What are the Adventure Activities to Do in Udaipur?

Challenging your gut and experiencing new things thrown out by each locality is an interesting part of travelling. Udaipur, the city of eye-catching beauties and heart-wrenching historical stories, is also a city with adventures. Cable car riding, camel riding, paragliding, wildlife safari, bird watching, and trekking are some of the adventurous activities you can do in Udaipur. This blog is all about the adventure activities to do in Udaipur. Are you ready to discuss this subject more?

1. Cable ride from Doodh Talai Lake to Karni Mata Temple

In the first place, the adventure activity I enjoyed in Udaipur was the cable car ride to Karni Mata Temple. Karni Mata Temple is one of the famous temples of Udaipur, located on top of the fish hill. The only possible way to reach the temple is through a cable car available at the bottom of the hill near the Doodh Talai Park. I was not aware of Karni Mata Temple’s location. So, it was an accidental ride for me. Since unpredicted, it was more adrenaline-boosting than expected. That said, you can also find a cable car ride in Sajjangarh Monsoon Wildlife Sanctuary, but it is not good as the Karni Mata cable car ride. Hence, for an adventurous cable car ride in Udaipur, go to Karni Mata Temple.

2. Trekking the white city

What are the Adventure Activities to Do in Udaipur?

The next adventurous activity we are going to discuss is trekking. Trekking is the first and foremost adventure sport that pops into our minds. Given that Udaipur comfortably fits into this activity by providing a lot of trekking spots. At a glance, you have Kumbhalgarh trekking, Chittorgarh trekking, rock climbing on Mount Abu, etc. More trekking places options in Udaipur are here.

3. Exploring the bumpy regions in a jeep

Like trekking, a safari ride is a common adventurous activity. However, Udaipur brings you variety with its desert safari in addition to the wildlife safari. Both are different and equally exciting. Nevertheless, if you want to try something different, the desert safari is the deserving one. Although there are no deserts in Udaipur, you can go to the nearest deserts to Udaipur to indulge in this adventurous activity. Jungle safari is easy to find in Udaipur. Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary and Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary are the famous ones.

4. Walking to Ranakpur Jain Temple

The next adventure activity to do in Udaipur is walking to Ranakpur Jain Temple. Walking from Kumbhalgarh Fort to Ranakpur Jain Temple is an adventurous activity, most volunteered by solo travellers in Udaipur. As part of this activity, you have to walk for 5 hours, covering almost 33 km. But as you know, it will be adventuresome walking in the wilderness. Take the walking tour only if you are ready for a real man vs. wild experience. And make sure you have planned enough days for your travel in Udaipur. If you are short on time, then taking this long walking adventure may not be worth it.

5. Paragliding

Paragliding is yet another adventurous activity to do in Udaipur. It is an activity that treats your eyes to astonishing views of the lake city as you glide over it in the air. If you happen to be stable while the adrenaline is rushing in your blood, take snaps of the city below as you fly down. So, if you are ready to take paragliding, go to Chitrakoot Nagar in Udaipur. There you can take a ride paying Rs.2000.

6. Bird watching near the classic lakes

What are the Adventure Activities to Do in Udaipur?

Coming next is bird watching. Bird watching is an adventurous activity for bird lovers who wish to enjoy the sight of uncaged birds. Udaipur is a great place for bird watching. It is clear enough that the city of lakes must be home to birds as well. You can observe birds in all the lakes of Udaipur. However, the best spot only reserved for bird watching is Menar Lake. This lake is 47 km away from Udaipur. The lake is generously rich with distinct birds and colourful blooms. You can camp there to witness the migration of birds. Likewise, another location to observe a large company of birds is the Badal Mahal in Kumbhalgarh Fort.

7. Rolling down the hill in Rajiv Gandhi Park

You heard it right. You should roll down the hill to take part in this adventurous activity. It is not a large hill to worry about threats to life. It is a very small one located inside the Rajiv Gandhi Garden in Udaipur. Rajiv Gandhi Garden is one of the busiest and most famous gardens of Udaipur. The most attractive feature of the garden is that it has a small mountain called Lotan Magri (Rolling Mountain). The rolling mountain is well cushioned with grass. The locals of that area lie down at the top of the mountain and roll down to the surface to enjoy the thrill. It is a safe activity continued as a gesture of fun. Interestingly, locals believe that it relieves stress and is a form of acupuncture treatment.

8. Camel riding in the dunes

So far, we have looked at the adventurous activities common in travel, some unique in Udaipur, but the religious adventure activity to do in Udaipur is camel riding. Fortunately, camel riding is not bound to deserts alone. You can find one on the bank of lakes in Udaipur. Camel riding near the Doodh Talai Lake is the notorious one in Udaipur. Still, visiting a nearby desert to take up camel riding is a great option. A ride costs between Rs. 300 to Rs. 500.

Udaipur’s collection of adventurous activities is fun and distinctive. I hope you will be able to cover most of them on your solo trip!


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