What are the Affordable Hotels Near City Palace, Udaipur?

Udaipur, popularly known as the ‘City of Lakes,’ is among the most beautiful destinations in India. Along with the serene lakes, it is quite famous for the historical and architectural monuments, the delicious cuisine and much more! City Palace in Udaipur is one of the best tourist attractions. If you are visiting Udaipur on your next solo trip, do check out this stunning marvel. And to add a cherry on top of the cake, you can even book your stay at affordable hotels near City Palace, Udaipur!

Here is a list of some of the best affordable hotels in Udaipur that are located in close proximity to City Palace:


Proximity to City Palace

Cost per night (approx.)

The Lake View Hotel

1.1 km

Rs. 1600 ($21)

Gangaur Palace

1.2 km

Rs. 1300 ($17.10)

Hotel Janak Vilas

400 m

Rs. 4700 ($62)

Hotel Panorama Haveli

1.5 km

Rs. 1500 ($20)

Hotel Jaydurg

1.4 km

Rs. 2300 ($30.25)

Hotel Madiram Palace

1.6 km

Rs. 2000 ($26.29)

1. The Lake View Hotel

The Lake View Hotel is arguably the best hotel near City Palace in Udaipur. It is situated in Lal Ghat and offers mesmerising views of Lake Pichola, another must-visit tourist spot in Udaipur. The hotel has an in-house rooftop restaurant, where you can relax and soak in the views while enjoying a delicious meal! As for the rooms, they present the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. The rooms are elegantly designed with warm interiors and cosy bedding, ensuring a pleasant stay in Udaipur at affordable prices.

This 3-star hotel in Udaipur is also located in close proximity to many tourist places and travel hubs in the city.

2. Hotel Janak Vilas

If you are looking for a budget-friendly hotel that gives out majestic and regal vibes, then head to Hotel Janak Vilas. The hotel features intricately designed interiors that leave you awe-struck. The best part about this hotel is that it is at a short distance of about 1km from City Palace. The lavish rooms come decked with antique interiors and furnishings and are quite spacious too. Also, the rooms offer breathtaking views of the city landscape!

This hotel is among the best affordable hotels near City Palace, something that you should definitely consider when planning your solo trip.

3. Gangaur Palace

As the name suggests, Gangaur Palace looks nothing short of a gorgeous palace! The fine interiors and premium services and facilities make Gangaur Palace one of the most luxurious yet budget-friendly hotels near City Palace in Udaipur. So you can experience a magnificent stay without burning a hole in your pocket. The rooms at the hotel are cosy and also come adorned with a myriad of state-of-the-art amenities and services, ensuring a comfortable stay in Udaipur!

The walls of the hotel feature beautiful artwork that makes it stand out and exude a colonial charm, perfect for those who would want to experience the charm of Rajasthan!

4. Hotel Panorama Haveli

affordable hotels near city palace

Haveli in English translates to Mansion, and this is what Hotel Panorama Haveli looks like. It is quite a famous hotel near City Palace and offers its guests a panoramic view of the famous Lake Pichola. It is situated very close to City Palace and also houses an incredible multi-cuisine restaurant that serves drool-worthy delicacies. If you are a foodie, then definitely try out their Rajasthani dishes. These are regarded as some of the best Rajasthani dishes in Udaipur. The rooms at the hotel are intricately designed, along with a host of amenities for a comfortable stay.

Hotel Panorama Haveli is also an ideal place to stay if you are looking for a budget-friendly hotel with stunning views of the lakes.

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5. Hotel Jaydurg – A Lake Retreat

This is one of my favourite hotels near City Palace too. Although the hotel offers a lot of facilities, including a delectable dining outlet and a cosy swimming pool, one thing that I love the most about Hotel Jaydurg is the aesthetic interiors. The hotel, designed with a beautiful combination of yellow and white, overlooks the magnificent Lake Pichola. The rooms are quite spacious and feature a wonderful blend of comfort and luxury. The windows open up to the lake views. With a lavish, spacious bed and minimalist décor, Hotel Jaydurg will surely make your stay in Udaipur a memorable one!

Considering the hotel’s close proximity to the City Palace, I would say this is a pretty good option. Definitely spend at least one night at this hotel on your next visit to the ‘City of Lakes.’

6. Hotel Madiram Palace

A grandiose structure with artistic interiors, Hotel Madiram Palace, is a beautiful hotel near City Palace. It is situated on Lake Pichola and offers mesmerising views of the lake. The hotel is famous for its warm hospitality and courteous staff, among many other aspects. It also comes decked with a myriad of luxe facilities and an in-house restaurant. And it serves some lip-smacking cuisines from all corners of the world! I would suggest that you try out the Indian cuisine here while taking in the gorgeous views of the lake. The rooms are comfortable and feature a cosy bed and an array of amenities for a relaxed time.

Are the hotels in Udaipur near City Palace budget-friendly?

affordable hotels near city palace

These are some of the affordable hotels near City Palace in Udaipur that you can check out while planning your solo trip. Not only are these hotels located in close proximity to City Palace, but they are also quite safe for female travellers. If you decide to stay at any of these hotels, you will be saving both your time and transportation costs, which is extremely important when travelling solo!

If you found this blog helpful, do leave a comment below. I would love to hear about all your experiences! Till then, happy travelling!


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