What are the Common Tourist Scams in Udaipur?

Udaipur is regarded as one of the best cities in the world for solo travel. On your Udaipur trip, the city offers you architectural splendour, royal culture, captivating nature, and great historical insights. However, keeping the charm of this old city aside, you may also come across the unfortunate scams that can change your experience in the city.

The common tourist scams prevail everywhere in the world. No matter where you are travelling, you have to be cautious to avoid these certain scams. You might encounter fake tour guides, duplicate products, taxi scams, pickpocketing, etc. Although Udaipur is considered a safe destination for solo women travellers, it is advisable to be aware of all probable scams in Udaipur.

Visiting Udaipur a few times has given me a heads up about all the possible scams in the city. Make sure to read till the end of the blog and find out about the common scams before starting your venture in the “City of Lakes.”

1. The fake tourist guides

The city is a hub for tourists and has seen a rise in fake tourist guides. One will come across these unofficial tour guides at the famous spots of Udaipur. Initially, they may sound professional, but in reality, they are just here to make some quick money. These scammers will mainly target you if you are from a foreign country and charge you exorbitantly. 

These fake guides not only charge you an excessively high rate but also do not provide you with proper insights into the place. It is always advised to check the authenticity of the guide before making the payment. I agree. It does get difficult to differentiate between the real and fake guides. You can hire guides from the ticket counters, as they are the official guides of the place. 

2. The cab drivers scam you by taking longer routes

Being one of the most well-connected cities in India, you can reach all the places in Udaipur easily. The cab drivers often take you through the longer routes to charge you excessively. Excuses like “I don’t need GPS” and “This road is closed for construction” are very common for you to hear in Udaipur while travelling by cab. You can get scammed in Udaipur quite easily like this. 

Make sure they take the right route to reach your destination. Preferably, while boarding a cab, follow the GPS to avoid getting scammed by the drivers. 

3. The taxi or auto-rickshaw scam 

what are the scams in udaipur

Probably one of the most common scams you will find in every place in India and so in Udaipur. The taxis or autos are all prepped to scam you. They might say that their cab’s or auto’s meter is not working and make you pay way more than usual. You can’t even fight with them, as they have an association. So you will be bound to pay the extra money.

Sometimes the drivers even tamper with the meter to charge you excessively. I have myself got scammed like this once in Udaipur. So be aware and discuss your charges well before you board your mode of transportation

4. Scams in the name of religion

Nowadays, the business in the name of religion is as common as it gets. One of the biggest scams in Udaipur takes place in the name of religion. Some people hoax you by telling stories as you unleash your spiritual side and offer homage to the temples. They convince you to pay way more for pujas inside the temple. They even ask you for hefty donations for the temple. 

Please be aware of such frauds, and when you encounter such people, simply avoid them. To be on the right side, get to know the prices before visiting any temple.

5. Make sure to secure your belongings from pickpocketing

Whether you are shopping or exploring the nooks and corners of the city, be on alert mode. In Udaipur, pickpockets take place all the time. So make sure your belongings are safe and secure.

I would suggest you keep your cash divided into different pockets. At the same time, just be aware of whom you are communicating with or bumping into. This is the only way to avoid this type of scam in Udaipur.

6. Sellers might dupe you on your shopping journey

what are the scams in udaipur

Shopping is the most fun part of Udaipur. However, your shopping journey can easily turn into a nightmare. There are several markets in Udaipur selling fabrics, jewellery, and handcrafted goods.

You may buy thinking the products are original, but somehow scammers have their way of duping you with duplicate products. I have experienced this in Udaipur as well. There is always a chance that the product you are buying can be fake. So I would suggest that if you are purchasing something expensive on your Udaipur vacation, make sure to buy it from a government-registered place or an authentic store that has been in the market for a long time.

7. Fraudulent by the hotel 

Fraud cases by the hotel are very rare in Udaipur, but there’s still a chance of you getting scammed. The only way to avoid any scams by the hotel is to instantly take receipts of everything you pay.

Ensure you know about the hotel’s policy, so there is not even a slight chance of you getting scammed.

A tip for the travellers

Even if you get scammed in Udaipur, do not rush. First of all, calm yourself down and head to the police station for tourists without hesitation. They have specially built one to control these scams in the city and for the welfare of the tourists. 

So now that you know about all the scams and what to do if you get scammed, do not hold yourself back from visiting Udaipur. All tourist places have scams, but I assure you the scams won’t put you off from travelling to Udaipur. Time and again, the city’s warmth will make you want to visit the city. 


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