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Bali, a beautiful Indonesian island, is worth exploring as much as possible. It is one of the most famous travel destinations among female solo travellers as well. Whether you want to have a relaxed time chilling on the beaches or have an adventurous solo trip climbing Mount Agung, Bali has everything for all your needs!

But here is the thing, exploring such a huge island requires a lot of travelling around. And while public transport is definitely one of the cheapest options, it is not all that convenient. This leaves us with booking cabs and renting cars or bikes. 

In this blog, I will explain everything that you need to know about hiring a private driver on your solo trip to Bali. This service, known as chauffeur service on the island, is quite convenient and budget-friendly too!

1. Why should you hire a private driver in Bali?

Starting with this most asked question, in my opinion, hiring a private driver to explore Bali is the best option. Let me tell you why. If your accommodation is within comfortable walking distance from the beaches, famous restaurants or art markets, you do not need to worry about any sort of transport. But, to check out tourist spots in Bali (that are not near your hotel/hostel), you will need a vehicle. And this is where you will need a private driver.

I would recommend that you hire a private driver for the full length of your stay. If you have a driver on call for most of your exploring time in Bali, it will save you both time and money.

2. Which places can you go to with the hired private driver in Bali?

hiring private driver in bali

With a hired private driver, you can actually explore a lot of places. This will also give you flexibility when you plan your itinerary to Bali. And sometimes, the private driver can also recommend non-touristy places on the island for you to explore!

3. What are the prices of hiring a private driver in Bali?

Now, let’s look into the most important question. The cheapest private car and driver you can get for a day is for 600000 Indonesian Rupiah ($41.39). Anything lesser than this amount, consider it a scam, and do not take it!

Also, make a note that driving around different areas of Bali will cost you a different amount of money. Let’s say exploring South Bali and North or East Bali will have different prices! Make sure to check out all these details before finalising your decision. 

Another thing that you should keep in mind while hiring a private driver in Bali is that full-day trips are expensive than half-day trips. It may not be double the amount, but the difference will certainly be somewhere around 30% in the money. So, I would recommend that you hire a private driver for a full day. This way, you will have a ride ready in case you make sudden plans and step out of your hotel!

4. How to hire a private driver in Bali?

Hiring a private driver in Bali is not at all difficult. However, finding a good private driver can be quite challenging!

The best way to hire a private driver is through word of mouth. If you have friends or family who have been to Bali before and hired a driver, get in touch with them. If not, you always have the internet to your rescue! You can check out online travel forums or discussion groups on various social media platforms these days. But make sure you also do your research before deciding on which driver to hire.

You can also check out online websites such as BaliHolidaySecrets.com to book a private driver in Bali. All you need to do is enter the details, such as the dates of your stay in Bali and for how long you need to hire a private driver, and you will be presented with a menu of relevant results!

5. What to look for in a private driver before finalising the decision?

There are certain qualities that you should look for when you decide to hire a private driver in Bali, such as:

Good command over the language English

It’s great if you know Balinese too. Otherwise, you will have to communicate in English with everyone in Bali, including the driver. So, it is very important that you hire a private driver who is well versed in English. They should be able to understand what you are saying and your requirements related to travelling and exploring Bali. 

Local experience

This is again very important to look for in a driver in Bali. You need someone who knows the area and localities better than Google!

hiring private driver in bali

A driver who has to use maps all the time to take you to a certain location will only waste your time. I mean, if getting somewhere in Bali requires the person to look at their phone every few minutes, then you can rent a car/bike and do that all by yourself. Isn’t that right?

The point of getting a private driver in Bali is to be able to explore the island without wasting unnecessary time and money!

Flexible and humble

Both of these qualities are important. You need a private driver who is flexible to take you wherever and whenever you need. They should not be picky about the locations you select either!

Another thing that you should make sure of is how humble or aggressive the driver is. As and when you make plans, they should always be ready for changes. Because sometimes, when the drivers don’t agree with something you suggest, they tend to get a little angry. And the last thing you need on your solo trip is to get in an unnecessary argument with someone over plans that you have made.


Finally, make sure that the driver you choose includes everything in the package. For instance, the toll charges, parking fees, and petrol prices should be all-inclusive in the cost you pay to hire a private driver.

