What are the Festivals Celebrated in Udaipur?

The “city of lakes,” Udaipur undoubtedly is one of the culturally rich cities of Rajasthan, India. To better understand the city’s culture, plan your trip around the festivals. You will see the city in a new light during these festivals.  

Be a part of one of these festivals and make your solo venture to the city memorable. The Mewar Festival is one of the most important festivals celebrated in Udaipur. Read on to find out more about the festivals of Udaipur.

1. Mewar Festival or Gangaur 

What is a better place to witness the Mewar Festival than the former Mewar capital, Udaipur? Popularly known as the Gangaur festival, it is held to welcome the arrival of the spring season. The entire city sways in the festive mood. The festival takes place after Holi, generally between March and April. 

You will notice that the festival is celebrated to worship and honour Goddess Gauri. The married women of the city worship for longevity and good health for their husbands. At the same time, unmarried women pray for a husband like Lord Shiva. At the end of the 18-day long festival, the idols of Isar and Gauri are taken for a procession to the Gangaur ghat. There is also numerous event held during this span of 18 days. From folk music to folk dances, many cultural programs will keep you thoroughly entertained. 

Tourists fly down from across the world to witness the grandeur of the Mewar festival in Udaipur. So if you want to be a part of this festival, make sure to visit during this time. 

2. Gavir Festival

If you are visiting Udaipur in September or October, do not miss out on the Gavir Festival. It is a forty-day-long festival celebrated by the Bhil tribe in and around Udaipur. You will be amazed at the sight of this dance drama. All the male members of the community partake in this festival. They worship Lord Shiva through their performance to ensure the community’s well-being.

The festival does not take place on any particular ground. Any free ground becomes the stage for these acts. It may go up to 5 to 6 hours. It is held at a different location every day. The members of the Bhil tribe don’t eat green-coloured food, non-vegetarian food, and alcohol during this period.

3. Holi

Celebrate the festival of colours, Holi in Udaipur. It is a delightful and royal experience of a lifetime. Drench yourself in colour and spread happiness with the people of Udaipur. A bonus to celebrating this festival in Udaipur is you get to be a part of the celebration with the royals of the city.

It is celebrated in March. The celebration starts from Holika Dahan, which symbolises the end of darkness by burning a large bonfire. People dance and sing around this to welcome truth and light. The next day is full of splatters of colours, music, and dance, filled with lip-smacking delicacies that the city has to offer.

4. Diwali

In India, Diwali is one of the prominent festivals celebrated in October or November. Trust me. You will love every bit of it. The festival of light makes the city all decked up in candles, earthen clay lamps, and electric lamps. The colourful lights fill your soul with all the positive vibes eliminating the negativity. 

There is a fete as well that is organised by the City Council of Udaipur. And it is free entry for everyone. So make sure to spend this prosperous occasion in Udaipur and have a euphoric experience!

5. Teej

What are the festivals of Udaipur?

Udaipur in monsoon sounds mesmerising, isn’t it? Teej celebrated in Udaipur is similar to Karva Chauth- a festival celebrated by women for the longevity of their husbands. However, Teej is also celebrated to welcome the onset of monsoon. 

Teej, in particular, is a festival celebrated by the women of Rajasthan. Teej is considered the day when Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati united. Hence, it is known as the day of love. Women of the city dress up in authentic traditional attires. They paint their hands with henna and fast throughout the day. They perform a ritual once the moon shows up and later break the fast with their partners.

Look out for the stalls in the alleys of Udaipur. You will find yourself hogging on some special treats during this time. Delicacies like “Ghevar” and “Malpua” will surely steal your heart. 

6. Shilpgram Utsav

This Udaipur festival held in December attracts thousands of people from all over the world. So if you are travelling across Rajasthan, do not forget to pay a visit to this festival. The art lover in you will be highly satiated as you step into this festival. Artists all across India showcase their work at this festival. There are also hundreds of folk artists who perform on the stage during this festival. 

The festival hosts hundreds of stalls, just like a carnival. You can buy some souvenirs to take back home from Udaipur.  

7. Udaipur Lake Festival

Besides all the religious festivals in Udaipur, this Udaipur Lake Festival is all about fun and games. This festival is organised by the Rajasthan tourism department to boost activities around the lakes.

8. Udaipur World Music Festival

Love to groove to the beats of the music? Straight away, head to the Udaipur World Music Festival. Held in February, many locals and tourists flock to Udaipur to celebrate the music of their favourite artists. Moreover, there is no entry fee to the festival. This makes it more accessible and affordable for everyone.

What are the festivals of Udaipur?

The festive season remains the best season for exploring the city of Udaipur. You get to explore the city and also experience a festival. Have you already experienced one of these festivals in Udaipur? Let me know about your experience in the comments below. Also, if you know about other festivals in Udaipur, Rajasthan, please enlighten me!


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