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Udaipur merges the old with the new in an effortless manner. The city is popularly known as “Venice of the East” and is a hub for travellers across the world. And clearly, the reason behind it is the beautiful places in the city. The architectural palaces and the blissful lakes satiate every traveller’s soul. Whether on a short trip or a long vacation, Udaipur has got your back.

Planning for a trip to Udaipur? Let me take you through the best of best places to visit on the Udaipur trip. This city has a lot to offer, be it Sajjangarh Palace, City Palace, Fateh Sagar Lake, Ahar Cenotaphs, Kumbhalgarh Fort, or so much more! You can even go through my Udaipur tour guide to get a quick peek into the old city.

1. Sajjangarh Palace

The beauty of Sajjangarh Palace does not fail to capture anybody’s heart. Popularly known as Monsoon Palace among tourists, the palace was built to watch the monsoon clouds. You cannot miss this place if you are in Udaipur during monsoon time. I also feel you get the best panoramic view of the city from here. 

On your way to the palace, you will have to cross the Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary. You can either do a little hike or take a mini-van ride to reach the palace. However, the hike through the forest will elevate your experience. After hiking and exploring the palace, you can sit back and relax to enjoy the stunning sunset from the top of the hill. Absolutely breathtaking!

2. Fateh Sagar Lake

In my opinion, this place has it all. The mesmerising view of the lake surrounded by hills on the three sides attracts tourists. You can spend your entire day exploring the lake and its nearby places. Fateh Sagar Lake, a water supplier to 60% of Udaipur’s population, is located on the north side of Lake Pichola.

There are three islands in the lake. All of them are well maintained and have got several activities. Travellers love the boat rides from one island of the lake to the other. Evenings are usually crowded at the lake. People flock from different places in the city to witness the glorious sunset. If you want to cherish the sunset, find yourself a suitable spot beforehand for the enigmatic view!

3. Saheliyon Ki Bari

What are the places to visit in Udaipur?

One of the popular gardens in Udaipur, Saheliyon Ki Bari, welcomes you with its lush green lawns, marble elephant statue, lotus pool, and fountains. You can stroll in the garden in the early mornings or the evenings. 

This garden was a place for the queens to spend their time amidst nature. So, wouldn’t it be a crime if we do not visit this garden exquisitely built for the ladies back then? A place made for sheer relaxation!

4. City Palace

The amalgamation of Mughal and Rajasthani styles of architecture has produced one of the finest palaces in India. The City Palace oozes glamour in every sense! Without a second thought, it is one of Udaipur’s best places to visit. You will be amazed at the intricate details of the palace built during the time of Maharana Udai Singh II.

You can feel the royalty the moment you step inside the City Palace. The City Palace offers you an insane view of Lake Pichola, located right in front of the palace. If you are a history geek, you can opt for a guided tour of the museum. 

The City Palace is also one of the best places to visit at nighttime. You should watch the light and sound show at Manek Chowk in the Palace. The show is held every evening. It is by far my favourite show to watch in Udaipur!

5. Ahar Cenotaphs

The Ahar Cenotaphs is indeed a fascinating place. It consists of 372 cenotaphs of Maharanas of Mewar Kingdom. I swear the architecture of this place will transport you to the 15th century!

When you visit the Ahar Cenotaphs, take your time to explore the area. It is also one of the offbeat places to visit in Udaipur. Even though you are not allowed to take pictures inside, capture the historic beauty with your eyes! There is an Ahar Archaeology Museum for you to visit as well.

6. Kumbhalgarh Fort

A day trip to the Kumbhalgarh Fort will make your Udaipur trip instantly better. It is situated about 64 kilometres from the city centre. The simplicity of the place, along with nature’s beauty, will not fail to capture your heart! The fort is regarded as one of Udaipur’s best places of attraction. 

The wall of the Kumbhalgarh Fort resembles the Great Wall of China. If photography is your passion, then ladies, this place is ideal for you! If you are keen to know about the history of Kumbhalgarh, then you must watch the light and sound show held every evening at the fort. 

On your journey to the Kumbhalgarh Fort, you can take a quick tour of the Ranakpur Jain Temple as well. 

7. Shilpgram

Located just 3 kilometres away from Udaipur, Shilpgram is filled with handcrafted goods like miniature paintings and unique artworks. You can even purchase some pretty-looking souvenirs from here to take back home. 

This village hosts a festival every year in December to celebrate art. Artists flock to Shilpgram from across the globe to showcase their talent. So by chance, if your timing coincides with the festival, do consider visiting it. Your time spent in the village will be worth it!

8. Haldighati

A place for history buffs—you need to travel approximately 40 kilometres to reach Haldighati from the city centre. At first, you will cross the Haldighati Pass to enter the region. Can you visualise a mountain pass in Udaipur? Make sure to visit this place on your Udaipur trip. 

What are the places to visit in Udaipur?

Immerse yourself into the historical stories and battlefields of the bygone era. It is one of the hidden gems of Udaipur that you must explore on your solo trip. Just one daytime from your Udaipur itinerary is enough to explore Haldighati!

These are some places that I loved visiting during my solo trip to Udaipur. Of course, you might not be able to cover all of these, so curate your plan according to your taste.

If you are wondering why you should visit Udaipur, here you go!


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