Once you get these expenses aside, you will be able to plan the rest of your expenses for the solo trip in a much more efficient manner.

6. How can you contact the private drivers in Bali upon selection?

Once you shortlist a few of the private drivers, you must be thinking about how you can contact them. Should you use WhatsApp, Facebook, or TripAdvisor? Let’s look at all the different ways of contacting private drivers in Bali. 

Giving away your phone number to strangers is not a very safe option. Nor is contacting them from your personal social media accounts. Although not so common, these strangers can stalk you on social media or even try to contact you. So, WhatsApp and Facebook are out of the options.

I would suggest that you contact the private drivers on a professional platform, say TripAdvisor or Bali Holiday Secrets. This way, you can stay anonymous and only share your contact details once you select a driver.

7. Is it possible to book private drivers from your accommodations in Bali?

The answer to that is, Yes! However, it will cost you much more than what you would be paying if you hire a private driver well in advance of your solo trip.

Although the private drivers you book from hotels in Bali will mostly be genuine, the cost is definitely going to be a lot. And not to forget the extra cost of booking last minute!

This is why make sure that you plan your solo trip in advance, including whether or not you want to hire a private driver in Bali. It will save up a lot on your budget!

However, if you have a big budget and cannot find a good private driver in advance, you can always ask the hotel staff for recommendations. That way, you will know that you are getting a genuine driver!

8. Are there any additional expenses for waiting time?

Usually, drivers do not charge an additional amount for waiting time. It’s all included in the package. But make sure that you specify the pickup point and meeting time well in advance. This will help avoid any unnecessary confusion between you and the driver. 

I would suggest that you share your itinerary and the list of all places that you want to visit with the driver. This way, they will be prepared to clear out their schedule well in advance for you. However, if you make any changes to your plans, tell your driver a day before in advance as well.

But, if you hire a private driver and include pickup from the airport in the package, they might have to wait for some time. This is because things related to flight landing and takeoff are not in anybody’s control! Also, do let them know beforehand how much luggage you will be carrying. This way, the driver will be able to bring a car that will fit all your luggage comfortably.

9. When should you make the bookings for the private driver?

Ideally, you should make the booking in advance. This will give you time to plan your solo trip and also be able to communicate with the driver. 

Avoid choosing a day or two before your solo trip for the bookings. Not only is it difficult to get good private drivers on such short notice, but it will also mess up your plans if you are not able to find someone who understands your requirements. 

10. Will there be an additional fee for early morning pickups?

Well, no. There should not be an additional fee for early morning pickups. However, communicate with the driver well in advance regarding the same. You do not want to spring something like this on your driver a day before you need them to pick you up. Chances are, if they are not comfortable with early morning pickups, they will reject, and you will be left hanging!

11. Is it okay to tip the drivers in Bali?

You must have had this question a couple of times while considering hiring a private driver in Bali. Although it may look like a genuine gesture in other countries, people don’t generally tip in Bali. Drivers don’t expect you to tip them either.

However, if you wish to tip your driver, you can do so. But make sure you ask them if it is okay to do so before doing it!

12. What happens if your stay in Bali gets extended?

If something like this happens, you can communicate with your driver. Generally, you might have booked the driver for a certain period of time. And if your stay gets extended and you still need a private driver, you can ask the driver if they will be free for a couple of days more.

If they are not free, you can ask them if they can refer another driver for a few days. But keep in mind that getting another driver on such short notice may cost you extra money!

If your driver rejects the extended request, I would suggest that you take public transport. Or, if you are confident in your riding skills, you can even rent a moped for yourself. Trust me, riding a moped is quite an experience in itself that you should definitely explore on your solo trip to Bali!

Now that you know everything there is to know about hiring a private driver in Bali, I would only like to add one thing at the end. Do thorough research before finalising a driver, which is the most important thing while selecting a private driver. And also, make sure you are able to communicate freely with the driver. They are going to be like a friend or companion on your solo trip to Bali, so you might as well get comfortable discussing your plans with them! And the most important tip I have for you is not to get worked up about the do’s and don’ts of a place before your solo trip—go easy—everything will just be fine! 


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