What are the Activities to Do at Fateh Sagar Lake?

Dive into an array of activities at Fateh Sagar Lake of Udaipur. Besides admiring the surreal beauty of the lake, you can also take a stroll on the banks of the lake, enjoy your boat ride, go on a shopping spree, taste the delicacies, and so much more. It is the pride of Udaipur and will not disappoint in any way! The activities around the lake are fun and enjoyable for all kinds of travellers.

After I visited Lake Fateh Sagar, I learnt that it is the most loved hangout place for the locals and tourists in Udaipur. If you are still unsure how to spend your time at the lake and what activities to do at Fateh Sagar Lake, do not worry. I have compiled all kinds of activities you can do at the lake.

1. Go for an adventure-filled water sports

It is one of the most recommended activities for travellers at Fateh Sagar Lake. Take a scenic boat ride and enjoy the lake view. You will fall in love with the place. The boat ride soothes your mind and takes you close to the Aravalli hills. There are speed boats available for adventurous souls. Unleash your adventurous side and experience the joy of riding a speedboat on the lake. You can even opt for Jet Ski. It all depends on your preference.

The cost for these activities starts from INR 20 and can go up to INR 500. The cost of the ride varies according to nationality.

2. Visit the tiny islands on the lake

The unique pear-shaped artificial lake Fateh Sagar is divided into three tiny islands. So one of the common activities at the lake is to visit each island. On my solo trip to Udaipur, I enjoyed visiting each of these islands. The first island is converted into the beautiful Nehru Park. If you love art and nature, Nehru Park is the place to spend some quality time. 

Another island consists of gorgeous water fountains. In the evening, these fountains are lit up to elevate the beauty of the place. 

One will surely be delighted if they have a keen interest in astronomy as the third island houses Asia’s best solar site, Udaipur Solar Observatory. 

3. Taste the delicacies of Udaipur

What are the Activities to Do at Fateh Sagar Lake?

Now, who doesn’t love food? You can relish the scrumptious local cuisine at the lakeside. There are several places to hog onto the Rajasthani cuisine near the lake. You can explore all the options, from fine dining to numerous food stalls.  

You can also treat yourself to an exotic dinner at one of the fine dining restaurants. If you love barbeque food, then Charcoal by Carlsson is your place. The flavours are true to Rajasthan’s cuisine. You can enjoy some refreshing beverages by the lakeside as you get mesmerised by the view of the lake!

4. Watch the sunset

If you have read my other blogs, you must know how much of a sunset lover I am. If you love sunsets, then there is no better activity than this at the lake. I was in complete awe when I witnessed the sun setting down behind the Aravalli hills. Simply find a suitable spot for you at the bank of the lake and gaze into the horizon. Just to make you aware, evenings at Fateh Sagar Lake are extremely crowded. So I would suggest you reach Fateh Sagar Lake beforehand and enjoy your time. Oh, do not forget your camera, as the sights are worthy of getting framed!

5. Visit Vintage Car Museum 

Another interesting activity to do near the lake is to pay a visit to the Vintage Car Museum. If you are a vintage car lover, you will love this place! These cars give you a glimpse of how lavishly the Royals from Rajasthan have lived their lives! 

6. Shop at Hathi Pole Market

What are the Activities to Do at Fateh Sagar Lake?

Now, after spending your day at the lake, you can easily go shopping at the Hathi Pole Market. Udaipur is a shopping paradise, so do not hold yourself back! You can buy handicrafts, authentic bandhani clothes, home decor, pieces of jewellery, and so much more.

It is one of the most significant markets in the city. You will for sure find something cute to take back home. 

Best time to visit Fateh Sagar Lake

There is no perfect time to visit this gorgeous lake. If you want, you can even plan an entire day around Fateh Sagar Lake. From sunrise to sunset, the lake is just so breathtaking! However, you can witness the lake’s best avatar in the monsoon season. The “city of the lake” looks ethereal during this time.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts and find them helpful in planning your solo trip to Udaipur. Also, if you know of any other activities at Fateh Sagar Lake, do let me know in the comments below.


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