Where is Gangaur Ghat Located?


The Gangaur Ghat is one of the main ghats of Udaipur. It is the namesake of the auspicious festival of Gangaur celebrated in Udaipur. The Gangaur Ghat is located at the heart of Udaipur, near the Jagdish Chowk area, right in front of Lake Pichola. It is also within walking distance from the popular tourist destination Bagore Ki Haveli. Tourists, as well as locals, flock to the Gangaur Ghat to spend some quality time. 

Keep on reading to find out if visiting the Gangaur Ghat is worth your time on your next solo trip to Udaipur.

Little bit about Gangaur Ghat

The Gangaur Ghat is also known as Gangori Ghat. Once you reach the ghat, you will find three gates of Gangaur Ghat. These gates are famous among travellers for their intricate work and are called “Tripolia.” The structure and architecture of these gates will transport you to the past. If you look at the history of this place, you will know that the gates were built in 1878 by Maharana Shakti Singh. The Tripolia Gate serve as a connection between the Gangaur Ghat and Bagore Ki Haveli. 

The connection between festivals and the Gangaur Ghat

The Gangaur Ghat holds an eminent spiritual significance. The locals are very much connected to the ghat, especially for their religious notions and beliefs. When they celebrate the Gangaur festival at this ghat, there is a procession that paves the way through the old city of Udaipur and ends at the Gangaur Ghat. You’d be surprised to know the city’s entire population comes to Gangaur Ghat to witness this event. Even the idol immersion of Gods and Goddesses during Ganesh Puja and Durga Puja occurs here.

So I think if you want to witness Gangaur Ghat in all its glory, you must visit the place during any of these festivals. If possible, align your dates with the Gangaur festival and witness the grandeur yourself!

Take a breather at Gangaur Ghat

Where is Gangaur Ghat Located?

The tranquil ambiance at Gangaur Ghat makes it a favourite hangout spot for both locals and travellers. If you are tired after exploring the city of Udaipur throughout the day, this place is ideal for you to relax and unwind. Lake Pichola does its magic with its clear blue water and breathtaking surroundings. All you need to do is simply sit at the stairs of the ghat and cherish the beauty of the place!

Now, if I am honest, the place might not be supremely clean. And you might have frequent encounters with locals, specifically if you are from a foreign country which might disrupt your peaceful ambiance. Yet, there is something about this ghat in particular that binds it all. Here, you will find peace amidst the chaos. You can even feed the flock of pigeons at the ghat. Do not forget to carry your camera, as there are frames worth capturing here!

After the heavenly sunsets, you will see many artists jamming to the folk music of Rajasthan on the ghat. You can even engage and jam with them, and you will notice how the time flies at this place. Add to that there are many shops around the Gangaur Ghat. So you can also go on your little shopping expedition to enjoy your time fully.   

How to reach Gangaur Ghat in Udaipur

Gangaur Ghat connects the major parts of the city beautifully. As ghat is situated at the prime location of Udaipur, it is easily accessible. You can either take a cab or a rickshaw—the best mode of transportation to the ghat. However, I would recommend you avoid driving your car if you want to roam around hassle-free.

If you can ride a bike then probably it will be the best way to reach the place! Just be sure to follow the GPS or ask the locals in case of any confusion regarding the route. Or you can simply access the place on your foot. Honestly, it is a great option if you’re someone who is into fitness and especially leg days at the gym!

Is there any entry fee to the Gangaur Ghat?

One of the top free things to do in Udaipur is to visit the ghats. You don’t need to pay a single penny to enter the ghat. You can enter the ghat at any time! It is absolutely free of cost in the early morning or at nighttime. However, the beauty of the ghat elevates at night as the lights are lit up everywhere in the surrounding. It is definitely the best part about the whole trip!  

Is it worth visiting the Gangaur Ghat?

Well, a direct and simple answer to this question is YES. I recommend everyone to visit this ghat on their Udaipur trip. The Gangaur Ghat is one of the major attractions of Udaipur. It depicts the culture of Udaipur in a significant way. Not only that, this ghat has been featured in many Bollywood films and series. So it has become a favourite spot for film fanatics as well.

So ladies, next time you are in Udaipur, you know where to head to spend your evenings. If you are planning for your trip to Udaipur, do not forget to include this place in your itinerary. If you have already been here, let me know what you did and how your experience was at the Gangaur Ghat. 

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