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Top 20 Countries to Visit in 2024 for Solo Travel

If you are someone who loves travelling alone and is planning a solo trip soon, keep reading to know about the top 20 countries to visit in 2024! 

1. Dubai

In these times, a trip to Dubai would be the safest bet. The United Arab Emirates has already started welcoming travellers from all around the world. Their safety checks and protocols are some of the most important things that will make you feel safe while you are there!

Emirates Airlines, UAE’s flag carrier, has begun offering global coverage for medical expenses and isolation costs. Dubai’s luxurious ocean-themed resort Atlantis, The Palm, is ready to cover your test expenses and provide you with resort credit if you stay at their resort for five nights or more! Isn’t that a steal deal?

2. Greece

If you are an avid traveller and want to explore every beautiful part of the world, Greece should definitely be on your solo travel list of countries to visit in 2024. 

Modern Greece’s first capital – Athens – would be a great place to join the celebration. Nearby beaches and ancient sites like the imposing ruins of Mycenae, hilltop Palamidi fortress, and the Epidaurus amphitheater are some of the beautiful tourist attractions in Athens that you must check out!

3. Guyana

The only English-speaking country in South America, Guyana is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has a diverse population consisting of African, European, Indian, and Chinese influences that make this place rather intriguing to explore.

Guyana has an abundance of the natural bounty that consists of interior rainforests, cinematic waterfalls, and eco-lodges, among other places! Approximately 87 percent of the country’s territory consists of dense rainforest, and human contact is rather sparse here.

4. Costa Rica

A beautiful country in Central America, Costa Rica is known for its surf-pummelled beaches, spewing volcanoes, and misty cloud forests. Home to over six percent of the world’s biodiversity, the country is located between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

If you are a nature-lover, then Costa Rica must be on your list as it is uniformly green and beautiful! There are plenty of places in the country that you can visit, like the Guatuso Indigenous Reserve or the remote Osa Peninsula. 

The Guatuso Indigenous Reserve has Costa Rica’s smallest tribe of indigenous people known as the Maleku. If you have a keen interest in history as well, this place will not disappoint you!

5. The Maldives

Do you prefer beaches over mountains and hills? Then the Maldives must surely be one of the countries to visit in 2024 in your bucket-list! You can do many interesting things here like scuba diving, sailing, swimming, or just chilling on their white sand beaches. And I also think a beach destination is a great first choice to kickstart your solo travel journey with. 

Some of the most luxurious hotels offering incredible stay packages are Radisson Blu, Le Meridien, Ritz-Carlton, Capella, and Patina!

The world’s-first country-wide loyalty program – the Maldives Border Miles Program will allow visitors to earn points on the basis of how often they visit the Maldives and for how many days!

6. New Zealand

There are plenty of cool activities you can do in New Zealand like star-gazing on Stewart Island or forest therapy in Waiheke, among other things! And it is one of the safest destinations for solo female travellers from around the world. So, keep your bags ready to travel to this beautiful country that has strong ties with nature and history!

7. Hawaii – US

Even though Hawaii is a popular travel destination among tourists, it is highly underrated. And I wonder why it is one of the least preferred destinations amongst solo female travellers!

There are many beautiful beaches that offer breathtaking sunrise and sunset views. Some of the beaches, such as Punaluʻu Beach and Papakōlea Beach, even have green and black sand, respectively. How cool and extraordinary is that? If you venture out and discover the place for yourself, you may even discover some hidden charms!

No matter which beach and accommodation you choose, Hawaii is surely going to surprise you! If you are a beach bum, Hawaii must definitely be on your travel list of countries to visit in 2024!

8. Singapore

Singapore has got the prettiest airport in the world! Though you would not want to spend extra time at any airport more than you have to, Singapore’s Changi Airport is definitely going to change this point of view of yours!

In 2019, the Changi Airport opened a beautiful tall indoor waterfall at the Changi Jewels. This is one of the things that attract tourists to hang out at the airport!

Apart from the beautiful airport, Singapore has plenty of other things to offer, like UNESCO-listed botanical gardens, Lion City, and luxury hotels. The food offered in the country is mouthwatering as well. Whether it is $500-per-plate Michelin-starred fine dining or $5 Hainan chicken rice from a food stall, the food will surely tickle your taste buds and keep you wanting more!

9. Scotland

One of the famous tourist attractions in Scotland is the Shetland Islands – surrounded by the western reaches of Norway and whale-filled waters of Scotland. One thing you must not miss on your trip to Scotland is the food! Lobsters, haddocks, velvet crabs, mackerel, and mussels are hauled and served at the trendiest food places. 

However, Scotland has got more to it than the food. This year, the UK’s most northerly folk festival will be held in Scotland. Along with this, many people are expected to take part in the Whale and Dolphin Conservation’s beefed-up Shorewatch scheme! Now, this is something you wouldn’t want to miss, right?

