How Much Does a Solo Trip to Udaipur Cost?

A solo trip to Udaipur costs Rs.16,000. Elaborating, if you stay in a hostel, it would cost a maximum of Rs.500 a day. Transportation fees come to Rs. 800 for a day if you hire an auto, less than that if you hire a bike. You can expect the entry fees and other tickets to be around Rs.1000. Finally, we can round off food expenses to 1200. So, for a day, your expense in Udaipur will not exceed Rs.3500 as we have liberally calculated. With that, add Rs.2000 for a two-way train ticket. In my blog post, “How Many Days Should You Plan for Udaipur?“, I have said that four days is the ideal time to spend in Udaipur. Hence, it would cost Rs.16,000 or less for a four-day solo trip to Udaipur.

A day in Udaipur costs Rs. 3500. You can calculate the cost considering the number of days you plan to spend in Udaipur. Speaking of the days needed to explore Udaipur, even one day is enough to explore Udaipur. But, if you find them confining, you can spend three more days in Udaipur. It is your call. There are numerous articles on Udaipur on my blog that will help you make this decision. Read them, and if possible, do your research and choose the number of days according to your budget.

Is Udaipur good for solo travel?

Before I give you more insights on the expenses solo travellers face in Udaipur, you need to know if Udaipur is a good destination for solo travel? If yes, you have to make sure that Udaipur is safe for solo travellers. Answers to these questions set your wonderful solo trip to Udaipur. With the assurance that Udaipur is safe and perfect to plan a solo trip, you can move your thoughts to budget.

Budget estimation for Udaipur solo trip

Travel costs in Udaipur

how much does a solo trip to udaipur cost

As you would know, I travelled to Udaipur from Delhi. Delhi is easy for foreign travellers because you can reach Delhi airport and take a bus or train from the airport. Both bus and train are cheaper modes of transport to get to Udaipur from Delhi. The ticket would come to Rs.1000 if you take a bus or an AC coach on the train. However, a general or sleeper coach in a train can lower the budget. If you intend to travel by flight, it will cost triple this amount.

Accommodation costs in Udaipur

On reaching Udaipur, you need to look for a place to stay. You might get excited seeing the splendid royal architecture of Udaipur and might think about staying in five-star hotels. But they are way too expensive to begin with. And, if you want to explore Udaipur at a minimum cost, you have to give up this thought. Hence you are left with ordinary hotels or hostels. I always find hostels convenient, enjoyable, and budget-friendly. It is one place where I get the happiness of chatting with solo travellers like me. So, hostels are my choice of accommodation wherever I go. Hostel Mantra, Dreamyard hostel, and Gostops hostel are some cheap and good hostels in Udaipur. Nevertheless, if you prefer hotels, more information on them is here.

Food costs in Udaipur

Continuing with the food expenses, if you avoid luxury restaurants, you can finish your meal within Rs.300. The street food stalls let you taste varieties of flavours to your stomach’s content. A three hundred rupees spent on three meals will cost Rs.900 for a day. Add Rs.100 for expenses such as beverages, cool drinks, and water. It comes to Rs.1000. Then, you can add another Rs.200 to balance any price variations.

Transport costs in Udaipur

how much does a solo trip to udaipur cost

The next thing to include in your budget is transport expenses. The cheapest mode of transportation is always the bus, but in the old city of Udaipur, the tourist locations are located so near that you can better walk than take a bus. However, hiring an auto for a day is the best way to save money. I paid Rs.800 for an entire day in a private auto. Meanwhile, shared auto-rickshaws in Udaipur cost around Rs.20 only. But if you don’t want to waste time waiting for a bus or auto-rickshaw, then hiring an auto or renting a bike is the best solution. 

Bike rentals in Udaipur cost around Rs.250 per day. On the whole, it will cost Rs.350 including the petrol charges. However, considering the parking facilities and finding the routes, autos are the best mode of transport to explore Udaipur. And, while going to places in the new city of Udaipur, take a cab. On reaching there, you can hire an auto to move around.

Ticket costs in Udaipur

how much does a solo trip to udaipur cost

Finally, the significant expense to look out for on a solo trip is the entry tickets to the tourist locations. In Udaipur, entry tickets to tourist locations come below Rs.100 only for Indians. For example, it will be Rs. 10, Rs.30, or Rs.50. But, for foreigner travellers, it comes between Rs.100 to Rs.500. Regardless, boat rides and other cultural experiences costs in Udaipur are the same for everyone. So, we can agree the miscellaneous would come to Rs.1000.

Plan your trip

Considering all the above expenses, a solo trip to Udaipur costs Rs.16,000. So I can assure you that it would not cost more than Rs.16,000 for a four-day trip to Udaipur. Start saving money and plan your solo trip to the city of the lakes.


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