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Bali is one of my most favourite travel destinations. It so happens that it is also the destination that I travelled to for my first ever solo trip. While I was a little nervous, for obvious reasons, I surely had a lovely time and made tons of memories that I will cherish forever!

That said, packing and unpacking my bags are my least favourite part of any solo trip. But packing is arguably one of the most important things about planning a solo trip.

Since Bali is an island destination, luckily, you do not need to pack a lot of things. Unlike cold travel destinations that require you to pack multiple warm clothes, Bali is quite the opposite. Some cotton clothes, swimwear, a good pair of flip flops would be enough for your solo trip to Bali.

Now, let’s take a detailed look at everything you need for your solo trip to this beautiful island!

1. A medium-sized travel bag

This is definitely one of the most important things you need to carry with you to Bali. When you go about exploring the beautiful island, the travel bag will be helpful for you to keep your belongings in. Make sure that you pack a travel bag which fits well in your luggage too. You do not want one thing that you are packing to make you want to take out other things you might need on the solo trip. Even better, you can get a travel bag that comes with multiple tiny pockets. It will be easier for you to store small items such as tissues, keys, and other essential things in these pockets. 

2. Reusable water bottle

In order to cut down on using unnecessary plastic items, you should carry a reusable water bottle to Bali. Although Bali is not the most eco-friendly destination out there, it is doing its best to cut down on the usage of plastic on the island. A lot of hotels and restaurants in Bali will let you fill your water bottle with filtered water. So, getting clean, filtered water would not be a problem!

3. Quick-dry microfiber towels

Visiting an island destination like Bali means spending a lot of your time on the beaches. And you definitely should check out the stunning beaches in Bali

Quick-dry microfiber towels can be a saviour in such times. The best part about these towels is that not only do they dry you off quickly, but they also remain dry themselves too.

4. Dry and wet bags

Again, going to the beach means that you will be going into the water. And with that comes wet clothes. For this, I would suggest that you carry separate bags for your wet and dry clothes. You can even carry your soiled flip-flops in these bags!

5. Flip flops

Since I mentioned flip flops in the previous point, let’s make it a point to carry at least one pair of flip flops on your solo trip to Bali. There is no doubt that sneakers or your pretty sandals make a great option for footwear with most outfits. But flip flops make a better option for when you visit the beaches. One of the many reasons being the fact that they are easy to wear and take off!

6. Mosquito sprays

While we are mentioning the things you will possibly need during your visit to the beach, it is fair to add a mosquito spray to the list. More often, you will find mosquitos on the beaches rather than in other places. This will be happening more when you stay back after the sunset. And let’s be honest, sunset views from the beaches are definitely the most breathtaking than any other place!

So, do not forget to carry a mosquito repellent spray on your solo trip to Bali. Alternatively, you can even get mosquito-repelling bracelets that are much more convenient than sprays. Mosquito repellent sprays leave your skin feeling oily, and nobody likes that, right? With mosquito-repelling bracelets, you just need to wear them on your wrist and ankles to keep the mosquitos away!

7. Swimwear

When it comes to clothes that you need in Bali, swimwear is definitely a must! Do we even need a reason for it? I mean, it’s a beach you are visiting and what can be better than sunbathing in your favourite swimwear, right? So, pack a pair or two of your favourite swimwear on your solo trip to Bali!

8. Sunscreen

Another item that you need which is completely related to the last one I mentioned, is sunscreen. All the time you enjoy sunbathing, or even swimming or trying out water sports at the beach will leave you with serious tan lines! To avoid this, it is essential that you slather a good amount of sunscreen on the exposed parts of your body every time you step out of your hotel in Bali. Also, keep in mind to reapply the sunscreen after every two to three hours to ensure it does what it says!

9. A cute little hat

This is not really a necessity, but it would be great if you could carry one anyway. The reason being you cannot apply sunscreen to your hair! And spending more time outside, especially on the beaches in the hot weather, will only cause damage to your hair. So, if it is possible for you to fit a small hat in your luggage, do it! 

10. Umbrella

I think it is understood that sun rays are harmful to our skin. And you need all the protection you can get from the sunrays. This is where your umbrella will add an additional protective shield!

Do not think too much about the size of the umbrella that you should carry. You do not really need a big one as it may look a little odd in public places and will also take up extra space in your luggage. A cute, compact umbrella will do the job. And the umbrella will make your pictures look lovely too!

