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Yes! The article is about clothing essentials in Italy, but plainly not only about clothing. Apart from clothing, there are certain things you must wear in Italy to tackle their weather and ace the safety threats on solo travel. 

You must wear a scarf, money belt, sunglasses, hat, and gloves, to name a few. If you want to know why you need to wear them on your solo travel to Italy, read further. 

What to wear in Italy?

City & Dress


Florence: Summer dress

The summer dress gives a gentle look. A picture in this outfit with a hat in the background of vintage wonder is amazing.

Venice: Boot cut jeans with collar top

Anything other than dresses and skirts is fit for boat travel in Venice.

Rome: Full sleeve blouse top with flared jeans

Rome is an ancient city, and the locals don't like people wearing exposing clothes.

Naples: Same boot cut jeans with floral top

There is no particular reason. You can wear any outift that suits the vibe of the city and the locals.

Milan: Body con dress or skinny jeans with a one-shoulder top

Milan is a fashionable city in Italy. You have the liberty to wear anything of your likeness.

Sicily: Cami top with denim shorts

A breezy look for a breezy experience at the Sicilian islands

You can wear the same jeans, shorts, and skirt mixed with different tops on your solo travel to Italy to save space and reduce the luggage weight. In winter, you can wear jeans with a hoodie or woollen sweaters. Otherwise, wear the usual and wrap it with a winter jacket or trench coat. 

Please read my blog post on what to pack for your solo trip to Italy to know the packing list of Italy besides the wearables. At the last resort, what you wear in Italy is your choice. Keep it simple and original. 


After clothing, the essential wearable thing to deal with is footwear. Since our outfits include summer dress to party wear gowns carrying a single piece of footwear won’t be helping. I recommend you to wear a sneaker and carry a flip-flop, boot, and a wedge to wear at the appropriate times. 


Sneakers are the best-assured footwear to transverse Italy on your solo travel. You can wear sneakers for any outfit. Also, they help you walk in the Italian sideways and mountain road easily. But make sure to find a sneaker that is a good fit for long walking. 

Flip flops

Flip flops go well for parades on the shore, a casual walk in the park, and strolling in wine gardens. Flip-flop suits summer dresses. However, you cannot use them in enduring paths. Flip-flop means easy wearable. So, they are slippery in queer places. 

Hiking boots

You have to wear hiking boots in Italy if you are planning to go hiking on trails like Mount Etna and Mount Vesuvius. Hiking boots weigh higher than other footwear. Even so, carry and wear them in Italy. 


Not necessarily wedges because you can couple your party gowns with any classy footwear! Wedges are my choice as I am not that comfortable with pencil heels. You can wear any casual sandal and travel solo in your alluring outfit!

Rain/Winter boots

Instead of flip-flops, wear rain or winter boots if you have decided to travel solo in the months of rain in Italy. 

Earmuffs and gloves

An ear muffler and gloves are a must-wear in the winter season in Italy. Buy a quality earmuff with a trim fit to enable warmth. For gloves, go for ski gloves. In that way, you can use it if you go skiing or ice climbing in Italy. 

Foldable trekking jacket

Your solo travel to Italy includes adventurous activities like trekking. While trekking in Italy, you can wear a foldable trekking jacket. A foldable jacket is easy to carry. Before purchasing a jacket, see if they are

  • Lightweight 
  • Windproof
  • Waterproof
  • Warmth range between 10 to – 0 degrees
  • Eco-design


The next on the list of things to wear on your solo travel to Italy is a scarf. Yes, Italians wear a scarf. Also, there is an Italian way of wearing a scarf. Want to know how to wear a scarf like an Italian? 

  • First, wear a scarf from behind of your neck. 
  • Take one end of the scarf wrap it around the neck. 
  • Now, insert both the ends of the scarf into the loop formed around the neck. 
  • Pull the two ends and settle them neatly.

Wearing a scarf in the holy destinations of Italy is mandatory. So, buy a headscarf and pack it before your solo travel to Italy. You have many options available in the market to choose from, like a sheer scarf, pashmina scarf, and silk scarf. 

Sunglasses and hat

You will have to wear sunglasses and a hat all the time except during winter on your solo travel to Italy. Don’t underestimate sunglasses and a hat. As a traveller, you will be spending more than half the day under the hot sun. Direct attack of the sun causes fatigue eyes and migraine. You do not want to spend your holidays with a migraine! 

Money belt

It is not the first time I am telling about the threats in Italy. Italy is a wonderful place. Still, certain places prove to be unsafe because of incidents like bag snatching and theft among travellers. Hence, wearing a money belt is compulsory in Italy.

Money belts are worthy for many reasons, like lessening the burden of safety. The compact space of the belt is also sufficient to carry 

  • ATM cards
  • Passport
  • Travel itineraries
  • Other travel cards of importance

So, on your solo travel to Italy, wear money belts at your convenience. Some people like to wear it around the waist. Some like to wear a cross-body bag. If you prefer wearing a money belt across the body, you have the option of neck pouches. They, too, are travel-friendly.

Travel backpack

In the initial stage of my travel, I always carried a backpack. Without it, I felt incomplete. The sense of a light load on my bag felt necessary. Now, I have accustomed to wearing a money belt.

If you are that person, wear a travel backpack enhanced with knife cut-proof, lockable zip, and a safety pouch inside. The reason to wear a travel backpack on your solo travel to Italy is you can carry travel and safety essentials like tablets, umbrellas, chargers, and so on, all the time with you. If you think about user comfort, then a travel backpack is a great choice!

Zipped jacket

Till now, we have seen two ways to save our valuables in Italy. That is to wear a money belt and a travel backpack. Yet another way to save your valuables is wearing zipped jackets. You can style the jacket with all the outfits. 

Why wear zipped jackets on your solo travel to Italy? 

Zipped jackets happen to have inner pockets where you can put your money and cards. So buy a zipped jacket with inner pouches. 


what to wear in italy

Moving on, Italian cities like Naples and Sicily call your attention to their heavenly waterbodies. Sicily, a city of islands, will be unexplored if you don’t step into its sea. Likewise, the Ischia island in Naples is also fascinating with thermal health spas. So wear a swim dress while you are travelling to beachy locations in Italy. 


Watch is one of the efficient underrated tools of travellers. As a traveller, time is your valuable friend to attend. Wear a watch to monitor the passing time. If you fail to stick to your time plan, then it affects the rest of the plan. The domino effect! 

Avoid replacing a watch with a mobile phone because it is unsafe to expose your mobile and drag unwanted attention. Remember that tours like museums, galleries, and castle visits set a time limit upon your entry. Hence, it would help if you were mindful of the time. So wear a watch and master timekeeping on your solo travel in Italy.

Party gowns

Nightlife in Italy is equally fun as your daytime visiting tourist destinations. If you are staying in a hostel in Italy, then there is a fat chance you will end up with a party crowd. On such occurrence, ace your party time in Italy with gowns. You can also wear party gowns at the operas in Italy.

What you wear matters

A quick gist of what to wear on solo travel to Italy list? What you wear in Italy depends on the weather, safety and the place of visit. That said, you can wear comfy clothes, breathable jackets, a scarf, robust shoes, a money belt, a travel backpack, sunglasses, and a hat. Just wear what matters for an effortless showy journey in Italy!

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