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Kuta, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bali, is also known as a surfing paradise on the island. Every year, thousands of tourists travel to Bali to enjoy the lively ambience of Kuta. If you love adventure and fun, then Kuta will be the perfect place for you to stay on your solo trip to Bali.

If you are planning to travel alone to Bali, then definitely consider staying in Kuta for a day or two to make the most of your solo trip.

The best time to visit Kuta

Since Kuta is a beach location, the best time to visit would be between the months of April and October. During these months, there is less humidity, less or no rainfall, and just enough sun for you to enjoy exploring this beautiful place.

How to reach Kuta

The nearest airport to Kuta is Denpasar Airport. You can book an international flight from your home country to Denpasar Airport. There are two types of flights available, direct and layover flights. Depending on the time you book your flight, you can get either of these two options.

Denpasar Airport is approximately 10 kilometres away from Kuta. You can easily book a cab or taxi from the airport to your hotel. But remember, there is a lot of fake taxis around the airport that scam tourists. To avoid this, I would suggest you book your cab from a genuine cab company. In my opinion, the Blue Bird Taxis are the most genuine ones in Bali. The drivers are all certified by the official company as well.

There are many public transport options available such as buses and exclusive shuttle services for tourists. While a cab or taxi will take you approximately 25 to 30 minutes to reach Kuta, a bus will take about 45 minutes. 

How to get around in Kuta

solo trip Kuta bali

In my opinion, the best way to getting around in any destination is via renting a vehicle. Similarly, in Kuta too, the best way to explore this beautiful place is by renting a two-wheeled vehicle, such as a scooter or moped. But here’s the catch – rent a vehicle only if you know how to ride one. Because honestly, the one annoying thing about Bali is its traffic and poor road conditions. If you’re not confident with your vehicle riding skills, I would suggest you drop the idea, only because the chances of you getting mangled on a poor road in Bali amidst the heavy traffic are higher!

But if you are an expert at riding a two-wheeled vehicle, you can reach your destination quicker than you would with a four-wheeled vehicle in Bali.

Where can you get a good rental two-wheeled vehicle?

There are plenty of vehicle rental companies in Kuta. You can even check out to compare the best rental companies in Kuta and decide to rent the one that fits all your needs the best!

Or, if you don’t feel comfortable renting a vehicle online, you can ask your hotel/hostel staff to help you out with the same. Sometimes, locals know better than internet pages! 

Don’t forget to inspect the vehicle well before paying the amount…

After visiting Bali and renting a scooter myself, I realised that inspecting the vehicle before making the payment is the most important thing. This is because when people see that you are a tourist, they try to scam you. 

To avoid getting scammed, click pictures of your rented vehicle and make notes of any damages that might already be there when you rent it!

Places to stay in Kuta

Getting affordable accommodation is an essential part of visiting any destination. So I have listed down some beautiful yet affordable places that you can consider while looking for a place to stay in Kuta on your solo trip to Bali.

Satriya Cottages

Satriya Cottages is one of the most beautiful places to stay in Kuta. It is conveniently located at an easy distance from all the hotspots in the area. The hotel offers all the basic amenities you can ask for – free WiFi, swimming pool, on-site ATM, among many others. Every room in the hotel offers beautiful garden views as well. 

Approximate price for one night – 525836 Indonesian Rupiah ($36.87)

Amnaya Resort

Considered one of the comfortable accommodations in Kuta, Amnaya Resort is a famous one among tourists. Each room here is air-conditioned and offers free WiFi. The staff is extremely friendly, and there are all the basic amenities offered, including an outdoor pool, garden, mini-bar, shared lounge, library, and a fitness centre. 

Approximate price for one night – 506361 Indonesian Rupiah ($35.50)

Ohana Hotel

Ohana Hotel is a decent accommodation in Kuta, located at an approximate drive of 12 minutes from Denpasar Airport. All the rooms in the hotel offer free WiFi, an air-conditioner, and an LED TV with a cable connection. The hotel also has a full-service spa known as OH Spa. You can indulge in the various services offered at the spa as well but at an additional cost.

Approximate price for one night – 194754 Indonesian Rupiah ($13.65)

Things to do in Kuta

Once you settle down in your hotel/hostel, it’s time to go out and explore the different things that Kuta has to offer. Here are some of the things that you can consider while making a list of things to do in Kuta on your solo trip to Bali.

Take part in the Kuta Karnival

This is one of the most fun things you can do in Kuta. The Kuta Karnival takes place at the famous Kuta Beach every year. Thousands of locals and tourists attend this carnival to witness the Balinese culture come to life. Some of the famous events that take place at the carnival include food festivals, cartoon exhibitions, traditional songs and dance performances, kite flying festivals, movie screenings, and much more!

The whole beach looks colourful and lively that it’s hard to resist attending it. However, the Kuta Karnival happens only in October every year. So plan your solo trip to Bali accordingly if you don’t want to miss out on this amazing carnival!

Entry fee – Free of cost

Visit Vihara Dharmayana

Just around the East of the main coast in Kuta is where you find Vihara Dharmayana, one of the oldest monuments in Bali! Legend says that the temple is about 200 years old and is known for its calm atmosphere, rich history in culture and religion, and amazing Balinese architecture. Despite the fact that the temple is about 200 years old, it is very well-maintained, and many people visit here to relax and meditate.