11. Sarong or coverup

Again, when you chill at the beach, a sarong (a type of Balinese coverup) may be helpful. This is important because in most countries, including Bali, wearing appropriate clothes in public places is mandatory. This rule mainly applies to women who chill at the beaches in their bikinis or swimwear. While that is not an issue as long as you are on the beach, you will have to cover yourself up once you leave the beach and are in a public place.

12. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are another beach essential, and I promise this is the last one! While you carry sunscreen and a hat to protect your body from the harmful rays, a pair of sunglasses is something that will protect your eyes! Also, you do not want your fancy eye makeup to melt away!

13. Light clothes

Since Bali is an island destination, the climate is usually warm. Unless you are going for a trek at midnight or planning on witnessing the sunrise in Bali, you can easily spend your vacation in light, cotton clothes. For this reason, I would suggest that you carry light clothes to Bali. Let’s say tube tops, cotton shirts, jean shorts, cotton skirts, and a scarf would not only be sufficient for your entire solo trip but also take up lesser space in your luggage!

Read my guide on what to wear on your solo trip to Bali.

14. Thin sweater or cardigan

I know, I know! I already mentioned that you do not need to carry warm clothes. But on most days in Bali, early mornings can get a little chilly. Although you will not need your warm and comfy clothes, a thin cardigan or sweater to wear over your outfit would do the job. These can be really helpful if you plan on going on a trek in Bali or if you make plans to explore the island early in the morning!

15. Shoes

Again, a good pair of shoes can come in handy when you want to climb a hill or visit a place that requires you to walk around a lot. While flip-flops and sandals are a better footwear option in an island destination, it would not hurt to carry a pair of shoes with you!

16. Toiletries

When you say toiletries, there might be a lot of things that pop in your head—for instance, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and a whole lot of other products. But for Bali, you might need additional products too. Let’s say wet face wipes, moisturiser, and napkins. Wet face wipes can be your saviour in the hot months of Bali when you sweat a lot! 

17. Body mists and deodorants 

For days where you sweat a lot, body mists and deodorants will be your best friends. This is because no matter how many times you bathe in a day, you are bound to sweat a little. If you are someone who sweats a lot, then carry 2-3 deodorants and body mists in your luggage. Trust me—they will be very helpful on days where you plan to spend most of your time exploring Bali!

18. Sanitary products

This is another of the very important things that you should definitely carry on your solo trip to Bali. While it is entirely possible for you to buy sanitary products in Bali, it would be better to be ready in advance for when your period arrives.

One of the reasons why you should always carry sanitary products from your home country is that the sizes and brands differ in every country. Now, a certain size of a sanitary product from your home country may suit you perfectly, whereas the same size in another country may not.

Check out my guide on how to deal with your periods on your solo trip.

19. Waterproof camera or phone seal

Although a waterproof camera is not an essential item to carry, a waterproof phone seal surely is. When you visit the beautiful waterfalls of Bali (and I highly recommend that you do), your phone/camera may get wet in the water. To avoid unnecessary damage to your gadgets, make sure you carry waterproof ones!

If the phone you have is not waterproof, there is no need to buy another one. You can simply purchase a waterproof phone seal. It will cost you much cheaper and not even take up too much space in your luggage. 

20. Basic first aid kit

what to pack for bali

A basic first aid kit containing minimal items like cotton, gauge, antiseptic cream, and bandages is a must-have. Even though you may not really need it most of the time, carrying one regardless can be a smart move on your part! 

21. Medicines

It is essential that you carry some basic medicines with you on your solo trip to Bali. If you go on a trek and end up spraining your ankle, painkillers will be pretty helpful. Before every solo trip, I make a list of the basic medicines that I may need on the trip. It helps me keep a note of all medicines without forgetting anything. 

Another important thing to consider while packing your medicines is prescribed medications. While it is possible for you to get any medicine in any part of the world, some prescribed ones are usually not available everywhere. 

22. Mini shaving kit

what to pack for bali

You will most probably be wearing a bikini or swimwear on the beach that will reveal your arms and legs. If you are someone who does not like showing off hairy legs and arms, then you can carry a mini shaving kit in your luggage. The kit can come in handy for that emergency hair removal too!

So, have you packed all your essentials for your solo trip to Bali?

Phew! That was quite a list, huh? But these are items that can make your solo trip to Bali easy. However, if you feel you may not need some of the items from this list, feel free to drop them and add the ones that you may need. The best way to do this is by starting to write a checklist a week before your solo trip. You can either write them down on your smartphone or be traditional and stick to paper and pen!


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