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Sanur is a quieter seaside town in Bali. It is one of the perfect places for solo female travellers to have some peaceful time away from the more crowded tourist locations, Kuta and Seminyak, on the island.

You will love exploring Sanur if you are looking to spend some relaxed time while admiring the natural beauty. Along with the beaches, Sanur also has a host of eateries and restaurants that serve mouthwatering local and international cuisine

If you are planning a solo trip to Bali, I would suggest that you spend a day or two in Sanur to explore the town to its fullest.

The best time to visit Sanur, Bali

Since Sanur is a beautiful place whose natural beauty has remained untouched, the best time to explore it would be during the warmer months. Since the wet months, typically from October till December, may make it difficult for you to step out of your hotel room and explore the places, warmer months are way better!

My first solo trip to Bali was in November. Although the weather remained quite pleasant, I secretly wished I had made the trip during warmer months.

How to reach Sanur from the airport?

Depending on which Bali airport you land at, you can easily book a cab to reach Sanur. However, make sure that you book genuine cabs because Bali, especially the airports, has a lot of fake taxis around. The drivers scam tourists by charging extra. They will either tell you that their meter is broken and charge a price three or four times higher than usual or take the longer route to get to your destination.

In my opinion, the most genuine cab service is Blue Bird Taxis. Always make sure you book your ride from them.

Getting around in Sanur

Just like exploring every other place in Bali, exploring Sanur can be best experienced with a rented two-wheeled vehicle, also known as a moped. These vehicles are extremely famous in Bali and a must-try for every tourist! I feel riding a moped allows you to explore the island in a much more local way!

However, make sure that you are confident in your riding skills. The one thing that annoys everyone the most about Bali is the poor road condition. This also increases your chances of getting into a road accident and ending up in a hospital!

Also, while you are confident in your riding skills and are ready to explore Sanur, always keep your helmet on! It is a must when you are riding on the roads in Bali.

Affordable hotels to stay in Sanur 

Being a solo female traveller, I feel we are always on a budget that we have to stick to while travelling. And most of the time, accommodations take up a big chunk of that budget. Fortunately, Bali is a budget-friendly destination, and you can easily get a beautiful yet affordable hotel here.

Following are some of the affordable hotels that you can check out in Sanur.

Arena Living

One of the most affordable yet comfortable accommodations in Sanur, you should definitely check this one out! Some of the attractive features of Arena Living include a private bathroom with free toiletries, a terrace, an outdoor pool, and flat-screen TVs in every room. You also get a balcony with beautiful garden views to wake up to every morning!

You can also dine at the hotel’s restaurant, which serves delicious cuisine including American, Indonesian, and French.

Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport is at a distance of 12 kilometres from the hotel, so you can easily reach here by booking a cab.

Approximate price of a room per night – 370045 Indonesian Rupiah ($25.49)

Akana Boutique Hotel

Akana Boutique Hotel is a beautiful accommodation on a budget. It is located at a five minutes walk from the famous Mertasari Beach in Sanur. The hotel offers all the basic amenities that you need to have a comfortable stay here, including an air-conditioner, pool views from the balcony, a private bathroom with toiletries and a hairdryer, and a flat-screen TV. You also get laundry and dry cleaning services at the hotel.

The Sanur Main Street, located within walking distance from the hotel, has all the main shops and stores that you can check out for some local shopping. You can also dine in at the hotel’s restaurant for some mouthwatering food dishes that include Continental, Asian and American cuisine.

The nearest airport from the hotel is Bali Denpasar International Airport, at a distance of 11 kilometres.

Approximate price of a room per night – 218131 Indonesian Rupiah ($15)

Akarsa Kokoro

One of my favourite accommodations in Sanur, Akarsa Kokoro, is simple yet classy. Its architecture is reason enough to attract tourists to spend at least a night here. This hotel’s basic amenities include a balcony, free WiFi, flat-screen TV, coffee or tea facilities, and a minibar. 

The hotel has its own Japanese restaurant that offers lip-smacking Japanese cuisine! You can also check with the hotel for breakfast facilities that offer amazing Continental, Asian and American cuisine. The hotel also has its own spa on the premise where you can relax after a tiring day of exploring the island! If interested, you can even check out the mini-library at the hotel for some quiet reading time.

The nearest airport from the hotel is Ngurah Rai International Airport, which is at a drive of about 20 minutes. 

Approximate price of a room per night – 230986 Indonesian Rupiah ($16)

Places to explore in Sanur

Once you get settled into your hotel, it’s time to explore the places and things that Sanur has to offer. Before you leave your hotel, I would suggest that you carry a small backpack with you. Make sure you pack all the essentials that you may need for the day, including sunscreen, sunglasses, a wallet with sufficient cash in it, a photocopy of your passport, snacks, and a small bottle of water!

