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Bali has become quite a popular tourist destination for tourists of all kinds, especially solo female travellers, from all around the world. While the island’s most famous tourist attractions include mesmerising waterfalls, beautiful rice paddies, authentic Balinese cuisine, stunning beaches, there is one more thing that all of you must explore at least once in Bali. It’s the wild and happening nightclubs in Bali!

Most solo female travellers get so busy planning their entire day exploring Bali’s tourist spots that it leaves them with no choice but to hit the bed after getting back to their hotels. So, if you want to do something different, I would suggest that you take out one night from your itinerary to Bali to check out the amazing nightclubs!

There are two things that you can do when it comes to nightclubs in Bali—you can either visit the nightclub a little early and head back to your hotel by midnight, or you can spend all your time partying the night away and head back to your hotel late at night! Again, depending on which option you choose, it is important that you check with your hotel or hostel about the timings. Although most hotels and hostels do not have any strict timings as such, it is better to be on the safer side.

If you love partying, then Bali’s nightclubs will not disappoint you. Here are some of the top picks for nightclubs in Bali that you can check out on your solo trip to the island!

1. Mirror Bali Lounge and Club

Recently opened in 2015, Mirror Bali Lounge and Club is one of the most vibrant clubs on the island. Oh, and not to forget the electrifying DJ music that has every visitor grooving and dancing along to its beats!

The ambience of the nightclub is top-notch too. You will see the walls covered in mosaic glass and neon-coloured laser beams flashing through them, making the ambience even more vibrant.

More often, you will find a lot of foreigners and Jakartans at the nightclub. Every month, the nightclub brings famous international DJs, which is something that attracts both locals and foreigners to its fold!

Entry fee at Mirror Bali Lounge and Club – 150000 Indonesian Rupiah during the weekdays and 250000 Indonesian Rupiah during the weekends or when there is a famous DJ playing

2. La Favela

La Favela is one of the most happening clubs in Bali. Though it looks more like a bar than a nightclub, it has a unique ambience decorated with art and antique pieces. And its dance floor is something that makes La Favela one of the favourites among the tourists. 

So, till about 10 PM, you can sit in the bar and have a lovely dinner meal. But post 10 PM, La Favela gets a party makeover that is something every tourist in Bali loves. The international DJs at the bar play an interesting mix of songs, including old-school pop songs as well!

Entry fee at La Favela – Free of cost

3. SkyGarden Bali

Another one of the most happening nightclubs in Bali, SkyGarden, is definitely one of my favourites! SkyGarden is the oldest nightclub in Bali and probably one of the biggest too. It has three massive floors, comprising the SkyDome club, SkyGarden Rooftop Garden Lounge, the Blarney Stone Irish Pub, and the Bang Bang Lounge. Quite a lot, huh? Well, this is what makes SkyGardens so interesting! It is always packed with tourists, especially Australians. 

The party goes on till about 3 AM every night, and people go all crazy on the dancing floor. Well, you can’t really blame them! A few shots of alcoholic beverages and some amazing music—crazy dancing is something that is bound to happen. 

Another interesting thing about SkyGarden is that it is open all week long. So, whether you want to explore a nightclub in Bali on Monday, Thursday, or Saturday, SkyGarden is the place to be.

My experience at SkyGarden Bali

Although I don’t really party much, I was intrigued by SkyGarden and wanted to give visiting this nightclub a shot. Well, the experience couldn’t have been better! The party started at 9 PM, and the nightclub was packed with people by 11 PM. I even saw a few bouncers escorting out young adults who had gotten sloshed over a few drinks!

I stayed at SkyGarden till 12 AM, had an amazing dinner meal and a few drinks, danced a little, and headed back home since I had several plans for the next day.

If you are looking to explore the nightlife of Bali, I can vouch for SkyGarden. Do give this nightclub a visit on your next solo trip to Bali!

Entry fee at SkyGarden Bali – 100000 Indonesian Rupiah 

4. Engine Room

Engine Room is a three-storeyed nightclub in Legian. And the most interesting part about this nightclub is the names each floor has – Front, Red, and Blue! Engine Room has four different bars on all of the three floors combined. Each bar serves some amazing drinks, including martinis and ice shots.

More often, you will see young adults heading to Engine Room. Although the nightclub opens around late afternoon, it gets more lively in the evening. The international DJs at the nightclub make sure you have a lovely time with their music playlist of dub, hip hop, and trap soundtracks.

I would highly recommend that you consider visiting the Engine Room on your solo trip to Bali. One of the main reasons behind it is that the nightclub has a very efficient security team. For us female solo travellers, safety is one of the most important aspects of travelling alone. And this nightclub ensures that you have a wonderful time at a nightclub without having to worry about drunk people misbehaving with you!

Entry fee at Engine Room – Free of cost

5. Boshe VVIP Club

If you are someone who loves karaoke, then Boshe VVIP Club is the place to be. An interesting part about the nightclub is its best technology installed inside—Funktion-One sound system, large plasma screens, and motion and laser lighting systems. These technologies will definitely make your experience of visiting the Boshe VVIP Club an amazing one!

