What is the Budget for a Solo Trip to Udaipur?


The budget for a solo trip to Udaipur is estimated to be Rs.3500 for a day. It includes the expenditures such as entry ticket charges, food expenses, transportation charges, and accommodation prices. A budget of Rs.3500 is travel-friendly to plan your solo trip to Udaipur. On average, people spend Rs.800 on transportation within Udaipur, Rs.1200 on food, Rs.1000 on entry tickets, and Rs.500 on accommodation. In light of this, we calculate the budget to be Rs.3500.

Budget for a solo trip in Udaipur

Budget for tourist tickets in Udaipur

So, figuring out how the budget is deducted to Rs. 3500? Well, let us start with the elixir of travel—tourist destinations. I will use my one-day itinerary in Udaipur to brief on this matter. So, my one-day plan in Udaipur consists of Ambrai Ghat, Lake Pichola, City Palace, Bagore Ki Haveli, Lake Fateh Sagar, Monsoon Palace, and Jagdish Temple. Four of the seven places are free. Dealing with the rest, the entry fee of the City Palace, Bagore Ki Haveli, and Monsoon Palace is Rs.330, Rs.30, and Rs.10, respectively, for Indians. And, Rs.330, Rs. 100, Rs.80 for foreign travellers. Hence, it is under or equal to Rs.500. If you consider taking part in boat rides or any other cultural experiences like Manek Chowk light and dance show or Dharohar dance, that will cost Rs.500. So, we can safely calculate the expense to Rs.1000 for a day.

Budget for accommodation in Udaipur

Then, for the accommodation, I stayed in a hostel in Udaipur. Trust me, the daily fare in a hostel will not exceed Rs.500. As a person who has done a lot of research in finding the best hostels for solo travellers in Udaipur before my solo trip, I can assure you of it. Likewise, I hired a private auto to explore the old city of Udaipur. It cost me Rs.800.

Nevertheless, if you rent a bike, it would cost Rs.250 without the petrol and parking charges. If included, it may come to Rs.500. So, Rs.800 would be the highest amount to spend on transportation in Udaipur. Let’s put Rs.800 in our budget. It is safer to have excess money than to fall short.

Budget for food in Udaipur

What is the Budget for a Solo Trip to Udaipur?

Moving on to food expenses. Food as such is not expensive in Udaipur. Only when you long for sophisticated hotels with a stunning ambience should you worry about managing food costs. Otherwise, you can eat tastily and have a tummy full for Rs.300 a meal. So it will cost Rs.900 for three meals a day. An additional Rs.200 is added considering water and hot/cool drink expenses. So, that is Rs.3500 for a day in Udaipur.

Budget for transportation in Udaipur

Well, the budget is not over yet. We have not jotted down the amount we will spend to reach Udaipur. That said, you can reach Udaipur by expensive flight or cheap train and bus ride. Flights will cost around Rs.6500 for a two-way journey. After reaching the Maharana Pratap Airport, you have to take a cab to enter the city. So, it will cost you more. Meanwhile, you can finish off the travel expense for just Rs.2000 if you take a train or bus. Hence, your solo trip to Udaipur budget will rise to Rs. 5500 if you take a train or bus. Or else it will go up to Rs. 10,000. 

Budgeting tips in Udaipur?

Travel at off-peak times to save money

Now that we have calculated a budget for a solo trip to Udaipur. It is time to quickly take a peek at factors that lead to fluctuations in the budget. The factors that influence your budget are the time of the visit and the accommodation amenities. 

What is the Budget for a Solo Trip to Udaipur?

The best time to visit Udaipur is when it is monsoon because it is not easy to cope with summers in Udaipur. Udaipur is a city located in the desert state of India. So, you can imagine the summers! However, it is never without a crowd as it is one of the cheapest destinations to travel to in India. You can always expect company. But, during the peak months like July, September, October, and March, the crowd is more than usual. And it is a delight for the hotels and hostel owners! They use the chance to increase the fare. 

For the same reasons, you may extend your travel plan in Udaipur. When the tourist locations are crowded, you can’t certainly expect things will go as planned. You might get lagged because of crowds. So, when the travel plan expands, your budget will automatically increase. Hence, planning the trip at the right time is crucial in making it effective.

Double-dip meals to save money

Surprisingly, the hotel/hostel I just blamed for increasing our budget helps us reduce it. Yes, when you take accommodation in hostels or hotels in Udaipur, you can enjoy free meals at least once a day. Mostly it is breakfast, but some places offer three meals and some breakfast and dinner alone. Given that, you can double-dip on the free meals and save money. In any case, free meals reduce your budget!

And that’s it, buddies. I hope it was informative. If you still have any queries, you can ask them in the comments.

I am looking forward to helping you and being a part of your wonderful solo travel.

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