Museum Le Mayeur

A very interesting place to visit on your solo trip, Museum Le Mayeur is one of my favourite places in Sanur. It is an ancient museum built on top of Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres, a former Belgian expatriate.

The museum is named after him, and apparently, he lived in the 1950s. If you are interested in history and exploring more of this beautiful place, you can even check out the remnants of his house, which showcases his collections from the older times!

You can also take a walk in the compound that houses the museum and admire the natural beauty and greenery around it. Or, you can get some beautiful pictures clicked here as well!

Sanur Beach

what to do in Sanur

One of the most beautiful beaches in Bali, Sanur Beach is the perfect place if you want to witness a stunning sunset view. The sky turns all shades of orange and red in the evening, which looks nothing short of magical!

Sanur Beach also has a long coastline which is about 7 kilometres long. The coastline has a paved pathway where pedestrians walk or sometimes jog. To make your visit to the beach more interesting, you can take a walk along the coastline while the cool breeze gushes through your hair. Oh, and not to forget the stunning views of the setting sun while you take a walk. I think nothing can get better than this to end your day in the evening after exploring Sanur!

Sanur Rice Fields

Sanur has a lot of rice fields, most of which are unknown to many tourists. But, the interesting part is that these rice fields are just as green and beautiful as any other in Bali! A visit to these rice fields can be quite refreshing as well.

Another interesting part about the Sanur rice fields is that you get a walking path among the rice fields. Here, you can either take a walk or ride your two-wheeled vehicle while admiring the scenic beauty!

My visit to Sanur Rice Fields

When I visited Bali on my solo trip, I was curious to check out this part of Sanur that consists of rice fields. And I can assure you that these are just as breathtaking as any other rice field in Bali. However, when I interacted with some of the locals in the area, they told me that these rice fields might not be around for long. Because of all the development taking place in the Denpasar and Sanur region, the authorities are considering constructing buildings here. This makes it reason enough for you to check out these beautiful rice fields before they are gone!

what to do in Sanur

These are some of the places you can check out in Sanur. To know more about what Bali has to offer you, check out my blog on things to do alone in Bali.

Restaurants to check out for a delicious meal in Sanur

Visiting a place and not exploring its restaurants is definitely going to leave your solo trip to Bali incomplete. And luckily, Sanur has a wide range of amazing restaurants that offer mouthwatering dishes.

Shotgun Social

If you are someone who cares about the interior of a restaurant as much as the food, then Shotgun Social is the place for you! The brewhouse is massive, and the interiors have been done in chocolate brown and white colour, which gives a very happy vibe to the overall area.

I was mesmerised by this brewhouse on my solo trip to Bali. Some of their popular food items include NYC-inspired pizzas, caesar salads, huge burgers, and Australian Wagyu and pork meatballs. My favourite from this brewhouse is, hands down, the chicken burger! It is so huge that you may find it difficult to finish it in one sitting. But hey, they have a wide variety of beverages, especially beer, for you to help finish your meal quicker!

Soul in a Bowl

Quite a fascinating name, right? Well, so is the cafe. Soul in a Bowl is located in the heart of Sanur’s eat street and attracts a huge crowd every day. In the morning, the cafe gives out very laid-back and chill vibes. But at night, it completely transforms into a vibrant menu!

Soul in a Bowl is also perfect to have a quick breakfast in the morning. Their smoothies, fruit juices, richly aromatic coffee are to die for! Along with these, their healthy and nutritious bowls are a must-try too! If you happen to stop by the cafe in the afternoon, you can even try out their delicious burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, and freshly-baked cakes as well.


Looking to have a spicy yet tasty meal? Then head to Jalapeno in Sanur! It is a Tex-Mex restaurant that serves lip-smacking food items. 

When I had visited Jalapeno in Sanur, I honestly did not know what to order. But I took a look around at what others were eating—yes, I do that sometimes—and saw a few of them with tacos in front of them. It looked very delicious, and I ordered the same. Since then, I have become a huge fan of tacos! And the tacos you get in Jalapeno in Sanur are by far the best I have ever had!

Another interesting feature of this restaurant is their free-flow Taco Tuesdays. Yes, Taco Tuesdays is a very common thing in most countries!

Check out my blog on stunning cafes to visit on your solo trip to Bali.

So, are you ready to explore Sanur?

Sanur is usually a very quiet place because it is not famous among tourists. But this is what makes it worth exploring. Without the crowds and in the heart of natural beauty and greenery, you will surely have a great time! If you are visiting Bali for the first time, here are some tips for your first solo trip to the island, which will help you have a smooth travel experience.

If you do visit Sanur on your solo trip to Bali—and I really wish that you do before it ends up becoming another famous tourist attraction—let me know of your experiences in the comments below! I would love to hear about them all. Till then, happy travelling!!


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