Is Udaipur Affordable During the Off-Season?

Yes, Udaipur, a city with undeniable architectural beauty, captivating lakes, and energetic historical tales, is affordable during the off-season. This is again one quality by which Udaipur enchants its visitors. To begin with, Udaipur is affordable during all seasons. Hence, it is no surprise that it’s cheaper in the off-season. However, you shouldn’t expect much of a pricing difference in the off-season. Most likely, the expenditure will come to the same. Continue reading to find out why you can’t expect much deviation during the off-season.

What is the off-season in Udaipur?

From April to September, Udaipur records low in tourists than the usual crowd. So, that’s the off-season for travellers in Udaipur. Considering its weather, April, May, and June are sweltering summers, while July, August, and September are winter months in Udaipur. That said, even when travelling off-season in Udaipur, you have a choice. You can plan your solo trip in the peak of summer or the winter.

What are the benefits of travelling off-season?

Well, who doesn’t like travelling off-season if there are benefits coming with it? So, let’s see what Udaipur chimes in for people travelling off-season.

  • Monsoon tourist destinations
  • Affordable accommodation
  • Discounted flight tickets
  • Lesser queues and crowds
  • No need for advance booking

Firstly what I consider the greatest perk is if you are travelling off-season, you can explore the monsoon destinations of Udaipur, which are otherwise not in their fullest performance. Of course, you need to travel between July to September to visit the monsoon destinations. The second advantage is you don’t have to pre-book tickets well in advance as there won’t be a buzzing crowd. During the off-season, ticket booking websites offer huge discounts and coupons. It is the same with accommodation too. 

Off-season in Udaipur affordable or not?

Is Udaipur Affordable During the off-season?

Getting to our concern, Udaipur is certainly affordable during the off-season. I would say Udaipur itself is an affordable package compared to other places. I have already put a blog post explaining the cost of a solo trip to Udaipur. You can check that to understand why I say Udaipur is affordable. Having that said, let me clarify things neatly. Yes, Udaipur is affordable during the off-season, but you can’t expect them to vary much different than the on-season budget.

Just read the benefits of travelling off-season I just mentioned once again. You can see that none of them relates to food expenses and transport expenses. Your food and travel expenses are the same, except for a few concessions for in-flight travel. Even the accommodation cost will not sink very low. So, basically, the budget drops slightly compared to the on-season travel. That means, more or less, it is the same. 

Nevertheless, the happy news is that it is still affordable. Rest assured, you can read my blog post on “how to explore Udaipur at minimum cost” if you want to make sure you are on the limit during the solo trip.

Off-season destinations in Udaipur

Udaipur’s tourist destinations are accessible regardless of the season. Although not bee buzzing, there will be a good amount to keep you company in all seasons. And if you are travelling off-season, you have the privilege of extending your list to add monsoon destinations. The monsoon destinations of Udaipur are a blessing for off-season travellers in Udaipur. They give a different vibe to Udaipur with its chilly weather, smokey clouds, grey-toned hills, fresh greens, rocks, and steep paths. So, the top monsoon destinations to visit in Udaipur are 

  • Mount Abu
  • Pipliya Ji
  • Alsigarh
  • Rayta Hills

Mount Abu

Mount Abu is the only hill station in the royal state of Rajasthan. Located 162 kilometres away from Udaipur on a high rocky plateau in the Aravalli Range, it is surrounded by beautiful green woods with nice chilly weather throughout the year. kilometres away from Udaipur. It is well-known for its tranquil lakes, fascinating animal preserves, and religious sites. It is a must-see monsoon spot that will enhance your whole vacation experience in Udaipur.


Alsigarh, 32 kilometres from Udaipur, is another monsoon destination in Udaipur. One of my favourite places and the one I consider Udaipur’s treasure. If you long for fresh air and refreshing natural scenery amidst the hustle and bustle of the crowd, visit this place on your off-season travel.

Pipliya Ji

Pipliya Ji is another excellent place to head during the monsoon in Udaipur. It is a small village located in the Girwa Tehsil district, 32 kilometres from Udaipur. Although no direct bus routes are available, you can easily reach Pipliya Ji in a rented taxi. It’s also a less expensive option than Mount Abu.

Rayta Hills

Rayta hills, located 40 Km from Udaipur, is yet another fantabulous monsoon destination in Udaipur—an ideal location to connect with nature. There is no room for complaints at Rayta Hills. It boasts lovely valleys, lush hills, and the most enticing snake roads. Overall, it’s an incredible sight!

On-season or off-season?

Is Udaipur Affordable During the off-season?

We have reached the end. It’s time for you to choose the perfect month for your solo trip to Udaipur. We have got one thing clear, Udaipur is affordable both on-season and off-season. And, there isn’t much price variation between these seasons. However, the off-season opens the door for monsoon tourist destinations. The off-season could be a better choice to travel to Udaipur. I leave the decision to you. Choose the one that extends your travel experience. Have a great trip!

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