Top 11 Restaurants to Grab Authentic Local Food in Bali


When it comes to offering its visitors the best of things, Bali leaves no stones unturned. Among the thousands of restaurants on this island, most of them serve both traditional and international cuisine. While there is no harm in trying out different cuisines, Balinese cuisine is one of a kind!

If authentic local food of every country is one of the main reasons you travel, then you and I are the same. This blog is about the top restaurants in Bali that are famous specifically for their local food! Trust me, Balinese cuisine will offer you a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes to choose from, and you will not be disappointed.

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1. RM Pak Bagong, Bangli

A very famous local eatery in Bangli, RM Pak Bagong, serves authentic seafood in Bali. And with the sea being so close to the eatery, you can expect an amazing sea-to-table food experience as well!

The best part about the food here is that it is prepared by the local Indonesian chefs, so you know you are in for a real treat. 

restaurants for local food in bali

If you happen to be in the region, you have to try their most popular dish, Mujair fish. It is saucy, tangy, crunchy, spicy, steamy, flaming hot, and all good things topped with a thick NyatNyat sauce. Did your mouth start watering, too, after reading this sentence? Well, if it did, nobody’s judging you because it is one of the tastiest fish dishes you will try in Bali!

Also, this local eatery is not that crowded because it is still unknown to many visitors. But you should definitely check this one out for its authentic food and a budget-friendly menu!

The average meal for one person costs 40000 Indonesian Rupiah.

2. Selingsing Cepaka, Cepaka

Anybody who visits Bali knows that Babi Guling is the most popular local Balinese dish that everyone raves about. For this dish, a whole pig is spiced up and spit-roasted for several hours to get the heavenly taste!

One of my friends had recommended that I try out Babi Guling when I visit the island on my solo trip. And while most local eateries and restaurants serve Babi Guling, I found out my favourite place to have this dish in Cepaka!

This small eatery is actually located down an alley in somebody’s house. It might get a little difficult to find it, but the fragrance of the roasting smell will take you to the eatery. I would suggest that you ask locals for directions in case you feel lost on your way. I did get lost a little on my way, even after having my smartphone and Google Maps app on it. Asking the locals for directions can really be a saviour!

However, it is only open from 2 AM till 9 AM. So, I would recommend you check out this place only if it is convenient for you to travel to Cepaka or if you are staying in the neighbourhood.

The average meal for one person costs 30000 Indonesian Rupiah.

3. Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Ibu Mangku, Ubud

If you have been to Bali, you must have visited Ubud a couple of times (considering the number of tourist attractions Ubud has). Here is one more reason for you to visit this beautiful place, but this time not for sightseeing, but to have a delicious Balinese meal.

Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Ibu Mangku serves the best Nasi Ayam (basically, chicken rice) in Bali. The best part about this eatery is that it has been named after this mouthwatering dish, so you know you are getting the best! It is served with a Balinese salad and a chilli paste. You can also try out other dishes at the eatery, such as Nasi Campur and Sate Lilit!

The eatery is actually a traditional Balinese house with a spacious courtyard that gives you a feeling of home.

The average meal for one person costs 35000 Indonesian Rupiah.

4. Lawar Kuwir Men Koko, Kuta

Another of the famous restaurants in Bali for its authentic Lawar Kuwir, a dish made with spicy duck, you have to check out Lawar Kuwir Men Koko in Kuta. 

This amazing dish is served with lots of veggies, fish satay, chilli paste, and banana stem soup. You have to mix them all together to enjoy its deliciousness. I would be lying if I said it does not taste heavenly when the flavours melt right into your mouth!

Along with indulging in this deliciousness, a thing that adds to its charm is the fact that you get to have the meal at this eatery in a pure Balinese style with the gorgeous views of the paddy fields.

The average meal for one person costs 30000 Indonesian Rupiah to 50000 Indonesian Rupiah.

5. Ayam Betutu Men Tempeh, Gilimanuk

One of the best local restaurants in Bali which serve delicious traditional food, Ayam Betutu Men Tempeh is one of my favourites as well. Now, the thing about this restaurant is that it is quite a hidden gem and very few locals know about it. And also, it is located at 3 hours long drive from Kuta, which can get a little too much but trust me, once you eat the food here, you will fall in love with the place too!

My favourite dish at this restaurant is Ayam Betutu which involves simmering the chicken for about 24 hours. The chicken is soft and tender and melts right away in your mouth. It is served along with spicy vegetables and fried beans. 

Do check this place out if you are looking for some authentic Balinese food at a reasonable price.

The average meal for one person costs 40000 Indonesian Rupiah to 110000 Indonesian Rupiah.

6. Warung Rujak Bu Putu, Legian

Basically, warung means a local restaurant, and rujak means traditional fruit salad in Balinese. Apparently, there are very few places in Bali that serve traditional fruit salad, but luckily, Warung Rujak Bu Putu serves some delicious fruit salad in Legian. The stall looks exactly like what a traditional warung would like – two wooden tables to sit outside of the stall!

