Is Mount Abu Crowded? | All You Need to Know

Mount Abu is a quintessential hill station in Rajasthan. It also happens to be the only hill station in the state, thereby making for a perfect getaway secluded from city life. Now, considering how hot and humid it gets in Rajasthan, a whole lot of visitors and tourists flock to Mount Abu, especially during the winter season. During these months, it can get a little crowded in the hill station. However, as is with any other tourist destination, if you want to face the minimum crowd, it is advisable to visit during the off-season.

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Mount Abu during winter and summer

With winter being a busy time in Mount Abu, you will notice that the hotel prices will hike up between the months of October and March. Additionally, you may also notice longer queues and larger crowds at the top tourist attractions in the hill station. If you are someone who does not like huge crowds, I would suggest that you visit Mount Abu during the off-season, that’s the summer months. Surprisingly, since Mount Abu is a hill station, it does not get that humid during the summer months, and you can still have a lovely travel experience. 

However, if you decide to visit Mount Abu during the winter months but do not want to visit crowded tourist places, here is a list of some of the unique and offbeat places in the hill station. Do check these out on your next solo trip to Mount Abu for a memorable travel experience!

Sunset Point

Is Mount Abu Crowded?

What’s better than witnessing a magical sunset from a viewpoint surrounded by verdant hills and lush greenery? The Sunset Point in Mount Abu is not that popular, making it less crowded on most days. If you are someone who prefers spending some time by yourself while watching the sun go down, and the sky turning into pretty colours, then definitely check out the Sunset Point. It is situated a short distance from the famous Nakki Lake. You can easily take a cab from the lake to the viewpoint. And to reach the top of the viewpoint, you can either walk or horse ride up there, which is quite fascinating in itself!

If you are someone who cannot resist taking out your phone every time the sky turns into beautiful hues, Sunset Point will give you ample opportunities to do the same. So don’t forget to carry your camera along with you!

Peace Park

Looking for a quiet place for some relaxation? Then head to the beautiful Peace Park in Mount Abu. It is known for its peaceful and serene atmosphere and makes for the perfect destination for those looking to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is a part of the Brahma Kumari’s establishment and is surrounded by the mighty Aravalli Range, which adds to the overall serene ambience. Here at Peace Park, you can find a wide range of exotic flora species such as roses, citruses, orchids, succulents, ornamental shrubs, and more. If you are in the mood for meditation, then there are tiny huts and stone caves for the purpose. Trust me, a visit to the Peace Park is a must if you want to spend some time alone in the arms of nature!

Trevor’s Tank

Another beautiful spot in Mount Abu is engulfed by the lush greenery and beautiful hills. It is situated at a short distance of 5 kilometres from Mount Abu, and you can easily reach here via a cab or taxi. Trevor’s Tank is among the unique places in the hill station and is ideal for visiting during the months of November and December. It is a man-made crocodile breeding site developed by a Britisher several decades ago. Along with a wide range of crocodile species, Trevor’s Tank is also home to several other animal species. For nature lovers, photographers, bird watchers, and peace seekers, this place is a paradise. Visit Trevor’s Tank to explore nature and watch the animal species just go about their day in a natural and safe habitat!

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Toad Rock

Is Mount Abu Crowded?

Located at a close distance from the prominent Nakki Lake, Toad Rock is a fascinating destination that caters to the needs of nature enthusiasts, adventurers, photographers, and peace seekers. The spot is named after its unique rock formation that resembles the shape of a toad or frog. Owing to the special rock formation and the stunning views of the enchanting landscapes, Toad Rock is frequented by quite a few tourists every year. When I visited Mount Abu on my solo trip to Udaipur in November, the crowd was comparatively less, and I had a great experience here. The views are definitely to die for and are a haven for photographers. You can see the beautiful views of Nakki Lake too, which looks nothing short of magic from up here!

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Is Mount Abu always crowded?

Well, no. Mount Abu is usually not crowded. Compared to other popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan, this hill station remains fairly less crowded and is perfect for weekend getaways too. If possible, you can take out a day or two from your itinerary and take a trip to Mount Abu for a refreshing experience. Since it is a hill station, the weather is quite pleasant too. And even if you visit Rajasthan during summers, Mount Abu will help you beat the heat while also making your solo trip memorable!

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