How to Spend a Day in Udaipur?

Being the jack of all trades is the best way to spend a day in Udaipur. Exploring beyond the ordinary is the key to making the most of any solo trip. Udaipur is no exception. To simply put, you have to customise your travel plan. Make it tailored to a variety of experiences like adventurous rides, nightlife, concerts, and food, and include it in a day. That’s the first step towards spending a day in the best way in Udaipur.

Having said that, I am here to help you customise your travel plan. In this article, I’ll list down all the best and unique things Udaipur brings forth for a traveller. Given that information, you can quickly pick your likes and dislikes and customise them for a day according to your plan.

1. Sail through the lakes in the City of Lakes

To begin with, the first best thing a traveller in the City of Lakes should do is take a boat ride on its lakes. Conveniently, you have many lakes to take a boat ride in Udaipur. Some of the famous lakes in Udaipur that are prioritised on a travellers list are Lake Pichola, Lake Fateh Sagar, Lake Badi, and Lake Jaisamand.

Amongst all, Lake Pichola is the most popular. Many tourist locations, such as palaces turned hotels, are situated on its base. Examples: Hotel Taj, Hotel Jagmandir, Hotel Leela Palace. That said, City Palace Complex is the one spot destination if you plan to take a boat ride to the lagoon palaces. But the problem is that unless you show your booking or dinner reservation, you will not be allowed inside a boat. Nevertheless, you can easily hop in for a boat ride at Fateh Sagar lake, where the price is much lower.

2. Catch the sunrise/sunset on the lakes of Udaipur

how to spend a day in udaipur

Continuing, equally fascinating as taking a boat ride in Udaipur is watching the sunrise and sunset. The city of lakes reflecting in the divine light is truly a delight to the eyes. So, don’t miss seeing the kaleidoscopic view of Udaipur on your solo trip. Udaipur, for one city, has quite a few locations ideally reserved for watching the sun bloom and doom. These locations show varieties of sunrise/sunset views. Like you have eagle view, landscape view, 360 views, and so on. You can find out more about sunrise/sunset locations in Udaipur here.

3. Camel ride near the lakes of Udaipur

We have one more interesting thing that deals with lakes in Udaipur. Camel rides! Udaipur is famous for camel rides. I can sense some confusion here. So, you are puzzled about how camel rides and lakes are connected? Well, you can find camel rides in Udaipur near the lakes only. As far as I know, I have seen camel rides available near Lake Fateh Sagar, Lake Doodh Talai, and Lake Jaisamand. Three things should pop into your head when you are in Lake City, especially near its lakes. They are Boat rides, Camel rides, and Sunrise/Sunset views.

4. Experience the simple pleasure of a horseback ride

Although a camel ride in India is a pure wonder, if you don’t enjoy the camel ride, you can take a horse ride in Udaipur. I somehow find horse riding more comfortable than the camel ride. Could it be the position of the saddle? I don’t know, but include one of these adventure rides into your day plan in Udaipur. You can find horseback ride dealers near the tourist points and in some expensive hotels. The one in tiger lake is quite good.

5. Visit the monsoon palace and its wildlife sanctuary

Speaking of adventurous trips, if you go up to the monsoon palace, visit the wildlife sanctuary situated along with it. Taking a safari ride in the wildlife sanctuary instills a thrill at every move adding to your adrenaline. But their electric cable car ride is disappointing. You can avoid that. On a safari ride, you can spot tigers, lions, and monkeys. Besides, hiking and biking trails are also available here. 

6. Explore the Crystal Galley & Vintage Car Museum

Now, let us stay away from lakes and find what else the City of Lakes has for us. That comes pretty easy. I don’t even have to think, for Udaipur offers some rare destinations one can see in the world. There is no doubt that the Crystal Gallery and Vintage Car Museum are exquisite, rare, and enchanting sights to explore in Udaipur. So don’t leave before checking these famous museums of Udaipur.

7. Explore the archaic temples of Udaipur

The next best thing to do in Udaipur is to visit a temple. If you happen to be a solo traveller who is totally against visiting other religions’ spiritual altars. I recommend you reserve time for temple visits in Udaipur. Even if spirituality does not interest you, the ancient architecture of the Rajputs deserves your visit. If I have succeeded in convincing you, the following are some of the famous temples you must visit in Udaipur,

  • Jagdish Temple
  • Karimata Temple
  • Eklingji Temple
  • Neemach Mata Temple

8. Marvel at the palaces of Udaipur

It would not be wrong to call Udaipur the city of lakes and palaces. That said, the City Palace bags the first place in showing the richness of the aristocracy. Next are its sister palaces, such as Jagmandir Palace, Leela Palace, and Taj Palace, located in the middle of the lake. Despite this, old palaces such as Bagore Ki Haveli and Madri Ki Haveli, located in the city, are also well worth the hype.

9. Relish the local cuisine of Udaipur

how to spend a day in udaipur

Unforgettably a traveller’s best thing to do in Udaipur is to relish the traditional cuisine. And, I can’t limit myself in talks about food. So, your guide to tasting the local foods of Udaipur is here.

10. Spend some alone time in the parks of Udaipur

Finally, to make your day in Udaipur even more colourful, spend some time in the parks. I didn’t get the opportunity to visit some notable parks like Gulab Bagh and Sukhadia Circle in Udaipur. At the same time, I enjoyed spending some lonely time in Saheliyon garden, Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park, and Manik Lal Verma park. Saheliyon garden hosts a light and music show. If you have time, you should see this show. The Peacock courtyard of City Palace is another place to go for music and light show at night.

Altogether, I want to say that don’t skip any of these wonderful things to do in Udaipur. Make them all fit into your travel plan. If you have read my blog post on “Is One Day Enough to Explore Udaipur?,” you know I have included all varieties of experiences into a day. You can refer to that to plan your day.

For even more details on the best things to do on your solo trip to Udaipur, click here.


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