What should You Know About the Boat Rides at Lake Pichola?

Boat rides at Lake Pichola remain the top things to do in Udaipur. No matter what, one must experience this quintessential activity at Lake Pichola. So what’s behind the hype about boat rides here? All the hype is worth it. The mesmerising beauty of Lake Pichola deserves every ounce of attention. Boat rides create a way to explore this beauty upfront. 

Several questions may come to your mind regarding the boat rides at Lake Pichola. Well, I have tried to answer the questions below regarding this touristy activity.

Boat Rides at Lake Pichola

Something that I have never missed indulging in Udaipur is going for a boat ride at Pichola Lake. Riding on one of Udaipur’s oldest lakes is a surreal feeling. If I say it is the epitome of scenic beauty, will I be exaggerating? I don’t think so. Once you experience it, you will know it yourself. 

After buying the tickets, walk your way to the jetty. It will take around 10 minutes to reach the place. The boat rides start from Rameshwar Ghat. It takes you around the Ambrai Ghat and the island of Jagmandir. You can even halt at this island and explore it as per your wish for 20 to 30 minutes. That’s more than enough to explore this place.  

Let’s get to the fun part. You do not have to get back on the same boat for return. All you have to do after completing your tour of the island is look for a boat and hop onto it. The boat rides at Lake Pichola allow you to explore the historical city differently.

What is the cost of boat rides at Lake Pichola?

Many travel agencies arrange this activity. The pricing differs from one company to another. For reference, you can take a look at their packages.

However, I will tell you about the basic cost of participating in this activity. If you want a boat ride in the morning, you will have to pay around Rs. 400 for an adult and Rs. 200 for a child. 

But, if you are eyeing the sunset boat rides, you have to pay a little extra! There is a considerable hike in the price later in the afternoon. This is purely a result of the craze for the sunset views! You have to pay Rs. 700 for an adult and Rs. 400 for children. That’s almost double the price of boat rides in the morning!

What is the seating capacity of boats at Lake Pichola?

Each boat can accommodate six to eight people at a time. They do not take more people, even on request. So all you can do is wait for your turn.

When is the ideal time to go for boat rides at Lake Pichola?

boat rides at lake pichola

Looking at the price increase, you already know what will be the ideal time to go for a boat ride. Sunsets at Lake Pichola, I call it a glorious event! If you want to experience a sky painted in golden hue from a boat, I suggest going for the boat ride during sunset, even if you have to pay some extra bucks.

On the contrary, nothing beats a boat ride in the morning if you love and enjoy the calmness of the morning. The unadulterated lake water in the morning warms you with positivity.

Having experienced both, I can say your preference makes it the ideal time! It is open throughout the week from 10 AM to 5 PM.

How long does a boat ride last on Lake Pichola?

You will be accompanied by fellow travellers and a guide on your boat ride. Some packages let you stay for an hour. And some hardly last for 45 minutes. 

How to get to Lake Pichola

Udaipur is a well-connected city. When you are in Udaipur, it is no big deal to reach any place in the city! You can easily avail of public transport such as Tonga, auto-rickshaws, or tuk-tuk to reach Lake Pichola. 

If you are staying somewhere far from the city centre, you can ask your hotel to arrange a cab. There are also plenty of buses running across the city. You can take one of those to reach Lake Pichola.

Are boat rides at Lake Pichola safe?

Undoubtedly, the boat rides at Lake Pichola are safe. They provide life jackets and take all the necessary precautions. So there’s nothing really to worry about!

Some tips to keep in mind while on a boat rides at Lake Pichola

Please take note of these points as they might come in handy before or during your boat ride.

  • Wear comfortable and modest clothes. 
  • Carry your goodies with you, i.e., snacks, beverages, etc.
  • Read the guidelines before you start your ride.
  • Do not consume alcohol on your boat ride. It is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not throw plastic wrappers in the lake water.
boat rides at lake pichola

Now that you know almost everything about the boat rides at Lake Pichola, it is time for you to experience it. Never EVER miss out on this activity on your solo trip to Udaipur!

If you have already experienced a boat ride at Lake Pichola, share your experience in the comments.

Till then, happy travelling!


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