What are the Free Things/Places to Do in Udaipur?

Now tell me, who doesn’t like to enjoy free things or visit places? Especially if you are a budget traveller, you will look for things to do for free to experience the most on your trip. Hence, as you plan your trip to the old city of Udaipur, you must wonder about the free things in the White City. Although many places require an entry fee, there are many things to do in Udaipur which are fun and almost free.

Udaipur has become one of the top cities to visit in the world. The city is on every traveller’s bucket list. A solo trip to the city is full of beautiful experiences. The uniqueness of the city lies in the combination of nature and culture. You will connect to the city right from the very beginning of your trip. The warmth of the people, the grandeur of the palaces, tempting lip-smacking food, and an endless list of things to partake in make Udaipur a people pleaser’s city.

All of your searches end here, as I have compiled all the free things to do in Udaipur to elevate your trip. Read further to discover how to experience the most without burning a hole in your pocket.

Go trekking in the city of Udaipur

What are the Free Things to Do in Udaipur?

One of the free activities to indulge in Udaipur is to hike on the beautiful nature trails. There are trails like the Tiger lake trek, Monsoon Palace Trek, etc. It is free if you are on your own. The treks are not very difficult. Hence if you bear the agility and have prior experience in hiking, this is the best option for you. Challenge yourself and get ready for an adventure-packed activity with an adrenaline rush.

In this way, you will explore the offbeat places of the city as well. Trekking brings you closer to nature. Thus, in this activity, you will spend some quality time with nature. I bet the views from the summit will steal your heart! You will also get many opportunities to witness some epic views of the entire city of Udaipur. The best way to end your trek is by exploring the local village life. Communicate with the locals and understand their lifestyle. There is no better way to understand the true culture of a place. 

Watch sunset at the Fateh Sagar Lake

One of the prime manmade lakes of Udaipur, the Fateh Sagar Lake attracts tourists from all over the world. The pristine water of the lake is breathtakingly beautiful. This lake lies amidst the forests and Aravalli range. It has three tiny islands which serve as a crowd-pleaser.

Sunset at this place is nothing less than a royal event, and it is free! Be ready to be swept off your feet at the sight of the sunset. Enjoy yourself in the evening as you sip your favourite drink as the sun sets on the horizon. Besides this, you can also visit the Neemach Mata temple perched at the hilltop near the lake for free of cost.

Pray at the Jagdish Temple

What is a better way to start a day than respecting the almighty? Being grateful and starting your day on a good note is always the best. Although Udaipur is known for palaces and lakes, temples are an integral part of the city. A visit to the Jagdish temple should be on your list even if you are in Udaipur for a limited time.

It is one of the top attractions in Udaipur. This temple is another example of the intricate architectural work of the Mewar dynasty. Do not miss out on the “aarti” (a Hindu ceremony) that takes place every sunset and sunrise.

Ambrai Ghat and Lake Pichola

If you are planning your trip to Udaipur, you must have come across the name of Lake Pichola several times. It is the most famous lake in the city. Undoubtedly, the lake is visited by all the tourists in Udaipur. The locals flock around this place on the weekends as well.

Ambrai ghat is located at the banks of Lake Pichola. You don’t have to pay a penny to visit the ghat. It is an ideal place to spend your evening. If you love to capture, do not forget to carry your camera. You will be able to capture the true essence of the city of Udaipur from this place. The view from this place is spectacular in different directions.

Take a walk in the gardens of Udaipur

Are you a nature lover? If YES, this is probably the best thing to do for free in Udaipur. Take a walk in the gardens of Udaipur. Places like Gulab Bagh Garden and Saheliyon Ki Bari don’t cost you much. Enjoy a stroll amidst nature. Time flies at such places. These luscious gardens are a great place to have some fun too.

You can meditate, click pictures or read a book in these places. The choice is absolutely yours!

Be kind

What are the Free Things to Do in Udaipur?

Above all, being kind is the free thing to do in Udaipur. So make sure to smile when you see locals or fellow travellers. I’m sure it will give you all the positive vibes that you need for the rest of your solo journey.

If you are intrigued by knowing all of these things, go ahead and plan your vacation. Read here to find out the best time to visit Udaipur. If you have already been to Udaipur and know any other free things to do, let me know in the comments below. After all, who doesn’t like to enjoy free things? I promise Udaipur will not disappoint you!

Ladies, keep exploring and discovering your solo ventures! 


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