The best part about the stall is that it is located at a distance of about 1.5 kilometres from one of the famous beaches in Bali, the Kuta Beach. So you can even head to the stall to have a delicious snack after having a fun time at the beach.

Their fruit salad is famous because the owners use prawn paste, fish stock, and lots of chillies to enhance the taste of the fruits. You should check out this stall if you are looking to have a Balinese snack in a true “Bali” style!

The average meal for one person costs 15000 Indonesian Rupiah.

7. Nasi Campur Men Weti, Sanur

Famous for its Nasi Campur, this eatery is quite popular among both locals and tourists. And you can see it for yourself as the queue for the eatery starts early at 8 in the morning! Tourists visit this place for an early breakfast, and it is mostly crowded on all days of the week. 

Served with tender chicken, boiled eggs, rich curry sauce, mixed veggies, chilli paste, and peanuts, Nasi Campur looks nothing short of a colourful, exotic delicacy on a plate!

If you are planning on visiting Nasi Campur Men Weti for a delicious breakfast to kickstart your day, make sure you reach the place early in the morning as it gets crowded later on. And also, it serves only breakfast and closes at around 11 AM.

The average meal for one person costs 20000 Indonesian Rupiah.

8. Baku Dapa Bali, Kuta

You will find all types of dishes and drinks in Bali all around the year – fresh salads, smoothies, seafood, meat, poultry, and coconut water. But there is something special that you can have if you happen to visit during the rainy season – delicious hot soups!

Baku Dapa Bali is famous for two of its dishes – oxtail soup and corn fritters!

When I was doing my research on popular Balinese dishes, I found out that oxtail soup can be pretty difficult to make. But once it’s made the right way, it instantly becomes everyone’s favourite. 

Although I am an introvert, I did speak to a few locals when I visited Bali on my solo trip. They told me that the best place to have an oxtail soup is Baku Dapa Bali. And since the eatery is located in one of the most popular tourist attractions, Kuta, it was easy to reach as well!

Here, the oxtail soup is brewed for about 6 hours to get the right taste. Once it is cooked, the meat easily falls off the bone and tastes amazing!

If you are looking to have a unique meal (yes, a bowl of hot oxtail soup works just as a meal) in Bali, then definitely check out Baku Dapa Bali in Kuta.

The average meal for one person costs 25000 Indonesian Rupiah to 70000 Indonesian Rupiah.

9. Warung Mak Beng, Sanur

One of the many things that are famous in Bali is the authentic seafood. And Warung Mak Beng happens to be one of the most popular restaurants in Bali that serves some lip-smacking seafood! Opened in around 1941, Warung Mak Beng has always been famous for its Sup Kepala Ikan (soup made of the fish head). 

The fish soup is served along with a bowl of rice and fried fish. You can either enjoy this meal near a window seat at the eatery overlooking the beautiful views outside or sit inside and adorn their gorgeous walls! You can also click some aesthetic pictures against these walls after you are done with your meal.

The average meal for one person costs 55000 Indonesian Rupiah.

10. Warung Nikmat, Kuta

Although this restaurant is not fine dining or flashy, it surely serves some amazing Balinese cuisine. One of their famous dishes is Ayam Nasi Lalapan. It is served with your choice of meat, some healthy veggies, and a sambal-based sauce surrounded tofu! You can select a side dish of either a bowl of soup or rice, and Ayam Nasi Lalapan becomes a three-course meal!

The food here is tasty and cheap, something that you should definitely check out if you are on a tight budget.

The average meal for one person costs 20000 Indonesian Rupiah.

11. Kafe Batan Waru, Kuta

The last restaurant on this list is a famous one that serves incredible desserts, Kafe Batan Waru. 

This is another of my favourite restaurants in Bali. Although everything served at the restaurant is equally delicious, one sweet dish that I would suggest you check out is Burbur Injin. It is a type of Balinese black rice pudding, and it tastes heavenly! Thick black rice is mixed with palm sugar and coconut milk and garnished with slices of bananas. Sounds amazing, right? Wait till you try it out!

If you plan a solo trip to Bali and decide to visit Kafe Batan Waru for a meal, do so on Tuesdays. I have heard that the restaurant is quite famous for its Chilli Crab Tuesdays. You can expect some mouthwatering main course dishes as well!

The average meal for one person costs 35000 Indonesian Rupiah.

So, which is your favourite local restaurant in Bali?

These are some of the famous restaurants in Bali that serve authentic Balinese dishes. Some of these are located in famous tourist places such as Kuta, Ubud, and Sanur, so you can easily check out those restaurants. Some others are located in far-off places where it may take you some time to reach. To reach these restaurants, you can either take a cab or rent a moped

Checking out all of these restaurants may not be possible on one solo trip, so you can select the ones you find interesting and visit them when you are in the neighbourhood!

So, book your tickets, load your bags, and get ready to have the best time on this beautiful island!

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