How safe is Udaipur at Night?

As you plan your itinerary for your vacation to the City of Lakes- Udaipur, you may get intrigued by Udaipur’s nightlife. If you love to explore a city at night, you must have already done your research. However, the worry about safety at night in Udaipur remains buzzing inside your head. Even at night, Udaipur is known to be safe for solo female travellers, although it is always preferred to return to your hotel before the clock hits 10 pm. 

In Udaipur, there are never-ending unique activities at night. There are quite fascinating events, from watching light and sound shows in the City Palace to late-night parties at a pub. However, the party lover in you might get a little disappointed as all the bars in Udaipur get shut down quite early. Besides that, I can assure you will have a gala time at night in the city. 

Be it day or night—solo travel teaches you how important it is to stay safe all the time. For you to enjoy the nightlife to the fullest at Udaipur, all you need is to keep certain things in mind. 

Here, I have gathered some of the nightlife tips that may come in handy in time of need.

1. Keep an eye on your watch

As the clock ticks 9 pm, you must plan your return to your hotel. Udaipur being a small city, does not have a late-night culture. After a certain time, it is always wise not to venture alone at night in the city. Remember, your safety is always in your hand. 

2. Choose your commute

Arrange your transportation for your way back to the hotel beforehand. Book a cab from the hotel’s service. In this way, your safety is ensured. At the same time, you don’t have to opt for public transportations like auto and taxi which are not safe at night. If you don’t have any other option, share your taxi’s number plate with your family. As well as inform your hotel about the same. There are different modes of transportation available in Udaipur. Choose according to your need.

3. Do not mingle with strangers

The locals of Udaipur are known for their friendly behaviour and kind hearts. But this does not imply in any way for you to mingle with strangers without any reason, specifically at night. As solo travellers, we tend to communicate and engage with people to know more about the city. If possible, avoid speaking with unknown people at night. Keep your communicative part for the daytime.

4. Dress properly

As a woman, you must have heard this a thousand times. This advice never gets old, specifically when you are a solo traveller. You are advised not to wear scanty clothes that may attract unnecessary attention. To avoid stares from strangers, dress aptly according to your surroundings. Nevertheless, it is always your freedom of choice to choose your clothes.

5. Learn the helpline numbers

This is an important tip to keep in mind. Wherever you are, please memorise the emergency helpline numbers. If you sense any form of trouble, do not hesitate for a moment to dial the numbers.

  • Ambulance – 108, 102
  • Women helpline – 18001200020, 1091
  • Police – 100

6. Keep your phone charged

This is a request during the night. Charge your gadgets completely before you step outside to sway into the nightlife. Your phone is the first thing you reach for in case of an emergency. So it better be charged.

7. Stay away from secluded areas

how safe is udaipur at night

As you take a walk during the nighttime in Udaipur, do not go into the secluded alleys. Stay amidst the crowd for your safety as you explore the nightlife.

8. Be aware of your location

Learn to read the signboards and Google maps when you tour around the city at night. If possible, carry maps with you or download offline maps of your location. Your safety often depends upon your location. It is very important to be aware of your location. You may also want to choose your accommodation in a proper location to be safe on your solo venture.

Should women travel alone at night in Udaipur?

Yes, you should definitely travel and experience Udaipur’s nightlife alone. If you don’t, you will miss out on an exciting part of Udaipur. If you maintain the nightlife tips, you are good to go!

How to plan your nighttime in Udaipur

If the night is your favourite time of the day to explore a city, Udaipur is not going to disappoint you. Plan for the magnificent sunsets at Lake Pichola to boat rides and fine dining at rooftops overlooking the surreal landscape of Udaipur at night. Make a list of your favourite activities. This will help you to cover everything according to your schedules. Many events are seasonal, like festivals and fairs. So if you want to experience them in the nighttime, plan your vacation around these times.

Besides visiting the tourist places, also make time for shopping. Buy some souvenirs from the local markets. All the local shops are open till 9:30 pm.

As you plan, do not forget to keep time for hogging onto scrumptious snacks and desserts. As the evening starts, the stalls open with famous snacks around every corner—taste the ghevar and malpuas to end your night on a sweet note.

Ladies, do not hold yourself back from enjoying the refreshing and lively nightlife of Udaipur. Stay safe and keep exploring. Let me know in the comments if you have already been to Udaipur and about your nighttime experience. Read here to get a glimpse and learn more about the nightlife of Udaipur.


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