What are the Places to Visit near Fateh Sagar Lake?

Are you wondering about the places to explore near Fateh Sagar Lake? Well, to answer that simply, there are several places around this lake for visitors visiting this old city of Rajasthan. From exploring the exquisite City Palace to paying a visit to the nearby temples, many options are available to explore and make the most of your day. Before diving deep into the places near Fateh Sagar Lake, let us get to know about the lake itself. 

A little bit about Fateh Sagar Lake

As you visit the “city of lakes,” you must have heard about the Fateh Sagar Lake. Being one of the four prominent lakes of the city, Fateh Sagar attracts thousands of travellers. It is named after Maharana Fateh Singh of Udaipur and Mewar. Even though the lake is man-made, it is the pride of Udaipur. One interesting fact about this lake is that it holds importance not only on tourists’ bucket lists but also for locals. The lake is the main supplier of water for the people of Udaipur. 

The enigmatic view of the lake surrounded by Aravalli hills on the three sides is a treat for the eyes! If you are a nature lover, this place is worth the visit. 

The lake is divided into three tiny islands. Each island has something in store for you. So, make sure to visit these islands when you’re at Lake Fateh Sagar. You will find Water-jet fountains, Nehru Park, and Udaipur Solar Observatory on these three islands, respectively. Read on further to find out about some unique places you can pay a visit near Lake Fateh Sagar.

1. Explore the City Palace

What are the Places to Visit near Fateh Sagar Lake?

Your solo trip will be incomplete if you do not explore the City Palace. It is one of the nearby places to visit around Fateh Sagar Lake. Be ready to be mesmerised by the intricate work of architecture on the palace. The palace towers tall on the banks of Lake Pichola and shines in all its glamour!

You can even visit the City Palace in the evening to witness the light and sound show. Being an important historic landmark, the City Palace is famous among tourists for its several courtyards, pavilions, etc.  

2. Visit the Jagdish Temple

You must include a visit to the Jagdish Temple on your itinerary, as this temple is one of the best places to visit near Fateh Sagar Lake. The temple is situated in the heart of Udaipur city. 

The Indo-Arya architecture of the temple makes it look stunningly beautiful. You will witness some interesting wall carvings and massive elephant structures at this place. The temple is often visited by tourists who love to offer prayers to the Gods and Goddesses. Spend some time in the temple and learn about Hindu mythology.

3. Climb up to the Neemach Mata Mandir

If you are searching for places to visit near Fateh Sagar Lake, let me tell you Neemach Mata Mandir is the place for you. The temple is perched on the Dewali hilltop, right on the banks of Lake Fateh Sagar. So if you are up for a little adventure, you can trek your way or climb the stairs to reach the temple. The greenery as you walk uphill offers picturesque vistas of the surroundings. From the top, you get to see the entire city of Udaipur along with the beautiful lakes.

The shrine is dedicated to Neemach Mata and is believed to be the central deity of the royals of the city. 

4. Stroll at the Rajiv Gandhi Garden

The Rajiv Gandhi Garden is situated at the back of the Fateh Sagar Lake. After spending some time at the lake, one can easily take a walk and spend some time in the garden, especially during the evening. The atmosphere becomes more suitable after the sunset. 

There is a huge food court inside the garden. The luscious nature and fountains attract tourists to the park. Being one of the biggest parks of Udaipur and at a mere distance from the lake, the park finds itself on the itinerary of several tourists.

5. Pay a visit to the Karni Mata Temple

Karni Mata Temple in Udaipur is located in the Machla Magra Hills. This place should be on your list to visit near Fateh Sagar Lake!

You have the choice to choose how you want to reach the temple. You can either opt for climbing 1050 winding stairs or enjoy a ropeway ride to the temple. In both ways, you get to see the epic views of the city along with Lake Pichola.

6. Take a walk at Doodh Talai 

Doodh Talai is one of the nearby attractions of Fateh Sagar Lake. It is a small pond with a pretty-looking garden. The musical fountains in the garden are also one of the main attractions of this place.

Take an evening walk and listen to these musical fountains while enjoying the city’s breathtaking view.

7. Nearby attractions on the banks of Lake Fateh Sagar

After visiting the three islands of Lake Fateh Sagar, you can visit the Under the Sun Aquarium. Another point of attraction is Maharana Pratap Smarak, i.e., the statue of the famous king of the former Mewar capital. You can also pay a visit to the Hall of Heroes Museum to learn more about the rulers of Mewar. 

Are these places worth the visit?

Remember, nothing goes waste on your solo vacation. All these places hold a strong significance in making Udaipur a tourist hub. So I recommend you take time and curate your trip to Udaipur well in advance. Visit as many places as possible, but do not rush.

Tell me about your favorite spot if you have visited these places near Fateh Sagar Lake. Or, if you know any offbeat place near the lake, feel free to enlighten me in the comments below.


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