Best Locations to Stay in Udaipur

Any place that elevates your soul is the best location for a stay in Udaipur. For instance, in the city of the lake, you can desire a stay nearby the lakes. Or you may wish for a cosy stay in the palaces located on the lake. However, some travellers long for calm and isolated places like the area near Badi Lake. For some others, cheap is the best. For them, a hostel is the best option. And, yet others prefer the location that connects with all facilities and routes. In that case, the old city of Udaipur is the best choice. So, the lakeside hotels, lake palaces, hostels, and hotels in the old city of Udaipur are the best locations for a stay in Udaipur.

Best locations to stay in Udaipur

Before we look into the details of these locations, are these locations in Udaipur safe for solo travellers? For solo female travellers, safety assurance becomes a defining criterion of travel. We can’t skip it and dwell on the happy endeavour of the trip. It is good that we confirm the safety before taking the great leap. That said, Udaipur is a safe city, suitable for solo travel.

If you ask me, how sure I am of this? Well, as a person who has travelled there a few times, I can say you will feel safe and secure in Udaipur. Although there isn’t any written agreement or special laws to stand proof for my claim, you can sense the air of secureness there. The welcoming attitude of the locals makes travelling safer and more convenient for us. The people are always willing to assist us in our time of need. So, without any doubt, Udaipur is the safest city to visit on your next solo travel. You can even roam in Udaipur at night safely.

Expensive palaces 

best locations to stay in udaipur

Now, to begin with, the city of lakes or popularly called the “Venice of the East,” has its richness reflected in its royal architecture. Not only lakes but palaces are abundant in Udaipur. To our happiness, some of these palaces are turned into five-star hotels luring people with the opportunity of living like a queen during their stay there. These palaces are located on city grounds and as lagoons. A night stay in these palaces, a.k.a, five-star hotels, costs Rs.35,000 to Rs. 50,000. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. The title clearly says expensive palaces. If you want the experience of a queen, then you have to pay the price! The expensive palaces to stay in Udaipur are

  • Hotel Taj
  • Hotel Jagmandir
  • Hotel Fateh Prakash Palace
  • Hotel Leela Palace

Inexpensive palaces 

Moving on to inexpensive palaces, yes, you heard it right. There are some inexpensive palaces too in Udaipur. Of course, they lack richness compared to the expensive palaces because these palaces are way age-old and too small. However, these are the best locations if you consider the cost. They cost the same as ordinary hotels. They will come below Rs.5000 only. So, if you intend to stay at a hotel, you can choose inexpensive palaces like Kankarwa Haveli, Anjani Haveli, and Madri Haveli. They will welcome you with their anciency.

Cheap hostels

As we have dealt with many expensive locations to stay in Udaipur, let us now jump to the cheapest one. As you might have guessed, hostels are the cheapest places to stay in Udaipur. You can locate cheap hostels anywhere in Udaipur. Choose to stay in a hostel near the Jagdish Temple. Jagdish Temple is the hallmark location of old Udaipur, connecting tourist locations within a few minutes distance. Some cheap hostels near Jagdish Temple are

  • Mantra Hostel 
  • Dreamyard Hostel
  • Shalom Hostel
  • Banjara Hostel

Budget-friendly hotels

Okay, I have already told you that the Jagdish temple (the old city of Udaipur) is a hallmark place to stay in Udaipur. I also mentioned a few hostels near the location. Adding on to it, the old city of Udaipur’s fame lies in its location. This place is conveniently positioned with a bus, shared auto, and cab facilities. The railway station is also at a walkable distance. And whatnot? The busy streets are packed with medical shops, food stalls, restaurants, and supermarkets. So, you can make use of it during emergencies. Since you know some of the best hostels for solo travellers in Udaipur, I will list down the hotels in the old city of Udaipur that are priced between Rs.2000 to Rs.6,000 for a night’s stay.

  • Lake Pichola Hotel
  • Aashiya Haveli
  • Bohemia Hotel
  • The Lake View Hotel
  • Hotel Gangaur Palace
  • Santhosh Villa

Isolated lake view hotels

best location to stay in udaipur

Most of the travellers plan their stay in the city centre as it makes it easy to transfer to tourist places. I can’t argue because that’s a good decision to explore Udaipur at a minimum cost. But travellers who prioritise staying in a secluded location with unbusy streets and wish to spend their time with nature should choose hotels or hostels near the lakes such as 

  • Badi Lake
  • Rajsamand Lake
  • Jaisamand Lake
  • Udai Sagar Lake
  • Swaroop Sagar Lake
  • Madar Lake

Lake Jaisamand and Lake Badi are two famous lakes in Udaipur, like Lake Pichola and Lake Fateh Sagar, but most travellers don’t prefer the hotels near these lakes. So, for an isolated stay, you should consider these locations.

Find what pleases your desire and budget. If you need price details of hostels and hotels in Udaipur, click here. Have a safe stay, and enjoy your trip to the fullest!


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