Is Jagdish Temple Worth Visiting? | All You Need to Know About Jagdish Temple

Hindu temples are a dime and a dozen in Udaipur. Yet, Jagdish Temple, with its flawless carvings and excellent sculptures, is one of the best temples to visit in Udaipur. It stands tall on a raised terrace with 32 marble steps in the heart of Udaipur’s old town. All you need to know about this famous temple of Udaipur is explored in this article. After reading it, you will know with all your heart that it is a destination worth visiting in Udaipur.

Why is Jagdish Temple in Udaipur famous?

The Jagdish Temple is famous for its Indo-Aryan architecture, three-story structure, intricate carvings of Hindu gods and elephants, and the idol of Lord Vishnu that is chiselled in one piece of black marble. Besides these, the 79 feet long shrine, lush halls, carved ceilings and pillars, beautifully painted halls, and four smaller shrines of Shiva, Ganesh, Surya, and Shakti add to its popularity.

Is the Jagdish Temple in Udaipur open?

Yes, the Jagdish Temple in Udaipur is open for visitors. It is open to both Indian and foreign nationals. The best part is there are no entry fees. So, you can step inside the temple anytime between 04:00 am to 10:00 pm every day. When is Jagdish Temple open? It is open on all days, including weekends. If you were asking about the “darshan” timing, it is from 04.15 am to 01.00 pm and 05.15 pm to 08.00 pm.

What is the exact location of Jagdish Temple?

Jagdish Temple in udaipur

You can easily reach the location of Jagdish Temple without external guidance. The exact location of Jagdish Temple is City Palace Complex. The temple is located in the same compound as the City Palace. From the gate of the City Palace, the temple is only 150 metres away.

Is there an entry fee in Jagdish Temple?

Although there are no entry fees to enter the temple, you need to spend a few coins near the entrance desk for the people who mind your footwear. Yes, before entering the temple, you have to leave your footwear. Hence, you can’t escape spending a few pennies to safeguard it. So, considering this, carry a few changes with you.

Is a camera allowed inside Jagdish Temple?

It is a tricky question because there exists no sign saying no cameras. Likewise, no money is collected in the name of the camera charges. Based on my experience, you can take photographs inside the temple except for the shrine. So, when you are near the main shrine, be on your good manners and avoid taking photographs.

What is the dress code in Jagdish Temple?

Similarly sensitive question asked by many female travellers is about dress code. My answer to you is there isn’t any dress code. Regardless, you will be expected to present in full-length clothes. So, say bye-bye to sleeveless clothes and shorts on your visit to Jagdish Temple. If you wonder what to wear in Udaipur, here is your guide.

Who built Jagdish Temple Udaipur?

Given the history, the exaltation for the construction of the Jagdish Temple goes to two great kings of the Mewar dynasty—King Maharana Jagat Singh I and King Maharana Sangram Singh II. Maharana Jagat Singh I was the one who originally built the Jagdish Temple in 1652. Unfortunately, the temple fell into ruins under the attack of Mughal King Aurangzeb. So, around the year 1680, it was partially destroyed of its architecture and glory. That was when King Maharana Sangram Singh II came into the scene. He initiated the renovation of the temple. The Jagdish Temple we seek with great enthusiasm today was built in 1723. 

Do you need to book in advance to visit Jagdish Temple?

No, you don’t necessarily have to book in advance to pay a visit to Jagdish Temple. As long as the temple is open for visitors, you can visit the temple without any hassle. Nevertheless, you do have the option of booking in advance. Private tour packages propagate it a lot. In my opinion, it is not mandatory. But during festivals like Holi, which is one of the magnificent festivals celebrated in Udaipur, you can expect an enormous crowd. Maybe then you can consider booking in advance.

How long does it take to explore Jagdish Temple?

It takes one hour of your time to explore Jagdish Temple. But, you can also manage it within 30 minutes. It depends on your enthusiasm for art and architecture. Some travellers quickly glance through the famous elements of the temple, take a snap and rush their pace out within 15 minutes. So, let’s say it takes a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of one hour to explore Jagdish Temple.

Is a guided tour available in Jagdish Temple?

Sadly, the authorities of the Jagdish Temple have not made any arrangements for guided tours. However, if you opt for a guided tour in the City Palace, it includes a tour of the Jagdish Temple. So, there are no guided tours in Jagdish Temple, but you can use other arrangements for your purpose.

Tourist locations near Jagdish Temple?

Jagdish Temple in udaipur

As you know already, Jagdish Temple is situated next to the City Palace, Udaipur. So, in just a few leaps, you will find yourself in the territory of another popular tourist location of Udaipur. Similarly, Bagore Ki Haveli, Lake Pichola, Lal Ghat, and Gangaur Ghat, the best location for sunrise/sunset views in Udaipur, are also situated near Jagdish Temple. Like, you can swift between these places on foot.

Hopefully, now you understand why Jagdish Temple is the most visited impressive temple in Udaipur. And why it is worth your visit. Make sure you visit the temple on your solo trip to Udaipur. Have a happy trip.

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