10. Thailand

Famous for the breathtaking beaches, historical temples, mouthwatering food, and beautiful landscapes, Thailand is one of the best countries to visit in 2024 for a little time off of your mundane life! 

Recently, Thailand started promoting domestic tourism. That is, they built plenty of new restaurants and hotels, especially in Bangkok. Charoenkrung area, the country’s historic riverside, recently opened two luxury hotels – Four Seasons Bangkok and Capella. Most importantly, it is also one of the budget-friendly destinations in the list!

11. United Kingdom

Even though the country consists of a cluster of small islands, there is plenty of non-touristy things to do for those who are wary of crowds. There is the dramatic coastline paths of Cornwall and Wales, the beautiful scenery at the end of London’s Underground lines, the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, and the hills and waters of the breathtaking Lake District for you to explore!

12. Sri Lanka

One of the most beautiful Asian countries, Sri Lanka, offers some beautiful places for you to explore. Their rolling tea plantations, wildlife-rich jungles, mist-shrouded mountains, and golden beaches make the country a must-visit once things get back to normal! 

Sri Lanka’s fourth highest peak, Adam’s Peak, gives a breathtaking view of the places around. I’d say Sri Lanka is a must-visit solo travel destination in Asia. Now isn’t this reason enough to make a trip to Sri Lanka this year?

13. Zimbabwe

One of the most underrated countries in South Africa, Zimbabwe has some beautiful gems waiting to be explored. The country is home to four heritage sites – the Kama Ruins, Victoria Falls, the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, and Mana Pools National Parks.

Zimbabwe is perfect for adventure enthusiasts as they can go canoeing and white water rafting in the Zambezi river. Some of the famous tourist attractions in the country include Matopos National Park, Kariba Dam, and Great Zimbabwe National Monument.

14. Kyrgyzstan

One of the best countries to visit in 2024, Kyrgyzstan is the land of celestial mountains, rolling pastures, and crystal clear lakes. The huge number of shepherds who have inhabited the country and embraced its nomadic lifestyle are what bring natural beauty to life. 

Plan a solo trip to this country in 2024, and you might just learn a different culture, folklore, and extremely interesting Epic of Manas!

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15. Jordan

Jordan is one of the most beautiful countries in the Middle-East. It offers a wide variety of things for you to do and explore in the country, like floating in the Dead Sea, taking a mud bath, and visiting Mount Nebo. 

If you are a history buff, you can also visit the pyramids and learn more about their culture from the locals. An added advantage – you can ride a camel as you explore the pyramids! Also, Jordan has many historical monuments associated with several religions. This makes Jordan one of the best countries to visit in 2024!

16. Belarus

Belarus has recently become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe. With a rocking and colorful nightlife and an impressive chain of cafes and restaurants, Belarus will not disappoint you. For those interested in history, the country is a must-visit as it offers many historical gems that can be explored, like the National Memorial Complex at Khatyn and the Stalinist structures of Minsk!

Other tourist attractions in the country include Nyazvish Castle, Braslav Lake Area, Gomel Palace, and Mir Castle.

17. Bhutan 

With so much peace and calm around, Bhutan is considered the happiest country on Earth. Now isn’t this a good enough reason to make a trip to Bhutan? Yes! However, there are plenty of other things as well that you can do in the country like hiking, learning archery, experiencing a homestay, and attending festivals!

The tourist attractions such as Punakha Dzong, Chomolhari, Paro Taktsang, and Phobjikha Valley make Bhutan one of the best countries to visit in 2024!

18. Ethiopia

Its ancient culture and interesting archaeological sites make Ethiopia one of the beautiful countries to visit in 2024. Offering many outdoor adventures, nature’s bounties, and historical monuments to explore, Ethiopia will not let you down! For history and adventure lovers and curious minds, this place will surely make your visit a memorable one.

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19. The Netherlands

The Netherlands always remains one of the top tourist countries regardless of the year and season. Be it contemporary music, 17th-century music, or artistic heritage, there is something intriguing about the Netherlands that always attracts tourists from all across the globe. Also, you cannot go wrong if you are planning for backpacking here. The tourist attractions include windmills, tulip fields, and cycling tracks! It is definitely one of the best European countries to visit in 2024.

20. Japan

Japan is probably the safest destination for solo travellers. If you are someone who is still skeptical about solo travel, Japan is the country you want to start with!

Be it for culture, food, amazing public transport, or cherry blossoms, the country has everything to make a trip worthwhile. Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka are the cities you will want to explore if it’s going to be a short trip. But trust me, Japan is so addicting that you might want to keep visiting until you explore every nook and cranny of the country. You can read my detailed solo travel guide to Japan here.

best countries for solo travel in 2024


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