How to Get to Udaipur from Delhi

To reach Udaipur from Delhi, the fastest mode of transportation to avail is by flight. However, Udaipur is a well-connected city. This makes it easier for every traveller to access the former capital of Mewar Kingdom. You can always opt for your preferred modes of transport, be it by air, road, or train to reach the city based upon your time and budget. The city sits between the spectacular Aravalli Range and lakes. It is one of the best cities in the world to explore, and an important reason behind this is the connectivity.

Delhi is the closest metro city to this royal and prominent city of Rajasthan. The distance between these two cities is perfect for a spontaneous trip. It is also an ideal destination for a gateway from the hustle-bustle of the metro city. If you are in Delhi, you can easily curate a weekend trip to Udaipur. Transport yourself to the city with a mix of rich history, cultural heritage, and picturesque nature. The distance from Delhi to Udaipur is approximately about 663 kilometres. You can cover this distance easily in 12 hours maximum.

Choice of transport mode

When you travel from Delhi to Udaipur, you have the freedom to choose transportation. I have travelled to Udaipur from Delhi, and I must say the journey is pretty convenient. As a solo female traveller, it feels safe to travel when we are not confined to limited options for transportation. Besides, all the routes to reach Udaipur are safe for every kind of traveller. So you are absolutely safe on your solo venture to the city.

Are you planning a trip to Udaipur from the capital city of India? Then here are some ways to reach Udaipur from Delhi. Consider these routes as you plan your itinerary. I also have an ultimate guide to Udaipur to help you plan your solo journey.

Reach Udaipur from Delhi by road

how to get to udaipur from Delhi

If you gear up hearing about a road trip, then I suggest heading for Delhi to Udaipur road trip. This journey is going to be one of the best road trips you have ever been on! You can either travel in your car or rent a car. Also, if you are travelling on a budget, there are buses available. It is the best way to get the feel of a road trip on a budget.

Delhi to Udaipur by car

To travel by car always has an advantage over other modes of transportation. It is very easy to cover the distance. Enjoy the transition in the scenic beauty as you travel from the rugged metro city to the highways on your way to the beautiful Udaipur. 

One of the routes from Delhi to Udaipur is via NH 48 and NH 58. It is about 690 kilometres approximately. You are required to drive for a minimum of 13 hours to reach Udaipur. The other alternate way is via NH 48 and NH 52, which is comparatively a longer route with more traffic. Make sure to read the maps well in advance before starting your journey. 

No matter which route you decide to drive on, there are many popular sights you will encounter on the journey like Pataudi Palace, Neemrana Fort Palace, Amber Palace, Jal Mahal, etc. Endless spectacular view along with captivating attractions makes the road trip worth every moment. Do not miss out on the food as you travel across Delhi to Udaipur.

Delhi to Udaipur by bus

It is ideal for people looking for a budget-friendly travel alternative to a car. There are both AC and Non-AC buses available. Private or government bus takes around 14 hours to reach Udaipur. Book the tickets beforehand. The price starts from Rs.500 and goes up to Rs.2000 as per comfort. There are many online portals for you to book your tickets.

Reach Udaipur from Delhi by train

Another preferred way to travel the distance between Delhi and Udaipur is by train. There are regular and weekly trains available. The train journey usually takes around 12 hours to 16 hours, if the train is not late. Train journeys are a combination of comfort and budget. Trains are the easy way to travel from one city to another in India. It is safe for women travellers as the government has introduced women forces in trains for safety purposes, especially for solo women travellers. 

The fastest train from Delhi to Udaipur is Mewar Superfast Express. Another famous train is Chetak Express, commonly preferred by travellers. There are other trains like Haridwar-Udaipur City Express, Rajasthan Humsafar Express, New Jalpaiguri – Udaipur City, etc.

Reach Udaipur by air

Quick and time-saving among all the options. A maximum of 2 hours is all it takes for you to reach the destination. The distance between the cities is 568 kilometres in the air. There are direct and connecting flights available on a daily basis.

Why travel to Udaipur from Delhi?

how to get to udaipur from Delhi

Udaipur is a city you must explore in India. And if you are already in Delhi, then it becomes easy for you to travel to the city. There is no difficulty in reaching Udaipur. Along with that, you don’t require many days to explore the city. It is perfect for a short yet memorable vacation. And there are numerous reasons why you should visit Udaipur

Read about some of the best modes of transport in the city here.

If you have already been to Udaipur, let me know your mode of transportation in the comments below. I would also love to know how you enjoyed your journey from Delhi to Udaipur. Till then, keep travelling, ladies!


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