2-Day Itinerary for Your Solo Trip to Milan, Italy

Yes, two days is sufficient to explore Milan on your solo travel. Before I put out my two-day itinerary, you must know that it is going to be simple and intense at the same time. Most destinations, with only a few excluded, are located in and around Duomo square (the heart of Milan). So, it is about the time you spend in one destination.

Moving to places is quicker because tourist places are nearer. But it can be intense as you have a lot to cover in a perimeter.

I have reserved day one to explore the city’s heart and day two to venture to the exterior places of Milan.

How to spend day 1 in Milan

things to do and see in milan

Duomo Cathedral

Start day one with Duomo Cathedral. The Duomo Cathedral is Milan’s great entrance into its artistic and aesthetic splendour. On your first day of solo travel, you must see the extraordinary beauty of Milan. Entry to the cathedral is free of cost. It will be open from 8:30 AM. I adore the cathedral’s pinnacles, which are arranged in a line, each supporting a tall, slender figure. Besides that, local Lombardy and Romanesque-gothic architecture and the windows carved with biblical stories are truly adorable. 

After exploring the Duomo Cathedral, you can have breakfast or a sip of coffee in one of the cafes in Duomo square. You will find the best cafes in Milan here.

Wall of Dolls

After that, walk along the Duomo, the road to the next destination, the Wall of Dolls. As a solo female traveller, I found this place oddly intriguing and unique. Basilicas, a well-known park, is visible not far from Duomo. After leaving the park, turn left to find the “Wall of Dolls,” a wall covered in hanging dolls and the names of women. Each doll on the ‘Wall of Dolls’ represents a woman who perished due to femicide, which makes the wall scary. Overall, this place is pro-feminist. Spare some minutes here and then move to the cathedral of bones.

The church of San Bernardino alle Ossa

The San Bernardino alle Ossa Church near the Duomo Cathedral is at easy reach from the Wall of Dolls. The church safeguards a gallery of human bones that dates back to the 13th century. On entering the gallery, you will find the history of these bones preserved with them. So, it will be an interesting trip. After exploring the church of bones, go to Grand Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping mall.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping mall

This shopping mall is located closer to the Duomo Cathedral. As I said, tourist places in Milan are situated closer to each other. So you either walk or rent a Vespa like a Milanese to move between places. There are a lot of shopping places in Milan, but I have chosen Grand Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping mall because of its location and wonderful architecture. Apart from that, you can find high-end apparel to low-budget items in this mall. 

Castello Sforzesco

Have your lunch and move to Castle Sforzesco. Castello Sforzesco belongs to the well-known Sforza family in Milan. The castle is a well-known cultural hub and is one of the greatest defensive constructions in Europe and Italy’s most exquisite fortifications. Your curiosity about a period of the city’s history, from the initial fortress building to the present, will be satisfied by the castle’s wide range of exhibits, services, activities, and events. It takes a lot of time to explore all the museums in the castle. Depending on the time, you can visit the museums in the castle. However, don’t forget to see Michelangelo’s last piece of art, Pietà Rondanini.

Scala Theatre

After that, you can visit the Scala theatre, another famous destination in Milan. You may not like this place if you are not an opera fan. Still, you can pay a visit to this place to amaze yourself with its majestic setup and decoration and to witness the system of a vintage theatre.

Park Sempione

Closer to Castello Sforzesco is Parco Sempione. After spending time in the Scala theatre, you can stop here for the evening to relax and refresh. There is an aquarium in the park where you can spend some time. Otherwise, spend the evening in the park and go to Spirit de Milan.

Spirit de Milan

Spirit de Milan is a wonderful place of food and eateries. You can have dinner here while enjoying the music and dancing. The name “Spirit de Milan” says it all. Visiting Spirit de Milan is a non-touristy thing to do in Milan as you will find a local crowd here. 

San Siro Stadium

Then, go to San Siro Stadium to watch sports with the energetic local crowd. Many concerts and events happen in the San Siro Stadium. So, you can surely find a seat in the stadium to spend the rest of the evening. If you can’t make it to the stadium, you can opt for a thermal bath in QC Termemilano and end your day one in Milan.

How to spend day 2 in Milan

things to do and see in milan

For the first half of your second day in Milan, start exploring the modern side of Milan, such as the vertical forest and igloo homes.

Vertical forest

The Vertical Forest is an urban residential building in Milan built with eco-friendly concerns. Located on Federico Confalonieri Street, the vertical forest is one of the must-visit offbeat places in Milan. The building looks green and bushy with all the grown plants and creepers.

Igloo homes

Igloo homes in the Maggiolina district are very near Stazione Centrale. You can reach there within 15-17 minutes. However, igloo homes are now common. Igloo homes in Milan are the oldest experimentation of urban architecture. There is also a little history attached to it. The refugees of the second world war were the ones originally staying here. Only two igloo homes are left untouched, while others have been remodelled. 

Brenna Village

After that, have lunch and go to Brenna village to take aesthetic and appealing photos. All types of local transport in Milan are available from the city’s center to take you to the Brenna Village. So, without any trouble, you can reach this place—an absolute location to take instagrammable pictures.


By evening, reach the Navigli neighbourhood. Navigli district resembles Venice with its canal structure. This place is known for its antique shops occupied through its streets. You can enjoy the view of the city, buy souvenirs and end your second day in Milan. You can also visit Lake Como and Lake Garda if you have extra time.

A mix of all experiences in Milan!

If you have noticed, in this two-day itinerary plan, I have included famous locations such as Duomo Cathedral, Castle Sforzesco, and Scala Theatre. Non-touristy locations such as Park Sempione, Wall of the Dolls, San Siro Stadium, Spirit de Milan, and offbeat destinations such as the Vertical Forest, Igloo homes, Brena Village, and the church of bones. So, it will be a fruitful travel experience.

If you stick with this itinerary, you can explore Milan on a budget as you can cover the major locations that are easily reachable without much expense. I hope you are ready to travel solo to Milan. Read my blog post, “Top 10 Hostels for Solo Women Travellers in Milan,” to find suitable accommodation during your stay in Milan.


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