If you are looking for some peace, then definitely head to Vihara Dharmayana!

Entry fee – Free of cost

Explore the Kuta Night Market

When it comes to shopping, Bali has a lot of options for you. One of its famous night markets, Kuta Night Market, is one of its kind. Founded in the 1980s, Kuta Night Market is one of the oldest markets in Indonesia. If you are looking for some culturally insightful experience, then definitely explore the Kuta Night Market.

The food stalls at the market serve some of the most mouthwatering dishes at affordable prices. These include kangkong (a type of stir-fried spinach), kwetiau (flat noodles), gulai (Indonesian meat soup), seafood, frog legs, and much more!

Entry fee – Free of cost

Visit the Shell Museum

If you are a history lover, then you should definitely check out the Shell Museum. You will find a lot of museums and galleries in Bali, but nothing is as unique as the Shell Museum. It has shells of unthinkable proportions and shapes. There are also some unique 100-year-old fossilized specimens and arts that have been converted into art for display!

These shells have been collected from all across Indonesia and other countries worldwide. There is also a section in the museum that keeps homeware, a trove of lamps, and other accessories made from pearls and shells. And the best part is you can also purchase items from this section. If you are someone who loves pearl jewellery, then you will find a great variety of jewellery with elegant pearl designs.

Entry fee – Free of cost

Starting prices of the items sold at the museum – 71271 Indonesian Rupiah

Kuta Beach

If you are a beach bum, then definitely spend an afternoon at the beautiful Kuta Beach. Despite being crowded, it is one of the most stunning beaches in Bali. It offers many water sports and activities for you to try out, and one of the most famous water activities visitors try at Kuta Beach is surfing. If you are a pro at surfing or just want to try your hand at it, then give surfing at Kuta Beach a try!

Entry fee – Free of cost

Famous restaurants in Kuta

Kuta has some good restaurants that serve a huge range of cuisines with mouthwatering dishes. Here are some of the famous restaurants that you can check out during your stay in this beautiful place.

Rosso Vivo

Rosso Vivo is considered one of the most luxurious restaurants in Kuta. And when you visit it, you will see the luxury for yourself. It is famous for serving some amazing traditional Italian cuisine. The menu has a wide variety of 75 food items and a whopping 120 different beverages for you to choose from!

The ingredients used in the dishes are freshly produced, and every meal that I tried out here tasted amazing! A beautiful dinner, the view of the sun going down into the ocean, and some melancholy music playing at the restaurant sound like a perfect memory to take back home from Rosso Vivo!

Approximate price of one meal – 142572 Indonesian Rupiah ($10)

Atithi Indian Contemporary Resto and Bar

If you have ever been to India (and I really hope you have been or you plan on visiting this beautiful country on your next solo trip), then Atithi Indian Contemporary Resto and Bar is the place to be for some delicious Indian cuisine. Along with the extensive menu with mouthwatering dishes, the restaurant is also famous for its service.

The decor is colourful and modern, which makes it a perfect background for your next Instagram picture! Okay, here is a small tip: since the interiors are colourful, you can wear a classic black and white combination outfit with some statement jewellery to make your pictures look aesthetic. You can check out my guide on what to wear in Bali on your solo trip.

Approximate price of one meal – 114058 Indonesian Rupiah ($8)

Made’s Warung

Warung translates to a ‘local restaurant’ in Balinese. You can expect some delicious Balinese cuisine at Made’s Warung.

Apparently, Made’s Warung started off as a street stall and has now grown into this huge restaurant that is always crowded with people. And the crowd is here for all the right reasons – it’s food! You can also try out their Western and Japanese cuisine. The ambience is great with the pretty interiors that go well with the colour theme of the restaurant!

Approximate price of one meal – 100000 Indonesian Rupiah ($7)

Red Dragon Ramen

As fancy as the name sounds, the Japanese cuisine served here is top-notch too. The ingredients selected for the food items are freshly produced, and the recipes are homemade to ensure the visitors get the best! Some of their lip-smacking food items include special Japanese soups such as Tonkotsu and Tori Gara and wheat flour noodles! Do visit the Red Dragon Ramen if you love Japanese cuisine.

Approximate price of one meal – 100000 Indonesian Rupiah ($7)

Sukun Restaurant

With one of the most colourful interiors, the Sukun Restaurant has got the perfect homie vibe to it. The seating arrangement at the restaurant has some quirky green and yellow pillows with beige sofas! 

The extensive menu served at the restaurant consists of mostly Indonesian cuisine. The traditional Balinese food items are served at the restaurant with a modern touch that makes having a meal here all the more interesting!

Approximate price of one meal – 75000 Indonesian Rupiah ($5.25)

So, are you ready to go explore Kuta?

Kuta is definitely one of the most popular places in Bali. Although you may not be able to explore every inch of Kuta on one trip, you can choose the things that excite you the most and do them on your solo trip to Bali! 

Also, Bali is quite a budget-friendly destination, so you can squeeze in as many things you want to do without having to worry about spending too much. Have a happy stay in Kuta and bring back home tons of memories!


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