What is the Entry Fee to Bagore Ki Haveli?

The entry fee to Bagore Ki Haveli is Rs. 60 for Indian adults and Rs. 30 for Indian Children. If you are from a foreign country, then the entry fee is around Rs. 100. You will have to pay an extra Rs. 100 for your camera.

However, besides the entry fee, if you opt for a guided tour of Bagore Ki Haveli, you will have to pay a minimum of Rs. 1,000. You can also explore the palace on your own because the guide is not mandatory.

By this time, the thoughts must have crawled into your mind. You might be wondering if visiting the Bagore Ki Haveli is worth spending your time and money on. Well, let me tell you a bit about the Bagore Ki Haveli of Udaipur. Then, you will know what a gem of a place the palace is.

Bagore Ki Haveli

The Bagore Ki Haveli resembles the royal culture of Udaipur. This architectural masterpiece of the 18th century lies right at the city’s heart. Once a private property of the royal family of Mewar Kingdom, it now has become a proper museum and a popular attraction for tourists in Udaipur. Ladies, if you are an art lover or have a keen interest in the history and culture of Mewar Kingdom, do not miss out on this place on your solo trip to Udaipur. Moreover, the entry fee to the palace is also affordable and won’t cross your budget.

The Bagore Ki Haveli is popular among tourists for its extravagant mirror works. The walls of this mansion showcase glassworks and mural paintings of that era which grab the attention of every tourist. I must say, the charm has not diminished even a bit with its age. Once you are inside the haveli, you can feel the aura, which is indeed eternal!

A treat to the eyes

As you enter, the mansion welcomes you with a huge courtyard and a beautiful lotus fountain. There are several rooms and passages that hold historical significance. You are in for a royal treat inside the Bagore Ki Haveli.

The entire museum is further divided into five categories:

  1. The Puppet Museum
  2. The Main Haveli
  3. The Turban Museum
  4. The Weapon Museum
  5. The Wedding Depiction section

Hence, you must visit this place with plenty of time on your hand. I would suggest you explore the nitty-gritty part of this museum. But obviously, you are always free to choose according to your taste and time. 

Dharohar dance show at Bagore Ki Haveli


The Dharohar dance remains the main attraction of Bagore Ki Haveli for travellers. Even if many tourists do not explore the haveli itself, they watch the dance show. The popularity of the show has not faded over time. The show begins at 7:00 pm and ends at 8:00 pm. Although the tickets go on sale from 6:15 pm, the tickets sell out in a fraction of a second. So it is wise of you to collect the tickets as soon as possible. 

This one-hour show takes you to Rajasthan’s traditional folklore. The series of dance performances gives you an insight into the culture of Rajasthan. So when you are in Udaipur, this show must be on your things-to-do list!

Entry fee for the Dharohar dance show

Even if you buy the tickets to Bagore Ki Haveli, you must pay another entry fee for the show. The tickets are more or less priced at the same rate as the entry fee of the haveli. 

For a foreign adult, you are required to pay Rs. 150. Whereas if you are a domestic traveller, you need to pay only INR 90 as an entry fee. Extra charges for the camera are also applicable here.

Below, I have curated an entry fee table for you to understand the entire fee structure.

Indian Adult

Rs. 90

Indian Child

Rs. 45

Foreign Adult

Rs. 150

Foreign Child

Rs. 75

Camera Charges

Rs. 150

Tips to remember when you are visiting Bagore Ki Haveli

  1. Plan your day when visiting the mansion.
  2. The mansion is usually fully packed with tourists, so be ready to face the crowds.
  3. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, as it is time-consuming to explore the haveli.
  4. You also have access to the food and toilet facilities inside the Bagore Ki Haveli.
  5. Carry your essentials along with you.
  6. Buy the tickets beforehand if possible, to avoid unnecessary rush.
  7. Even if it’s a bit costly, you should opt for a guided tour so that you do not miss out on anything in the mansion.

Quirky Facts about Bagore Ki Haveli

  1. You would be surprised to know that the royal mansion has 138 rooms and countless corridors and balconies.
  2. The must-visit queen’s chamber holds two unique glassworks of peacocks on the wall.
  3. The mansion hosts the West Zone Cultural Centre.

How to reach the Bagore Ki Haveli?

The Bagore Ki Haveli is easily accessible as it sits right at the waterfront of the famous Lake Pichola. You can easily reach the place by local transport – tuk-tuk. You can also drive yourself to the place as the mansion is within 1.5 kilometres of the city centre of Udaipur. Local buses and taxis are also well connected to Bagore Ki Haveli.

Now that you know everything about Bagore Ki Haveli, from entry fees to quirky facts, I am sure you can’t hold your excitement to visiting the palace. Ladies, let me know what more you want to know about the palace in the comments. I am more than happy to answer your queries. 

Till then, keep travelling! 


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