How to Beat the Heat During Summertime in Udaipur

Is the scorching sun too hot for you to go out? Are you trying to cope with the heat without getting more sunburn? If you are searching for answers to these eternal struggles in travelling, you have come to the right place. Here, I provide some tips to stay cool and chill during summers in Udaipur. Some promising ways to beat the heat during summers in Udaipur are having a proper diet plan, travelling to monsoon tourist destinations, wearing sunscreen and cotton fabrics, and, of course, staying hydrated. If you plan to escape the heat, don’t miss reading this blog. I have shared a little secret of mine at the end. Shall we get started?

how to beat the heat in udaipur

1. Stay hydrated at all cost

I know you would have heard this numerous times during the summer season, but still, I am here to remind you that staying hydrated beats the heat and improves your physical health. Some of the best drinks that are a must-try in Udaipur are Jal jeera, Lassi, Sharbat, and Chaach. Although they are available in all places, the taste always depends on the preparation. And I like the taste of these drinks in Udaipur, especially their Lassi. So, don’t miss trying out the popular drinks available there. If you still have second thoughts about trying those drinks, you can always have fresh juice, buttermilk, or water. 

2. Consume food in lesser quantity

Don’t worry. I’m not going to ask you to do dieting. You can relax. However, there is something that I would suggest you do during travelling in Udaipur. That is to eat smaller meals. I am not telling you to starve yourself during the travel. You can eat food more often but have them in smaller quantities. As you eat smaller meals, the metabolic activity is comparatively less, which will reduce the amount of heat produced in the body. It is also better to add more fresh fruits to your meal portions so that they would maintain an average body temperature. If you plan to stay cool, eat smaller meals but don’t end up eating less. Eat as much as you want with proper intervals. This would probably be the best thing to beat the heat in Udaipur, a popular place in the desert state of India.

3. Travel to monsoon destinations

If you find the diet plan tormenting, I have a better option for you. You can escape the heat in Udaipur by visiting the hill stations or any monsoon destinations. Indeed, the sun’s rays will be lesser than that of the other regions of Udaipur in hilly areas. Mount Abu and Pipliya Ji are my favourite chilly places. Nevertheless, you can find the monsoon destinations of Udaipur here.

4. Apply sunscreen to prevent sun damage

Usually, when it comes to summer routines, people don’t give much importance to skincare. As a solo traveller, you must know the rule of thumb is truly beating the heat. And that is wearing sunscreen and moisturiser. Keep these precious items in your travel bag. If you are roaming out for more than two hours, do not forget to apply sunscreen every two hours. If you fail to do so, then you will have to struggle with dry and flaky skin. Also, don’t forget to carry wet tissues to wipe the dust off your face during travel.

5. Wear cotton fabrics 

The clothes you wear should be given more importance while you plan to keep yourself away from the sun’s heat waves. If possible, you could do some summer shopping which would prove useful. It is best to opt for cotton fabrics rather than synthetic ones. Cotton fabric provides more comfort and will also help to stay cool. Always go for lighter colours over darker shades which would repel sunlight rather than attract it. It is better to avoid shoes. Always go with sandals to allow some air circulation. I can sense disappointment here. Don’t worry. Summer clothing does not necessarily need to be boring. You could make it cool by matching it with proper accessories, scarves, hats, caps, etc. And yes, finally, don’t forget to wear your sunglasses.   

6. Take a bath before bedtime

I am giving these suggestions based on my own experience, but apart from this, there are various other things that you could follow to escape from the scorching sun. You could certainly indulge in a bath before bedtime, which would decrease the heat in the body. If you plan to go for a walk or buy something before bedtime, it is better to do it in the morning or the evening. The temperature would be preferably low, and the humidity in the air would be less. 

My little secret

My little secret is avoiding direct exposure to the sun during peak time. Avoid visiting open area destinations like parks, gardens, boat rides, or shopping in Udaipur between 1 pm to 4 pm when the sun is at its highest. Instead, you can visit museums and palaces that demand your attention for a long time and are also safely structured from the sun’s direct influence.

That’s all my tips on beating the heat in Udaipur’s summers. So if you are staying in Udaipur or planning a trip to Udaipur shortly, try following these tips to enjoy your stay fully. Stay cool this summer in Udaipur with my small tips. 

Learn more about the summer season in Udaipur. Have a safe and happy solo trip to Udaipur, ladies!


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