10 important things to carry on your first solo trip

Solo travelling can be nerve-racking if you don’t plan your things well. I’ve curated some must-have things based on my solo travel experiences. Following are the top 10 important things you need to carry on your first solo trip.

1. Power bank/Portable charger

Power banks are life saviours when your phone’s battery life is dead by clicking too many pictures. It is even more important during an emergency. So never EVER ditch your power banks at any cost especially when you’re travelling solo. However, make sure to follow your air travel guidelines on carrying the portable chargers. I can’t emphasise this enough because I could have lost access to my check-in baggage due to violation of guidelines during my trip to Bali! Thankfully, the air travel officials brought it to my notice in time. I changed the charger to my hand luggage before it was too late. Phew!

2. Safety defence tools

Carrying a safety defence tool to save yourself from any potential danger could be a rare possibility. But trust me, it is always best to stay prepared, especially if you’re a woman. Following are some of the safety defence tools.

  • pepper spray
  • pocket knife
  • whistle
  • non-lethal taser for women (check if it is permitted in the destination)

I always carry a whistle and a pocket knife in my backpack during the day tours. Remember the scene when Rose blows the whistle to grab attention from the lifeboat in the movie ‘Titanic’? Just saying…

3. Paperwork

It may sound like an age-old practice. But it is best to carry photocopies of the following documents along with the soft copies on your phone.

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Student ID (if you are a student)
  • Itinerary plan
  • Driver license for address proof
  • Travel insurance
  • Medical certificate (that includes information on any vaccination recommended for tourists)
  • Debit/Credit card (in case you lose it)

There will be mandatory checking at many tourist spots in most countries. Also, there could be travel concessions if you fall under any specific category like student, etc.

4. Personal hygiene supplies

Today, personal hygiene is a matter of the utmost importance. It is always safer to carry your own toilet supplies such as shampoo, toothbrush, soap, sanitiser, gloves, mask, etc. Also, try to stay away from the ones that you find in the hotels/hostels no matter how fancy they look.

Pocket tissues will come in handy when you have to use public restrooms. It is ok to be “extra” when it comes to personal hygiene. You are going to do a favour for yourself and people around you!

5. Appropriate clothes/gear

You absolutely CANNOT and MUST NOT go wrong with this one. Packing culture/weather appropriate clothes and gear is the first and foremost thing you need to remember when you think about travelling. Following are some ideas that I’d recommend to female solo travellers who are planning on a trip to conservative countries.

  • Scarves (for religious sites)
  • Less skin-revealing clothes (to not draw attention in the crowded locations)
  • Sunglasses (to avoid looking into local vendors’ eyes in market areas)

Also, it is a form of giving respect to foreign traditions and values. So do a research on the destination and the list of places beforehand to pack your clothes accordingly.

6. Local currency

Carrying local currencies from your home has got many benefits.

  • Avoids last minute hassle in the destination
  • Goes for a higher exchange rate
  • Provides a chance to familiarise yourself with the currency and its value

I stick to this point very religiously because it saves me a lot of time at the airport and other exchange booths. Plus, I’m relaxed since I have one least problem while travelling solo!

7. First aid kit

Medicines and pain killers are absolutely necessary even if you are confident about your health. Not being negative, but sometimes, it is better to be prepared for things that you would least expect on your first solo trip. Also, make sure to get your vaccination (if any, it depends on the destination you’re travelling to) and prescribed medicines from your family doctor. Never take a chance when you’re travelling alone.

‘Prevention is better than cure’ is the right way to put it!  Hence, prioritise your doctor appointment before adding up something to your shopping checklist for the trip.

8. Reusable containers

This is literally EVERYTHING. This helped me big time on my first solo trip. I carried a reusable water bottle, a cup and a box in my backpack all the time, especially during long day tours. They were super compact and environment-friendly. I carried the leftovers of my food from local joints to eat later in the day when I’m hungry lol.

These reusable containers will come in handy on your longest days, no doubt about that! So don’t be stingy with your checklist for the trip.

9. Journal

This is low-key my favourite of all! A journal may be old-school, but it helps you to record important things/events. One quick tip is that you can write down your friends’, family members’, hotel reception numbers on it, just in case!

A journal could definitely be a life saviour during an emergency if you use it in the best way. Don’t you dare underestimate the power of it! You don’t have to be an artist or a writer to own one! And I think it is the best thing to carry around when you travel alone.

10. Your best attitude – the most important thing to carry around on your first solo trip

best attitude is an important thing to carry on a solo trip...

Last but not the least, the only thing in the list that is free of cost, yet not so easy to get ahold of is your attitude. Not just any attitude, but your best attitude. That’s right, what matters at the end of the day is how you carry yourself around. You will have the best time on your solo trip when you present yourself with respect and dignity in a place that you don’t belong to.

Make sure to be kind to the locals and respectful of cultures. And that is the basic rule of travelling, it is as simple as that! You are guaranteed to make best memories and friends for the rest of your life. Trust me on this…

Comment down your favourite/important things to carry. I’ll add them too in my list when I get to do solo travelling again…


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