For the karaoke lover inside you, do note that the nightclub has 15 luxurious, private karaoke rooms! The karaoke collection has about 32,000 songs that you can shuffle through to look for your favourites.

Entry fee at Boshe VVIP Club – Varies between 60000 Indonesian Rupiah to 120000 Indonesian Rupiah depending on the event type

6. Old Man’s Bar

Arguably one of the busiest nightclubs in Bali, Old Man’s Bar is everyone’s favourite. Located in the northern part of the island, this nightclub can be a great place if you want to chill at a beach while enjoying Bali’s nightlife.

Old Man’s Bar is a typical open-air nightclub, and it gets livelier in the evening after the sunset. And as the night goes on, the party gets wilder!

Entry fee at Old Man’s Bar – Prices start from 400000 Indonesian Rupiah

7. Red Ruby Club

Red Ruby Club is a famous nightclub in Bali. The live gigs and the international DJs playing a variety of electronic music is something that has all the partygoers dancing all night long! The nightclub apparently looks like New York’s Disco from the ’70s and ’80s. Pretty interesting, right?

If you are someone who loves going to parties and wants to experience the nightlife of Bali, then you might even meet some of the famous international DJs like Michael Vagas, The Manu-L, and Raymond Vos!

The terrace of Red Ruby Club is an outdoor restaurant where you can check out their bestselling cocktails, drinks, and shisha. Here, you can even check out the live bands playing folk music and acoustic blues.

Entry fee at Red Ruby Club – 150000 Indonesian Rupiah

8. Bali Peanut Club

Comprising of a dance floor, bar, and indoor gaming area, Bali Peanut Club is one of the happening nightclubs in Kuta. As the nightclub is centrally air-conditioned, most tourists head to Bali Peanut Club after a long day of exploring Bali in the hot and sunny weather!

The club plays live music on all weekends. If you want to have a great time partying at one of the best nightclubs in Bali, I would recommend that you visit Bali Peanut Club on a Saturday night. The DJs play some grooving numbers that will make you want to get up from your seat and shake a leg at the vast dance floor!

Entry fee at Bali Peanut Club – 50000 Indonesian Rupiah

9. Single Fin

Do you fancy partying out in the open while looking at the gorgeous sunset skies? Then head to Single Fin in Uluwatu. Although it is a bar, Single Fin transforms itself into a nightclub on Wednesdays and Sundays! On these days, the terrace of the bar becomes crowded with locals and tourists to witness the mesmerising sunset views and also party like there’s no tomorrow!

You will see a lot of famous international DJs playing their music playlists to ensure everyone dances along!

The food and drinks served at Single Fin are some of the best in Bali too. And its ambience is something that makes it one of the most popular nightclubs in Bali!

Entry fee at Single Fin – Free of cost

10. Pretty Poison

nightclubs in bali

The last one on this list is Pretty Poison in Canggu. Along with an interesting name, the nightclub is quite a unique one. It is a skatepark bar that mainly conducts skate jam events! All week long, there are famous DJs and live bands playing music to make sure the visitors have a lovely time. Usually, there is a bigger crowd on Thursdays.

Another very interesting thing about the nightclub is that it has its own professional tattoo artist. So, if you have always wanted to get a tattoo but never had the chance to, you can get one at the bar! Every time you look at the tattoo, it will also remind you of your amazing solo trip to Bali. 

But I would suggest that you don’t get a tattoo done after getting drunk. Chances are, you may not like it once you are sober in the morning! Getting tattoos removed is a painful experience, and you will then be stuck with a tattoo you regret. I’m pretty sure you would not want that to happen! 

Entry fee at Pretty Poison – Free of cost

Tips before you visit the nightclubs in Bali

Although going to nightclubs anywhere, including Bali, requires no special tips, I would still like to share some from my experience and the research I had done before visiting Bali.

  • Always keep your safety the topmost priority. No matter how happening or fun a nightclub may feel, if you don’t feel safe or comfortable around the people, leave!
  • If you are not comfortable in certain types of clothes, say short dresses, don’t wear them. Most nightclubs in Bali have no specific dress code as such. So, you can wear whatever you want. Even a pair of black jeans, a white shirt, jewellery, and minimal makeup with red lipstick will work just fine! Remember, comfort over fashion.
  • If it gets late at night and there are no cabs available, ask the staff at the nightclub to help you out. Balinese people are generally very warm and helpful towards their visitors. And if you have a rented vehicle with you, do NOT drink and drive/ride. Instead, you can book a cab and pick up your vehicle from the nightclub the next morning.
  • Carry a tiny bottle of pepper spray in your handbag or sling bag, just in case someone tries to misbehave with you.
  • And lastly, don’t get too drunk that you can’t even stand straight. Since it’s a solo trip, you are solely responsible for yourself and your safety. 

I hope you found this blog helpful. Most of the nightclubs in Bali are full of tourists from all countries. However, you might find a few that have tourists from specific countries. Like I mentioned in the blog about SkyGarden. That’s like a go-to nightclub for most Australians. Considering how massive it is, you will find a lot of interesting people there!


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