How to Get to Pipliya Ji from Udaipur

To get to Pipliya Ji, you must first travel 23 km from Udaipur to the village of Ubeshwar. From Ubeshwar village, continue travelling towards Dodavalli village. The road to Dodavalli village is stretched straight. But before you reach the Dodavalli village, you will see a road splitting into two. The left side road takes you to Pipliya Ji, and the right side goes to Dodavalli. How to confirm that you have taken the correct path? Continue reading to find it.

Pipliya Ji

Pipliya Ji is an exemplary destination to visit during the monsoon in Udaipur. First things first, it is not a hill station. It is a small village in Girwa Tehsil in the Udaipur district. It is located in the interiors of Udaipur, and its status of being a small village conceals its popularity among tourists in Udaipur. But if you want to explore Udaipur to the fullest like a local, you must step your foot in this village. It is also a cheaper destination due to its unpopularity than other major tourist attractions in Udaipur.

Pipliya Ji or Mount Abu?

How to Get to Pipliya Ji from Udaipur

Mount Abu needs no introduction. It is widely popular among the tourist crowd in Rajasthan as it is the only hill station in Rajasthan. For the only reason, it secures a demanding position on every traveller’s list. Nevertheless, Pipliya Ji is also a monsoon destination in Rajasthan. More specifically, a one located closer to Udaipur. It is located at a distance of 32 km from Udaipur. As a result, it is more accessible than Mount Abu. If you cannot visit Mount Abu, you may consider visiting Pipliya Ji, which is equally enjoyable. No doubt about it. Also, it is one of the top day trip destinations in Udaipur to visit during the monsoon. 

Highlights of Pipliya Ji

You might be wondering, what are the perks of visiting this lesser-known destination in Udaipur? First is its geographical location. As mentioned before, it is just 32 km away from Udaipur. Next, as of now, it is not so popular among tourists. As a result, it is a great area for solo travellers to get away from the crowds. You can snap as many photos as you wish in this lovely setting. So, less crowd, more fun! Finally, another attractive destination is Ubeshwar, which you can explore in Pipliya Ji. We will discuss this place shortly.

Best transport option to reach Pipliya Ji

Pipliya Ji is accessible from Udaipur via rental bikes and cars. No bus or train service is available. And regardless of the mode of transportation, you must go the Ubeshwar Ji route. Ubeshwar Ji is another picnic location in Udaipur. Hence, instead of just passing by, you can stop there for some time to visit their tourist attractions and resume your trip to Pipliya Ji. Ubeshwar Ji, located 23 kilometres from Udaipur, takes a safe position in the middle of the road that connects Pipliya Ji and Udaipur. It takes nearly 30 minutes to reach Ubeshwar Ji. It is famous for the Lord Shiva temple, and it’s the perfect picnic spot for solo travellers. In unexplainable warm weather, you can relax alongside a pond under a tree while listening to the temple bells in Ubeshwar.

How to reach Pipliya Ji from Udaipur

Coming to our main concern, how to reach Pipliya Ji. Let me first give you the landmarks so you will have a better idea of the route.

Pipliya Ji 

Dodavali Road

Ubeshwar Ji 


You will start from Udaipur and reach Ubeshwar Ji, which is 23 km from Udaipur. You have to move your way to Dodavali Village, which stretches for 6 km. But, you don’t have to cover the 6 km. Almost near 3 to 4 km, you will see the road dividing into two. That’s your first indication that you are near Pipliya Ji. At that point, you have to take the left side road to enter the Pipliya territory. From there, within 6 km, you will reach Pipliya Ji. The moment you take the left side road, you will find yourself climbing with the view of valleys. That’s your confirmation that you have the correct path.

Best time to visit Pipliya Ji

How to Get to Pipliya Ji from Udaipur

July to September is the best time to visit Udaipur if you plan for a chilly hideout. During this time, Udaipur invites its guests to the bright and sunny days and frigid and chilly evenings. It does become extremely cold during the winter months. The temperature will range between 230 and 250 degrees Celsius during the day. By 11 pm, the temperature will drop as low as 100 degrees Celsius. Nevertheless, you can also enjoy visiting Pipliya Ji in the summers-when it is deadly hot in other places.

Pipliya Ji – safe for solo female travellers

Pipliya Ji is a safe location in Udaipur to travel solo. On the good side, you will find many solo travellers there as many take a solo road trip to this village to cherish their journey. But if you are planning to rent a bike and ride your way to Pipliya Ji, you should reconsider the plan. The road to the village is confusing. I am damn sure. You can’t succeed without any local help. Only people who have already been there can make out the way. Hence, no solo ride for a safer trip to Pipliya Ji in Udaipur.

You can take a rental cab and check if the driver is familiar with this place before travelling. I know travelling alone on a bike is exciting and gripping. But, I don’t recommend self-driving to Pipliya Ji. Otherwise, you are all set to go. Happy travelling!

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