8 Things to Buy in Udaipur | All About the Local Markets in Udaipur

In Udaipur, you can shop for little souvenirs to extravagant pieces of jewellery. You have endless options to shop in Udaipur. You can buy handicrafts, puppets, paintings, traditional attires, home decors, etc. 

As I have already written a post on where to shop in Udaipur, I felt it is my responsibility to guide my fellow women travellers on their shopping journey in Udaipur. Keep reading to know more about the different things to buy in Udaipur.

1. Buy some handcrafted items

You are at the right destination if you are into handcrafted items! Shop according to your taste. There are handmade greeting cards, wooden toys, puppets, pottery, etc., easily available in the markets of Udaipur. 

Markets like Hathi Pol are popular among tourists for handcrafted souvenirs. So if you want to buy something for your loved ones, you know where to head! 

2. Get your hands on Rajasthani art 

Be ready to be amazed by the massive range of Rajasthani art. The art lover in you is going to be highly tempted! Once you come across the mural paintings in Udaipur, you will know why Udaipur is known for its art and culture.

You can also buy cute little miniature paintings from the city’s local markets. The intricate artwork on the canvas is worth spending your money on. If possible, you must also visit Shilpagram to see the paintings and maybe even buy some. The handmade paintings are a show stopper for real!

3. Go for saree and hand-printed fabric shopping in Udaipur

Hand-printed fabrics are hard to resist among several things to shop in Udaipur. The vibrant colours and distinct prints grab tourists’ attention without fail. 

Beautiful Batik and Bandhni prints are available all across the shops in the city. Buy the prints of your choice and tailor yourself a customised dress. Besides dresses, the fabrics can also be used for curtains and pillow covers.

Ladies, look out for the traditional sarees with embroidered borders and mirror works. I would suggest you purchase at least one saree for yourself. These sarees render another perspective and vibe to the culture of Udaipur.

4. Purchase some exquisite jewellery from Udaipur

Well, jewellery is probably the favourite thing to shop in Udaipur for women. The wide variety of jewellery will surely stun you! The authentic heritage jewellery of Rajasthan is full of royalty and glamour. You can choose to buy anything from Kundan, Polki, Meenakari, and Chokers. 

If you prefer light jewellery then I would suggest you opt for boho pieces of jewellery. You can easily pair up the silver pieces of jewellery and create a fusion look all by yourself. You can spend as little as INR 100 to a hefty amount for purchasing these pieces of jewellery in Udaipur. 

5. Get yourself a customised diary

A customised diary is one of the most meaningful things to shop in Udaipur. Whether you love to maintain a journal or scribble in your diary, a customised diary will always hold a special place. 

The diaries are gorgeous and available in all shades of colours. You can also opt to purchase the leather diary and engrave your name on it. These diaries are also great when you want to gift someone you love.

6. Collect colourful footwear

In Udaipur, the colourful footwear known as the jootis or mojadis is adored by all the travellers, especially women. They are just perfect for adding oomph to your outfit. If you want an Indo-Western look, these footwears are ideal!

The jootis or mojadis are usually made of silk or denim on the outside. It is decorated with intricately embroidered sequin works, beads, and mirrors. However, the inner material of these shoes is made of leather, making the shoe extremely comfortable to walk in. Comfort with style and royalty is a solid reason for purchasing a pair of these shoes! You can also gift them to your shoe lover friends. I bet they will love to have one of the beauties.

7. Do not forget to pack some sweets!

what to shop in Udaipur

Keep all the materialistic things aside and buy some sweets for your home. Sweets play an integral part in the lip-smacking food of Udaipur. Once you are in Udaipur, you must try them. Also, you can pack some boxes of the delicious sweets and take them home. No souvenir can get sweeter than this!

Udaipur is a sweet lover’s paradise. Visit the Jagdish Misthan Bhandar, and you will be puzzled by all the choices. You should buy some mouth-watering Ghevar, made of flour, ghee, and sugar syrup. It is one of the top delicacies of Udaipur. You can also try and taste the Badaam ka Halwa, Barfi, Churma Laddoo, and Mawa Kachori, among several sweets available in the market. 

8. Pick up unique home decors  

The little shops in Udaipur are filled with unique home decors. You can buy some handmade lanterns for wall hangings. You will also find some antique boxes and interesting wall clocks in the market as you explore. Pick them up as they simply elevate the style of a room! 

A tip for you while you shop in Udaipur!

Hope this blog helps you figure out what you want to buy in Udaipur. There’s so much to in Udaipur when it comes to shopping! So make a list of items beforehand and keep a budget. A little here and there is fine but do try and stick to it.

Have you already shopped in Udaipur? Please feel free to comment if you want to add to the list. Also, do let me know if you are enjoying reading my blog posts.  


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