How to Reach Ambrai Ghat

Lakes play a crucial role in the beautification of Udaipur city. And ghats are the gateways to these serene lakes. Ambrai Ghat is one such place and is quite popular among everyone. This ghat has been the favourite spot for everyone, from locals to tourists from all around the world. Once you are in Udaipur, you can easily reach the Ambrai Ghat. You can either walk, ride a bike or take a rickshaw to reach the Ambrai Ghat. 

Ambrai Ghat – an essence to be felt in Udaipur

Before divulging how to reach Ambrai Ghat, let me tell you why Ambrai Ghat is one of the favourite places for travellers. Ambrai Ghat is located right on the waterfront of Lake Pichola. It gives you a magnificent view of the Lake. It is the only place where you will be able to have a 270° panoramic view of the entire city. The ghat is well maintained by the Nagar Parishad of Udaipur. They have installed boundaries and seats made of white marble. These have enhanced the beauty of the place!

Earlier known as Manjhi Ghat, Ambrai Ghat adds to the city’s charm. You can spend hours at this place doing absolutely nothing! Soak in the tranquil atmosphere of the ghat overlooking the blue water of Pichola Lake, surrounded by the Aravalli range. You can get glimpses of the grand palaces such as City Palace and Lake Palace from the Ambrai Ghat. The spectacular scene during sunset leaves an everlasting impact on the tourist. Be it morning or night, Ambrai Ghat is adored by the people of Udaipur.

Different ways to reach Ambrai Ghat

  • Take a walk – If you are staying near the Ambrai Ghat, I recommend you walk to the ghat. It is the best way to reach Ambrai Ghat. You can explore the nearby places as well. There are walking tours that explore all the ghats of Udaipur, including Ambrai Ghat.
  • Ride a two-wheeler – If you are a pro at riding a two-wheeler, you can opt for a ride to reach the Ambrai Ghat. You can even rent a bike during your stay at Udaipur. Often on my solo journeys, I do not like to rely on public transport all the time. Commuting becomes easy with a two-wheeler. But be careful enough when riding through the narrow lanes of Udaipur.
  • Take public transport – You always have this option to avail yourself. Public transport comes in handy when you are on a budget. But make sure to be clear with the price of your ride before hopping into any public transport. You can also opt for a cab or a tuk-tuk to reach Ambrai Ghat if you stay somewhere far from the city centre for a comfortable ride.

Things to do at Ambrai Ghat

  • Ambrai Ghat is indeed a paradise for swimming lovers. If you visit the ghat early in the morning, you can swim at Lake Pichola with the locals. This will probably be the highlight of your trip to Udaipur. 
  • One of the best things to do at Ambrai Ghat is photography. Get your gears ready to capture the enchanting beauty of this place! Explore and discover different angles to capture unique frames from the Ambrai Ghat.
  • To unleash your spiritual side, you can witness the “aarti” (a Hindu ceremony) at Ambrai Ghat. Aarti at Ambrai Ghat takes place six times a day. So you can attend any one according to your time. However, I feel the first-morning aarti and the evening aarti are a sight to behold forever!



Morning Aarti

5:30 am

Morning Aarti

8:15 am

Morning Aarti

9:15 am

Morning Aarti

11:30 am

Afternoon Aarti

3:30 pm & 4:30 pm

Evening Aarti

5:00 pm & 6:30 pm

  • You can also visit the Ambrai restaurant nearby or other restaurants to satiate your hunger. You can go on a street food venture, as there are many street food joints in the lanes near Ambrai Ghat that sell authentic Rajasthani cuisine.

Entry fee and timings 

Previously the entry fee to the ghat was absolutely free. But nowadays, you may have to pay Rs. 10 – Rs. 20 to enter the Ambrai Ghat. Please remember that you do not have to pay a hefty amount to enter the ghat. So be aware of getting scammed.

You can enter the Ambrai Ghat at any time of the day. It is open 24×7 for everyone throughout the week.

Is it worth the hype?

How to Reach Ambrai Ghat

So now that you know about the place, its timings, and how to reach the Ambrai Ghat, one question may remain knocking on your mind. Is Ambrai Ghat worth the hype? I have a simple answer to clear your mind from this question. It is YES. Ambrai Ghat is absolutely worth the hype! You should visit the ghat at least once on your Udaipur trip. I also have to tell you that the place’s cleanliness is not up to the mark, but I am sure that won’t affect you. The views make the place worth the hype. You can find solace here on your solo trip to Udaipur.

If you are planning for a solo trip to Udaipur, then you may want to take a look at my ultimate solo travel guide too. You can go through my previous blog posts to know more about Udaipur. I look forward to your comments, so feel free to drop them below.


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