What are the Ghats in Udaipur?

Udaipur, the City of Lakes, has two major ghats and a few others. Ambrai Ghat and Gangaur Ghat are famous among tourists for their beauty. 

Ghats of Udaipur grace and elevates the beauty of all the lakes. Not only that, it makes way for travellers to get access to the pristine water of these serene lakes. You can take a dip at the lake or just simply soak in the tranquil ambiance of the ghats. 

The view from the ghats is exquisite. You get a full panoramic view of the lake surrounded by the Aravalli range. The major ghats of Udaipur are located at the city’s prime location. 

Be it early morning or evening, the charm of these ghats remains the same. Ladies, I insist you watch sunrise or sunset from any ghats at least once on your solo venture to Udaipur

All these ghats have made my solo trip to Udaipur a memorable one. So let me take you through the ghats of Udaipur that you must visit on your vacation. I promise you will not regret it!

1. Ambrai Ghat 

Ambrai Ghat is considered one of the top places to visit on your Udaipur trip. It is situated on the banks of Lake Pichola. Earlier, this ghat was also known as “Manji Ghat.” The popularity of this ghat is mainly because of its uniqueness. Ambrai Ghat offers a 270° view of the entire city of Udaipur. There is no such place in the city from where you will get this kind of view. The views of all the palaces and the lake water render you a royal feeling.

If you are here during the evening, trust me, you will probably witness one of the best sunsets of your life! The entire sky lits up during the golden hour and makes the place appear magical. Also, Ambrai Ghat is a paradise for photography lovers!

Besides that, as the evening unfolds, you can also join in the jamming sessions at the ghat. Here, you get to listen to the traditional Rajasthani Sarangi by the local artists. The best part is you can munch on some Rajasthani delicacies as you immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance at Ambrai Ghat.

2. Laal Ghat

The Laal Ghat is famous for pilgrimages. This place in Udaipur is extremely religious. The travellers often flock to this ghat to dip in the holy water. You might be surprised to know that a dip in the waters of Laal Ghat is believed to take away your sins. It is also believed that you will be reincarnated as a human being in your next life after the dip. 

You can easily access the Laal Ghat from both the train station and bus depot of Udaipur.You also do not have to worry about where to stay, as this area has numerous accommodations. After spending time at the ghat, you can also go on to explore the markets around this place. 

3. Gangaur Ghat

The name of the ghat is synonymous with one of the prime and auspicious festivals celebrated in Udaipur. People of the city consider this ghat to be a holy place. Gangaur Ghat is famous for its spiritual and religious beliefs. The Ganpati and Durga Visarjan, i.e., immersing the idols of gods and goddesses in this ghat. If you are in Udaipur during these festivals, you must head to the Gangaur Ghat. You can witness all of these directly!

There are three doors to the ghat known as “Tripoliya.” Once you see the structure and the architecture of these doors, you will also understand why this ghat is famous! Located nearby the Gangaur Ghat is the Bagore Ki Haveli. You now have another reason to visit this ghat! Many Bollywood films are shot at this location, and you get to live your filmy moments! You can also take some amazing pictures for your Instagram story. 

Although tourists prefer to visit the Gangaur Ghat in the early morning or during the sunset, try to visit the ghat at night. You will be truly spellbound by the scenic beauty!

4. Nav Ghat

While exploring the other ghats of Udaipur, you can take a quick stop at Nav Ghat. The unaltered beauty of this place falls upon you. If you like places with less crowd, then this ghat is an ideal place for you. It is also located on the adjacent side of Lake Pichola.

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How to explore these ghats in Udaipur

What are the Ghats in Udaipur?

A stroll around these ghats will let you explore Udaipur differently. The best part is, in this way, you get to witness some of the grand structures of Udaipur as well. All you have to do is keep walking! Also, make sure you are wearing a comfortable pair of shoes. Bid adieu to all the stress once you visit and spend time on these ghats. 

After my solo vacation to Udaipur, I realised how the ghats simply bind the city together. The ghats add to the aesthetics of the city and pave the way for exploration. Find out about many walking tours organised by tour operators in the city. Experience this to make your solo travel to Udaipur unforgettable!


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