travel plan and have a great time in Udaipur. To explore more on this topic, click here.


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